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Cough treatment with a mixture of honey, lemon and glycerin
Cough treatment with a mixture of honey, lemon and glycerin

Cough is one of the most common symptoms of allergies, SARS, acute respiratory infections or flu. Also, a cough can be caused by lung diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis, tracheitis, and so on. The list is endless. Most importantly, coughing does not bring any pleasant sensations. Treat the symptom depending on the disease that causes it.

Traditional medicine also plays an important role in the fight against this ailment. Common remedies are lemon, glycerin, and honey. How to use them correctly and why exactly are they?

Recipe: what are the benefits of the ingredients?

Before considering a recipe or throwing it aside, you need to study all the strengths of each of the components.

So, lemon is a well-known source of vitamin C. This vitamin plays a large number of roles and participates in no less number of processes in our body. Its main value in getting rid of cough is increasing immunity.

Vitamin C, like no other, increases the body's defenses and enhances the body's response to any pathogens.

You only need to use fresh lemon, since after lying for a while, citrus loses its beneficial properties.

Glycerin - used to reduce irritation of the throat mucosa from a hacking cough, reduce inflammation.

You need to purchase the component at the pharmacy. Glycerin must be in a purified form for oral administration.

Honey is also one of the most popular traditional healers, including for coughs. This component kills bacteria, thereby serving as an excellent antiseptic. Other useful properties of honey can be described indefinitely, and confirmation of this - is it not for nothing that honey has been used in folk medicine for generations? The component can be taken at any stage of ripening (candied or liquid), honey must be natural.

Preparing the remedy

First of all, we prepare the lemon, or rather, we get the juice we need from it. Pierce the whole lemon with a fork or similar sharp object, then put the lemon in boiling water for 10 minutes. Then we take it out, let it cool. Then the mode is lemon in half and squeeze the juice into a 250 ml bowl, where there will be a cough suppressant.

Add glycerin to the juice - 30 ml. Fill everything with honey to the top of the vessel. Stir and leave in the refrigerator for 4 hours. After preparation, the medicine should be stored in a cool place, but not in the refrigerator.

You need to take the medicine a third of an hour before meals, and also after 2 hours after lunch. The dose for adults is 5 ml, for children - 2.5 ml. Against a strong and frequent cough, repeat the procedure 6-8 times a day, against a weak cough - 3-4 times a day, if the cough manifests itself only at night - once before bedtime and once at night. If the patient gets better, the frequency of administration should be reduced.

If you have a time limit - the disease does not wait, then use the quick preparation of the tool:

  • Finely chop the lemon (washed, not peeled) or use a blender to chop.
  • Next, add honey. The tool is applicable for the prevention of colds and everything associated with them. You need to take in the morning, before breakfast and drink plenty of fluids.


Before starting cough treatment using lemon, glycerin and honey, it is better to entrust the diagnosis of the cause and origin of the symptom to a specialist. After all, you cannot know for sure, and treatment with this prescription can aggravate the problem, cause double allergies, or simply not help.

Honey, glycerin, lemon are ingredients that many people are allergic to. Therefore, if you have never noticed a similar reaction to such components, it is best to check by smearing glycerin on your wrist, for example. The medicine can be used only when no ingredient causes a bad reaction in the body.

The product should be made from selected products. It is best to pick honey from flowers. Glycerin, or rather on the label of the bottle from the pharmacy, should be marked that the contents are suitable for ingestion, and the lemon should be fresh, not contain any dents, damage or dark spots.


The manifestation of a cough, which is far from a pleasant symptom, can make both an adult and a child lie down for about a week. The essence of treatment is always to act systematically and comprehensively. That is, if you treat a symptom, especially a cold, with only one remedy, the symptom not only will not go away quickly, but it can also worsen.

Therefore, glycerin, honey and lemon are not a cough remedy, but just an additional home remedy that is easy to prepare. The medicine from these components carries a large amount of vitamins, especially vitamin C (immune). The antiseptic property of honey is more than known all over the world, its benefits can hardly be overestimated.

If you, or your children, do not have any allergic reactions to the composition, then the recipe can be safely used. At the same time, it does not interfere in any way with inhalation, steaming and other healing procedures, as well as pharmacological drugs.

Using the remedy of the above recipe helps the body fight various inflammations from coughs, and also enhances immunity and fills with many vitamins and useful microelements. Thanks to this effect, the recipe "drives" the cough and reduces its manifestations up to 5 days, provided that the patient is treated in a comprehensive manner and for all manifestations of the common cold.

In any case, ask your doctor's advice before use. Anything is possible: pharmacology is a complex science and it is possible that the drugs you have been prescribed cannot be combined with any of the ingredients.

Follow the recommendations when choosing glycerin, honey and lemon, and don't get sick!

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