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How to remove the stomach after cesarean: a set of exercises
How to remove the stomach after cesarean: a set of exercises

Nowadays, the operation of a cesarean section during childbirth is used more and more often. This decision is due to the woman's health problems, the threat to the baby's life or the woman's banal fears of pain during natural childbirth. But a woman always remains a woman, and therefore, after the birth of a child, she tries to find an answer to the question - how to put the figure in order.

A set of special exercises will help to make the stomach flat again. Each of them is selected with the expectation of gentle loads that will help you recover from a cesarean and will not cause complications.

Rules and guidelines

It is quite difficult to remove the belly after childbirth and it will take a lot of time. After a cesarean section, you should not put a load on the weakened body, and especially on the muscles of the peritoneum, so that the seams after the cesarean section do not disperse and the uterus has time to recover.

Many doctors recommend that you wait a little, pay attention to the newborn and only then start restoring your figure. But this does not mean at all that a woman should completely abandon moderate loads. Immediately after the caesarean section, sudden movements are, of course, contraindicated, but physical activity is required. This is leisurely walking, and maintaining posture, and abdominal retraction, and light exercises. This will help remove all unnecessary things. Not immediately, of course, but the result will definitely be!

The first exercises immediately after cesarean

Gentle exercises that can be performed almost immediately after a cesarean section and that will help remove stretch and sagging of the skin.

Three days after the caesarean section and in the supine position:

  • Stretch your legs, put your hands along the body. Slowly and carefully bend your legs alternately;
  • The knees are bent. Hands perform movements similar to swimming on the back;
  • Bend your knees. Take a pillow in your hands, raise it above your chest, bend your arms at the elbows. On exhalation, squeeze the pillow, straining the muscles of the chest and back, while inhaling, relaxation;
  • Clamp the pillow with your knees and alternately strain and relax your knees.

On the fourth to eighth day after the caesarean section and from the supine position:

  • Put your hand on the navel. As you exhale, pull the navel inward;
  • Hands along the torso. Raise your head, touching your chin to your chest. Hold for a few seconds and relax;
  • Bend your knees, arms along the body. Pull one or the other leg to your stomach;
  • Between the legs bent at the knees, squeeze the pillow and tilt them to the left, then to the right.

One and a half, two weeks after the cesarean section, from a supine position:

  • The arms are extended along the body. Pull the heels to the buttocks. Then gently and slowly lift the buttocks up. Return to starting position;
  • Hands are clasped behind the head. Raising your shoulders, try to reach with your elbow to the opposite knee. Do not touch your chest with your chin.

A month after the caesarean section, and with the permission of the doctor, you can do exercises such as squats, bends, birch trees. In addition, consultation with a gynecologist is required. Then, having passed the examination, you can get recommendations about other possible physical activities after a cesarean section.

Doctors - gynecologists advise adhering to certain rules after giving birth using a cesarean section:

  1. Refrain from exercises to restore physical fitness for two months or more. It depends on the condition of the seam and the restoration of the genitals. This time can be devoted to hiking, which will begin to gradually remove those extra pounds. Walking with your child will only be beneficial. It is advisable to walk fast enough;
  2. If your doctor has approved light exercise, pay attention to torso bends. Strengthen your muscles as you do your homework. For example, you can mop the floor without a mop;
  3. Playing with your baby, you can come up with many easy movements for losing weight. This is tilting, and stretching, and a small load on the press. Such simple exercises will help remove excess fat;
  4. A fairly effective method of training the muscles of the peritoneum is its retraction. Gymnastics is performed anywhere and anytime.

The transition to more serious activities after a cesarean section is carried out only with the permission of a gynecologist and only after a thorough examination. Some may start weight loss workouts as early as three to five months after giving birth, others even after a year. It depends on the recovery of the body.

But before moving on to training after a cesarean section, it is worth listening to the following recommendations:

  1. At the initial stage, choose exercises with a small range of motion;
  2. Do no more than ten repetitions in one approach;
  3. Workouts are best done every other day, you can gradually switch to their daily performance;
  4. Slimming exercises are selected by the trainer individually for each woman;
  5. Get plenty of time for physical activity. This will allow you to quickly remove all the extra pounds accumulated during pregnancy.

