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Aloe cough medicine
Aloe cough medicine

It would seem that even in the morning the state was just fine. There was vigor and a cheerful mood, but in the late afternoon there appeared aching pain all over the body, a headache and a cough with a runny nose. All signs point to a cold. Do not despair, get rid of colds and coughs, a houseplant will help.

Aloe vera versatile plant, benefits and harms.

  • By ingesting the pulp or juice of this flower, you can significantly reduce the degree of toxic substances accumulated over time in the body.
  • It contains vitamins such as A and B, C and E, which saturate, rejuvenate and give strength to the body that was exhausted by the disease.
  • It contains vital trace elements such as sodium and sulfur, copper and potassium, phosphorus and manganese, vanadium and chlorine, bromine and iron, iodine and silver, zinc and silicon, and this is not a complete list of trace elements.
  • The elastic leaves of the flower are an excellent biostimulant and excellently help to strengthen the immune system.
  • Helps in the treatment of the nervous system, is an excellent helper in the treatment of the urinary system. It is not replaceable in the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular and digestive systems.
  • It is used as an anti-inflammatory and bactericidal agent, as well as an analgesic.
  • Also, aloe juice is used to treat eye diseases and to enhance the secretion of the digestive glands. Helps to normalize cholesterol levels and normalize metabolic processes in the body.
  • Effective for quick healing of ulcers and purulent wounds, quickly renews the skin. It is successfully used in the treatment of gynecological diseases.
  • It is widely used in cosmetology and to relieve inflammation from the gums

It is contraindicated to be taken orally during pregnancy. And also with exacerbations of various serious diseases. In the presence of kidney and liver damage and with severe allergic reactions. It is forbidden to use with uterine bleeding and in the presence of various oncological diseases, because aloe is characterized by biostimulating properties.

Cough medicine recipes

Tip: In order to use aloe for medicinal purposes, it is best to cut the lower leaves. They are at their most mature, longest and with driest tips. The length of a fully ripe leaf should be at least fifteen centimeters. And dry ends serve as a kind of indicator and indicate that it has become the most beneficial to health

To cure a cough, you need lingonberry juice and aloe mixed with ten grams of honey. The juices are taken in equal quantities, in this recipe they are used in twenty-five grams. You need to use this medicine no more than four times during the day, two tablespoons.

  • The following recipe will help relieve dry and frequent coughs. To do this, you need to combine honey and juice of aloe stalks in equal amounts. The drug mixture is stored in the refrigerator for a very long time. Honey medicine is used, three times throughout the day, just one teaspoon (teaspoon).
  • Tip: to prepare the juice, rinse the lower cut leaves thoroughly. To wash a medicinal plant, you need to use only boiled water. The cut plant is cut into small cubes and juice is squeezed out through a gauze piece of tissue.

A gruel made from butter, honey and houseplant juice is very helpful in treating even the most annoying cough.

To prepare the medicine, you will need a tablespoon of freshly squeezed juice and one hundred grams of honey and butter. All components mix very well with each other, until smooth and the drug mixture is ready. You need to take it with warm milk, the daily dose of the medicine is two tablespoons

Tincture of honey, red wine and aloe juice helps well in the treatment of bronchitis and tracheitis, although because of the alcoholic component, it should not be given to children. It has a tonic and antiviral effect on the body.

An infusion is prepared from half a glass of agave juice, lime honey and red wine (you can use Cahors). The components must be mixed and placed in a warm and dark place for four days so that the infusion is infused. The temperature in the room where the infusion will be infused should be no higher than ten degrees

An excellent remedy for colds and for preventing coughs, it is prepared with three ingredients. Vodka, agave juice and honey are taken in equal quantities and mixed with each other.

The medicinal mixture must be placed in a glass container and tightly closed with a lid. Within ten days, the medicine must be infused in a cold place or refrigerator. During periods of exacerbation of colds, the infusion is consumed three times a day, one teaspoonful.

Recipes for two cough tinctures, which are made identically, only the number of components and doses are different:

  • in one bottle of sweet red wine, you need to insist four leaves of the agave, for four days. One glass is taken three times a day;
  • the second tincture is made in the same way as the first, only instead of wine you need to use a liter of pure alcohol. It is taken forty drops in three doses.

In an enamel container, mix baked cow's milk (500 g), freshly squeezed aloe juice (100 g), purified and chopped propolis (50 g), bee honey (250 g), fresh pine resin (25 g) and mummy (25 g). All ingredients must dissolve and only then can they be cooled. When cooling, the medicinal mass for coughing must be constantly stirred. After cooling completely, place the mixture in a glass container and leave for no more than six days. Take one spoonful twice a day.

To prepare the next cough medicine, you need not water the flower itself for three weeks. After three weeks, the leaves need to be cut off and you can start preparing the drug

One and a half kilograms of crushed leaves will require three and a half liters of wine (Cahors) and one kilogram and two hundred and fifty grams of May honey. Place all components in a dark glass container and insist no more than five days in a dark place. Such a remedy is applied one teaspoon no more than three times a day, exclusively before meals.

In the treatment of bronchitis cough, balm from five hundred grams of chopped walnuts will help. Three hundred grams of honey, one hundred grams of aloe juice and freshly squeezed lemon juice from four lemons. The medicine should be taken only before meals, three times a day, one spoonful

Useful Tips

  • It is impossible to store cut leaves of the agave outdoors, because most of the beneficial properties are lost. To prevent them from drying out, they are wrapped in plastic and placed in the refrigerator for storage. Thanks to this, their healing properties last longer.
  • You can cut the fleshy leaves of aloe at any time of the year or day. But if the flower is less than three years old, the leaves have not yet accumulated a sufficient amount of medicinal properties. They can be either cut or broken off. They are cut only near the stem, and not in half.
  • You need to know that if you come across sabur, it is evaporated aloe juice. It dissolves perfectly in seventy percent alcohol. Poor dissolution in gasoline and water. Absolutely insoluble in chloroform. In pharmacies, it is sold only with a small alcohol content.

When treating cough or bronchitis, with folk methods, relief comes only on the fifth or seventh day. Of course, everything will depend on how bad your health condition is.

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