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How to treat leg numbness with varicose veins
How to treat leg numbness with varicose veins

Varicose veins are a common pathology in which the veins are enlarged, there are problems in the functioning of the valves and there is a violation of blood circulation.

A problem can be provoked by diseases in which the main symptoms are metabolic disorders, professions in which a long stay on their feet is required, diseases of the endocrine system, bad habits and the use of spicy foods.

One of the unpleasant consequences is numbness in the legs. This symptom is dangerous, since it indicates venous insufficiency, and can also signal the onset of thrombosis, endarteritis and other dangerous pathological conditions. To treat this problem, medicinal and alternative treatments, massages are used, as well as operations are performed in the presence of other dangerous symptoms.

Numbness of the legs with varicose veins: causes

With varicose veins, blood stagnation occurs, as a result of which there is a metabolic disorder in the tissues, they begin to feel a lack of sodium, calcium and potassium in muscle tissue. Without taking any action to combat these symptoms, you can get the development of increased neuromuscular excitability, which negatively affects the general muscle tone of the legs.

When conservative treatment does not lead to the desired results, surgery is most often performed. Despite modern methods, sometimes there are minor complications, for example, sensory impairment.

This happens when the cutaneous nerves that accompany the main vein are damaged. As a result, the legs may become numb or cramps.

Treatment of numbness of the legs with varicose veins: folk recipes

Simultaneously with the use of medicines prescribed by the attending physician, physiotherapy, massage and gymnastics, traditional medicine is used. Due to the fact that they all consist of natural ingredients, there are practically no contraindications for use. The main thing is to conduct a sensitivity test, which will avoid the appearance of individual allergies.

To do this, take a small amount of the product and apply it to the body in the wrist area. Observe the reaction of the body for 15 minutes. If you have any irritation, it is recommended to stop using this product. Otherwise, there are no contraindications.

Consider several recipes with the help of which it is popular today to treat varicose veins and its symptoms:

  • The presence of severe pain along with numbness can be removed using the following recipe. They take shells from several eggs, remove the films and grind them to a powdery state. It is recommended to consume 5 g of the resulting powder once a day. It is important to drink plenty of water. The average course of treatment is 30 days. Then they take a weekly break and, if desired, repeat the course again;
  • Cucumber tincture. For the recipe, take 3 pieces. pickled cucumbers. Chop finely and pour into a glass container. Add 2 pods of hot pepper, which are pre-chopped. Then the bottle is completely filled with vodka. Insist the drug for 10 days in a cool dark place, while not forgetting to shake daily. After the time has elapsed, filter and the resulting composition treat the legs every day before going to bed;
  • Milk trays. Take a saucepan and pour 1 liter of milk and the same amount of water into it, put 150 g of honey and 500 g of salt. Mix everything thoroughly and put on low heat. Cook for 30 minutes, and then allow time to cool slightly and pour into a previously prepared basin. The legs are lowered into the resulting composition and held for 25 minutes. It is recommended to carry out this procedure in the evening before bedtime. The course of treatment is 14 days;
  • Pumpkin compress. Take a piece of vegetable weighing 300 g. Finely chop and boil. After the pumpkin is cooked, it is pounded until a mushy mass is obtained. It is laid out on a cloth, which is then placed on the legs up to the knee. From above they are wrapped in polyethylene and insulated. The duration of the procedure is 30 minutes. It is recommended to carry out such compresses until complete recovery;
  • Lemon decoction for varicose veins. For cooking, take lemon zest and grind it. Then it is mixed with chopped garlic in the same proportion. The resulting mixture is poured with 500 ml of water and insisted for 4 days in a cool and dark place. After the time has elapsed, filter the broth and take 50 ml each before eating;
  • Black pepper tincture. To obtain the composition, take 50 g of ground black pepper and mix with 500 ml of vegetable oil. The resulting mass is put on a small fire and simmer for 30 minutes, while not forgetting to stir constantly. After a while, cool, filter and use to rub numb legs. Such a procedure can be carried out daily in the absence of individual intolerance;
  • It is helpful to do manual massage to relax your feet. It is recommended to carry out such manipulations daily. Movements are carried out from the fingers towards the thigh. To increase the effectiveness, it is recommended to carry out a massage with the addition of nutrients, for example, using apple cider vinegar, olive oil or other means;
  • The following procedure will be effective with a feeling of numbness. Hot water is poured into the basin, legs are lowered. After a few minutes, when the limbs are warmed up, they begin to press with their feet on the bottom. It has been proven that a positive result will be noticeable after 3 procedures.

It is important to remember that operations are carried out only in isolated cases, so you should not postpone going to the doctor after the first symptoms of varicose veins appear. Most often, surgical intervention is carried out only in case of danger to human health and his life.

Prevention of leg numbness with varicose veins

Everyone knows that any deviations from the norm in the body's work require qualified medical care. To establish the cause of numbness, it is required to undergo a comprehensive examination and only then prescribe treatment. Only this sequence of actions will allow you to get rid of cramps and numbness, as well as other unpleasant manifestations of varicose veins.

In order to avoid numbness of the legs and other unpleasant symptoms, you need to follow simple rules that do not allow the disease to develop:

  • balance your diet and add nutritional supplements with magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium;
  • Do some small physical exercise every day. In this case, you need to refuse to lift weight more than 10 kg;
  • Drink plenty of fluids. For an adult, the daily rate is 2 liters.;
  • Sleeping conditions should be comfortable so that the legs do not feel numb;
  • Timely treatment of colds and viral diseases;
  • Casual shoes should be comfortable;
  • Feet should not be excessively cooled or soaked;
  • Carry out annual examinations with doctors.

Remember that, despite the naturalness of home recipes, such treatment should only be carried out after consulting a doctor.

However, it is also important to monitor the body's response to such funds. If after a short period of time there is no improvement, you need to start more serious treatment or even decide to have an operation.

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