Full weight loss workout rules

Before starting the exercises, you should familiarize yourself with some of the nuances of their implementation:

  1. Warm-up is required before training;
  2. Don't do weights. You don't need voluminous, pumped-up muscles;
  3. Try to keep your abs tense during your workouts. Do the exercises correctly. It is better to do them fewer times than many, but wrong;
  4. During training, try to give all your best;
  5. Increase the pace and loads gradually;
  6. A prerequisite for the successful completion of the exercise is correct breathing. As you exhale, try to draw in your tummy as much as possible, and while inhaling, you should try not to relax your abdominal muscles.
  7. During the exercise, concentrate on the muscle group that should be tense.

A set of exercises for a sagging abdomen after a cesarean section

Before training, it is worth doing a muscle stretch:

  1. Lying on your back: as you inhale, round your stomach as much as possible, and as you exhale, pull it in as much as possible. In each position, you need to linger for a few seconds. You need to do four approaches ten times.
  2. Lying on your stomach: you need to bend back as much as possible with an emphasis on your hands, hold on for a few seconds and lower yourself to the floor. Approaches should be at least four ten times.

So, you have prepared for the following basic set of simple exercises for weight loss after childbirth, and now we will begin to perform it:

  1. Standing with your feet together. While doing a half-squat, take your buttocks back and at the same time tilt your body. Place your hands on the middle of your thigh. As you inhale, round your belly. Then, straightening, slowly raise your arms up and straighten your back as much as possible. Exhale, the stomach is drawn in as much as possible. Slowly inhale through the nose while relaxing the diaphragm, while the stomach is again protruding, filled with air. Exhale through the nose, the stomach is strongly drawn in. Repeat fifteen times;
  2. Lying on the floor on your back, your hands are clasped in a lock behind your head. On exhalation, it is necessary to raise the shoulder blades from the floor while simultaneously bending the knees and pulling the heels to the buttocks. The abdomen is pulled in strongly. Then one leg is straightened and left hanging, and the knee of the other leg is pulled up to the opposite elbow. Change legs by taking a shallow breath and then exhaling while touching the knee of the opposite elbow;
  3. On the back with slightly bent legs. Feet shoulder width apart. Stretch your arms along the body, palms down. The loin is pressed to the floor. Then, as you exhale, pull in your tummy as much as possible and lift your hips up as much as possible. Stay in this position for thirty seconds. To increase the load, alternately straighten one of the legs. During execution, try to eliminate tension in the muscles of the buttocks;
  4. On the back, arms spread out to the side, palms pressed to the floor. Pull your knees up to your chest. Next, lift your buttocks and tilt your hips to the side while keeping your knees together. Do not touch the floor with your knees. Shoulders are flat on the floor. Return to the starting position and do the exercise on the other side;
  5. On the back, the legs are bent at the knees, the feet are pressed to the floor, the hands are clasped behind the head. Inhale, then lift the shoulders off the floor, exhale at the maximum lifting point of the shoulders. Do not strain your neck muscles;
  6. On the back, we stretch our arms along the body. The legs need to be raised and bent at the knees. Then you should raise the pelvis as if you want to do the birch exercise, but do not raise the pelvis high. While doing this exercise, do not help yourself with your hands or engage your leg muscles. Do it only with the tension of the press. Thus, you can quickly remove all unnecessary from your body.

In the struggle for a flat tummy, you can also perform gymnastics that is imperceptible to others:

  1. Relax as you inhale, and as you exhale, draw in your stomach;
  2. While taking a shower, rub the tummy with cold water, starting from one barrel at waist level to another and vice versa, and then clockwise;
  3. While swimming in bodies of water, do exercises for the abdomen. To do this, connect your palms in front of you and move them up and down at a distance of a couple of centimeters from the body. You will feel the movement of the water;
  4. Lean with your back against the pool wall, alternately lifting your knees to your chest.

If you follow all the recommendations of a doctor, trainer, your abdominal muscles will get stronger in two months and it will become flat, and your waist will narrow.

Once you've achieved a certain amount of weight, don't stop exercising. It is quite difficult to remove extra pounds. But if gymnastics becomes your daily ritual, then you can forget about extra pounds. Health to you.

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