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Why there is a fever before menstruation and how to overcome it
Why there is a fever before menstruation and how to overcome it

Each female body is unique, therefore, during premenstrual syndrome, some women experience drowsiness and fatigue, while others cannot leave the refrigerator and do not know how to overcome fever before menstruation. Why is this happening and how to deal with it?

The reason for the increased appetite in women in the premenstrual period is a hormonal surge. The indicators of adrenaline and progesterone (female sex hormone) increase. This, in turn, leads to increased production of gastric juice and, as a result, increased appetite.

Women want to eat more and more often, especially the craving for fast carbohydrates: sweet and starchy foods. This problem is especially worrisome for those who follow the figure or seek to lose weight, as well as those who suffer from endocrine disorders (diabetes mellitus) - in other cases, this period passes unnoticed for women. With the arrival of a new menstrual cycle, all symptoms disappear on their own.

Reasons for increased appetite in the premenstrual period

Some women are attacked by a wild fever before menstruation, and they are not able to control their appetite, which they always regret. During this period, they can consume the daily calorie intake at one time, which leads to a set of extra pounds.

However, not everything is as sad as it seems at first glance - in most cases, the premenstrual period lasts from 3 to 7 days, and during this time it is impossible to recover greatly. In addition, with the arrival of a new cycle, the metabolism accelerates, and all the calories gained are consumed much faster. The body, as it were, realizes in advance that on "critical" days it will have to expend more energy, therefore, on the eve of menstruation, it begins to store up - one is compensated for by the other.

So why does zhor begin before menstruation? In the second phase of the menstrual cycle, the content of the female sex hormone estrogen decreases, and progesterone, on the contrary, increases, which leads to a decrease in insulin - the woman has a strong desire to eat something sweet.

Food is digested faster, and the body requires calories over and over again. In the first phase, the level of hormones is within normal limits, and no one complains of increased appetite. If a woman is very worried that she is attacked by a fever before menstruation, then she needs to familiarize herself with several ways to prevent increased appetite.

Ways to eliminate premenstrual symptoms

There are several effective ways to stop eating before your period:

  1. Sports activities. Moderate physical activity allows you to regulate the level of hormones, and also helps to improve the emotional state: irritability, depression and appetite decrease. Also, playing sports can increase self-esteem - a confident woman will not deliberately pounce on buns and cakes. Enough 15-30 minutes a day of moderate loads (brisk walking, squats, exercises, gymnastics), and the appetite will pacify, and the body will tighten. It is not recommended to visit the gym, run or jump rope on the eve of and during menstruation.
  2. Drawing up a menu for the day. A pre-made menu allows you to control your appetite. Before you go to the store to shop, you need to make a list of certain products. While in the supermarket, walk past the sweets and hot baked goods section so that you are not tempted to buy something extra.
  3. Eating fats and proteins. Include in your diet chicken, beef, rabbit, lean pork, eggs, dairy products, fish (oily), olive oil, nuts and seeds. These products are sources of Omega-3, which has a beneficial effect on the female body, helping to overcome the fever before menstruation. Fast carbohydrates should be replaced with complex ones (fruits, vegetables, cereals). Bitter chocolate will help to cheer you up, but it should be consumed in limited quantities (no more than 2 strips (6 squares) per day)).
  4. Drinking water. Plain water fills the stomach, removes toxins from the body and dulls the feeling of hunger. Nutritionists knowingly came up with this phrase: "if you want to eat - drink some water." To avoid swelling, you should limit your salt intake.
  5. Pleasant pastime. Meetings with girlfriends, watching your favorite movies, pleasant music and shopping allow you to escape from thoughts about food.

If a woman listens to the above tips, she will not only be able to improve her mood, but also get rid of the fever before menstruation.

How to prepare for your premenstrual period

In order for this period to pass calmly and not cause a lot of inconvenience to the woman, it is necessary to prepare mentally for it in advance:

  1. Cheer yourself up. There is no need to wait with special excitement for this "unfortunate" period, it is worthwhile to understand that sooner or later it occurs in every woman, and you are not the only one suffering from premenstrual symptoms. Reassure yourself that this period is short-lived and easy to get over.
  2. Be in a good mood. Decreased mood provokes severe hunger before menstruation. The reasons are the desire to "bite" the tearfulness and depression, to get pleasure. Walk in the fresh air, chat with interesting people, visit cinemas and concerts - you will always have a great mood and you will not have any thoughts about food.
  3. Be attentive to yourself. Learn to notice what exactly makes you overeat during this period, perhaps it is stress, lack of sleep and depression. Understand in advance why zhor attacks before menstruation, and try to avoid critical situations.
  4. Start taking a vitamin complex. Nutrients and trace elements reduce the excessive release of hormones, which prevents the exacerbation of hunger.
  5. Indulge yourself with beautiful things more often, even if it will be even a small inexpensive trinket (hair clip, brooch, glasses) or a new manicure, perfume and dress. New clothes undoubtedly lift your spirits, and a positive attitude does not provoke overeating in the premenstrual period.
  6. Spend more time with your loved ones. Dazzle with your children a plasticine figurine, draw a drawing, arrange a bike ride or visit the dolphinarium with the whole family.

Of course, knowing why there is a fever before menstruation does not diminish the desire to please yourself with something tasty. It is not recommended to strictly limit yourself in everything, otherwise you will feel deprived, which will lead to a bad mood and a breakdown.

You should not completely give up your favorite chocolate - eat a few squares without remorse. If you cannot resist eating a whole tile, then it is better to immediately divide the sweetness into equal portions between your household.

Uncontrolled absorption of food can seriously bother more than one woman, causing complexes and depression. If you feel the urge to eat more than usual every month, you may need special medications to treat PMS symptoms.

Tell your gynecologist about the characteristics of your body during the premenstrual period, and he will select effective drugs for you.

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