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Milk recipes for sore throat
Milk recipes for sore throat

A long, unbearable cough and an unpleasant sore throat may indicate bronchitis or another respiratory condition. Even if a person has fully recovered, but a sore throat continues to bother him, milk with various medicinal additives will help.

Milk and its effect on the body

It is very useful for colds. In order for the fight against the disease to be successful, the body needs immunoglobulins, which are produced from protein products.

Only milk protein is perceived by the body better than all other products.

Milk is good for people who suffer from insomnia, headaches and migraines. In most cases, it helps to regulate the acidity level in an adult. It can also relieve pain in gastritis and duodenal ulcer. With the help of it, the body fully receives vitamin B2 (riboflavin). Which promotes energy metabolism in the body and converts carbohydrates and fats into energy. If you include low-fat milk in your diet, it will be an excellent aid in the fight against excess weight. In cosmetology, a dairy product is used to moisturize the skin, relieve various inflammations and irritations

What harm can milk cause?

Fifteen percent of the world's population has such an ailment as a lack of enzymes that break down lactose, or milk sugar. Because of this, the dairy product, entering the body, causes fermentation in the intestines.

The effects of fermentation are usually abdominal cramps and diarrhea.

  • People prone to allergies of various kinds may have skin rashes, itching, bloating, nausea or vomiting. Milk is contraindicated for such people. Although you can eat fermented milk products, allergy sufferers can. An alternative to bovine can be goat, although it is best not to risk it.
  • Pregnant women are a separate category of people. Because during the carrying of a child, the female body needs minerals, vitamins and large amounts of calcium. It is necessary for the correct and strong construction of the baby's skeleton. But you do not need to consume it in liters, two glasses a day are enough. If you drink more, then kidney problems can occur, due to the heavy load.
  • But the elderly do not need to use it better. Because it can contribute to the accumulation of harmful substances. A large accumulation of these substances provoke a disease such as atherosclerosis. It is also harmful when calcium salts are deposited in blood vessels.

There are many recipes that include milk and other healthy foods that can help relieve sore throat and tonsillitis. Although the foods can be taken both individually and in combination with each other, this will still reduce unpleasant symptoms in the body and accelerate recovery.

Milk, honey, ginger and other foods for sore throat

Ideally, with a sore larynx, hot milk with lime honey is drunk.

A dessert spoon of a tasty and healthy delicacy is placed on a cup of hot drink.

  • You need to drink a tasty medicine in very small sips, trying to distribute the entire hot drink throughout the mouth and throat. The daily intake of the drink for adults is approximately four cups per day. Children can drink it no more than two cups a day. Ideally, postpone the last hot medicine for the evening. Because it will have a soothing effect on the throat and respiratory system. Thus, it will prevent coughing attacks.
  • For angina, a good composition is milk with the addition of butter and honey. A good alternative to butter is cocoa butter. This drink should only be drunk warm, in small sips every four hours.
  • When a sore throat is accompanied by a severe cough, a drink is taken that is brewed over a fire, but not boiled. To do this, in a container convenient for you, you need to place one hundred grams of cocoa powder, goose fat and butter, mix and add two tablespoons of honey and the same amount of freshly squeezed aloe juice. All this must be roasted over very low heat until the components are completely dissolved. The medicine is taken three times for twelve hours, adding a spoonful of the product to warm milk.
  • If you brew, over low heat, milk with tea and grate fresh ginger root there (you can use it dry), you can use honey or sugar for sweetness, this drink will help to cope with a beginning cold and sore throat. It also acts as an immunostimulating agent, although it includes two allergic products. For adults, take a medicinal drink at least three times a day, but for children not more than once.
  • To eliminate severe sore throat and sore throat, honey gargles are used. To do this, you need to brew a herbal decoction, for example, chamomile or sage. A spoonful of honey is placed on a glass of broth, and frequent rinses are carried out.
  • Even oatmeal is used in the treatment of the larynx. To do this, pour a handful of oatmeal with two cups of milk and simmer for 60 minutes. After the finished porridge must be separated from the liquid. Oil and honey are added to the resulting thick and viscous medicine to taste. Drinks one hundred and fifty milliliters at least four times during the day.
  • Lamb fat with milk is an excellent medicine. The remedy will not only relieve pain, but also help cure bronchitis. Add only one teaspoon of lamb fat to the heated milk and stir until it is completely dissolved. The mixture is taken before bedtime and is excellent in relieving inflammation. But in terms of taste, the drink is unpleasant, since the fat itself has a specific taste. Therefore, the mixture should be perceived as a medicine, and not as a tasty drug that can be discarded. Ideally, if this drink is combined with a lamb fat rub or a compress. During the night spent with a compress or rubbing, you can remove a dry and prolonged cough, as well as a sore throat and bronchi.
  • For pharyngitis, a remedy is used from chopped onions, added to a cup of milk and boiled until the onions are cooked. After the onion is completely soft, strain the product and add a small amount of honey. The resulting broth must be divided into two parts and drunk in two doses, for example, in the morning and before going to bed. If the smell of onions is very disturbing, then you can add a few leaves of fresh or dry mint to the broth.

Useful Tips

It is important to remember that before preparing any of the above suggested means, the main component must be boiled.

And only after the milk has cooled down to forty degrees, you can introduce certain components specified in the recipe.

  • The optimal dose of honey is no more than two tablespoons for every three hundred milliliters of liquid.
  • It is recommended to add not only butter to a warm drink, but also baking soda, not much at all.

For rinsing, you can use not only chamomile or sage. You can brew linden, calendula, eucalyptus, oregano or St. John's wort. An excellent alternative to relieve pain in the larynx is a honey gargle with the addition of apple cider vinegar.

A noticeable improvement, after treatment with folk remedies, occurs already on the second day.

But all this happens individually, since it all depends on the severity of your condition.

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