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ASD in the treatment of varicose veins: a description of the drug, the use of different forms of the drug
ASD in the treatment of varicose veins: a description of the drug, the use of different forms of the drug

Reception of ASD in the treatment of varicose veins implies the use of a drug according to a specially developed scheme that must be followed. The ASD fraction was developed for animals, but has been used by humans for over 50 years. The main purposes of the drug are to stimulate metabolic processes in the body and destroy pathological bacteria.

Origin of the drug

The drug ASD was invented by a scientist named Alexey Dorogov in 1947. The drug was first used on animals, then on humans. And one, and the second, he perfectly helped to heal wounds, to treat skin diseases.

The secret is that ASD was made from recycled animal materials. The drug has two qualities: antiseptic (destroying microbes) and immunostimulating (increasing the body's defenses). ASD literally stands for Dorogov's antiseptic-stimulant.

Some time after the use of ASD in order to improve the condition of the skin, patients with varicose veins symptoms began to notice a positive trend in the course of the disease from the side of the vessels on the legs: the veins no longer stood out on the limbs as before, and their narrowing was also noticeable. So, an accidentally revealed side effect of the drug became the beginning in the treatment of varicose veins.

In addition to this effect, many other positive qualities of the drug were revealed, which allowed people to recover from diseases such as hypertension, cancer, tuberculosis and serious infectious diseases. True, now in official medicine this drug is used mainly only in veterinary practice. But, despite this, many people are treated with it and are happy with the result.

In total, there were 3 fractions: 1 and 2 - for oral administration, 3 - for external use. The first faction was soon discontinued, as the second had a more significant effect.

The mechanism of action of the drug is aimed at improving the body's ability to heal itself. Thanks to this, he himself copes with many diseases, including the problem of varicose veins. ASD takes part in metabolism, promotes rapid cell renewal, and regulates the functions of body systems. Taking the drug promotes the activation of leukocytes in the blood, the strengthening of the venous walls, as well as the rapid recovery of diseased vessels with varicose veins.

The fraction is produced in the same way as 50 years ago: first, the musculoskeletal substrate is extracted from the animals, then, using a special technology, it is exposed to high temperatures. The degradation of animal material leads to the production of nucleic acid, which is subsequently transformed into molecular fractions.

The finished product has a pronounced unpleasant odor (according to some sources, this is the only difference compared to the original by Dorogov, which was improved and practically odorless). Unfortunately, the first laboratory that was engaged in the production of a valuable medicine was disbanded and improved technologies were irretrievably lost.

How to drink ASD-2 fraction correctly?

For the treatment of varicose veins, the medicine is taken 40 minutes before meals. From 15 to 30 drops of ASD (the dose is determined for each person individually) is mixed with warm boiled water in an amount of 100 ml. You can use tea instead of water.

After 5 days of admission, it is necessary to pause for 2-3 days, then drink the drug again for 5 days. From the second five days, you can increase the dose, if necessary. Each person for himself determines the dosage he needs, relying on his own state of health.

Instructions for removing the product from the bottle have also been created:

  • do not remove the cover, only its central part should be removed;
  • insert the needle from the syringe into the middle of the rubber stopper;
  • shake the bottle well and turn it upside down several times;
  • dial the required dose with a syringe, connecting it with a needle;
  • disconnect the syringe and pour the contents into a glass of warm water, while the needle should remain in the stopper;
  • shake the bottle well before further use of the medicine.

Application of ASD-3 fraction

This form of medication is available for external use only. With its help, you can make a micro enema or a compress. For the treatment of ulcerative varicose veins, a diluted solution is usually used as an antiseptic, which is used to lubricate wounds.

A solution for topical use has the following properties:

  • fights infection;
  • increases resistance to various types of pathogens at the sites of application;
  • improves the condition of the skin, accelerates its recovery;
  • heals ulcers (burns can also be treated).

If the patient feels worse after using ASD, it is worth interrupting the treatment in this way and seeking medical advice from a doctor. You may need to apply a different treatment for varicose veins.

Trophic ulcers with varicose veins

A complication of varicose veins can be the appearance of trophic ulcers, which most often appear on the inner surface of the legs. The defect forms gradually: at first, the patient notices hyperpigmentation in the affected area (the skin color in the veins becomes dark), itching, redness and swelling of the legs worries.

Then the areas affected by hyperpigmentation are compacted, acquire a smooth surface with a whitish tint. Similar symptoms indicate a pre-ulcer condition. If you do not take medical measures or injure the sore areas, wounds of a bright red hue will appear - ulcers.

With proper treatment of this stage of varicose veins, the ulcers close. Otherwise, the defect will progress - the wound will expand, spread to the tendon, then the muscle and periosteum. The development of infection in the soft tissues leads to the formation of pus, which is secreted from the ulcer and gives off a fetid odor.

For the treatment of ulcers, drug therapy is used - antibiotics, antiplatelet agents, antihistamines and anti-inflammatory drugs. Outwardly, the wounds are treated with antiseptics and bandages with ointments are applied. In this case, ASD will fit perfectly as an additional method of treatment. Inside, you should take ASD-2 (method of application according to the standard scheme).

For external use, you need to purchase the ASD-3 fraction, which is diluted before use. 1 drop of the fraction will require 20 drops of vegetable oil. The affected areas are lubricated or bandaged with gauze soaked in the substance. Before applying the product, the wound must be washed with hydrogen peroxide.

Dorogov's candles

In addition to solutions, candles are produced that contain the ASD fraction. They are better known as a remedy for hemorrhoids, but they are also suitable for treating varicose veins of the lower extremities.

Suppositories are much more convenient to use if you need to take ASD inside:

  • a person does not have to swallow liquid with an unpleasant odor;
  • no need to dilute the solution, the dose has already been calculated by specialists for 1 dose;
  • active substances are instantly absorbed into the bloodstream through the rectum, due to which the effect of the drug occurs no less quickly than when taken per os (through the mouth) and is even more pronounced.

The method of using rectal suppositories is described in the instructions for them. Suppositories need to be injected into the rectum 1 piece 2 times a day. This is best done in the morning after bowel movement and in the evening before bedtime. The penetration depth of the drug should be about 7-10 cm so that all substances are absorbed to the maximum into the rectal mucosa. Candle setting should last 10 days, after which you need to pause.

It is everyone's business to take the drug or not. It should be borne in mind that ASD does not so much remove the problem of varicose veins as it acts as an adaptogen, that is, it increases immunity. Therefore, it is better not to cancel the use of traditional treatment, especially if the appearance of trophic ulcers occurs.

And, remember that when making a choice in favor of a particular method or remedy for treatment, consult your doctor. This will help enhance the effect of therapy, as well as avoid unwanted consequences!

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