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How to remove a wen on the arm?
How to remove a wen on the arm?

The fat on the hand in the language of medical terms is referred to as a lipoma. It is a kind of tumor that forms from adipose tissue under the skin where there is adipose tissue. Unlike other neoplasms, this tumor does not entail any threat to human health. However, if you lose sight of the moment when the lipoma changes for the worse and turns into something more serious, you can face problems that require treatment.

What does a wen on a hand look like?

Fat in common people call two neoplasms on the hand - lipoma and atheroma. Both of these pathologies are fatty bumps, so they are often confused. However, there are a number of important differences that must be considered before starting treatment.

For the formation of a lipoma, adipose tissue is necessary, so a tumor can appear almost anywhere, even in muscles and internal cavities. Fat in the form of a lipoma looks like a soft and elastic tubercle that easily displaces under the skin of the hand or other palpable part of the body when pressed on it. The size of the tubercle can vary from one to twenty or more centimeters, but it is never associated with painful symptoms and inflammatory processes.

  1. A lipoma formed on a hand, such as a finger, can grow into a joint over time.
  2. As for such a type of neoplasm as atheroma, it is a tumor that is localized in the sebaceous gland. This is due to the fact that the subcutaneous fat, collecting in the duct, provokes an enlargement of the gland. A fatty tissue in the form of an atheroma does not move, its size does not exceed three centimeters. The round elastic protrusion does not differ in color from ordinary leather.

Unlike lipoma, atheroma appears with symptoms of inflammation, as well as redness, purulent discharge, and in some cases with an increase in body temperature. If you are faced with signs of an inflamed atheroma, you must immediately take action: seek the advice of a specialist and start treatment.

The opinions of experts on the risk zone differ. Some argue that lipomas most often appear in men. Others talk about the tendency of women from thirty to fifty years to these neoplasms. They converge on two points: a genetic factor plays an important role here, and in most cases only one wen appears on the human body.

As a rule, the appearance of a lipoma on your hand should not scare you: it will disappear by itself when the factors that prompted its formation are eliminated. However, there are cases when the lipoma grows inward, reaches a large size and can touch the joints, "hug" bones and displace organs. That is why friendly advice and folk methods will not always help to solve the problem.

Fat on the arm is the reason for the appearance

Until now, experts have not been able to deduce a specific scientific basis for lipomas on the hands and other parts of the body.

They can only assume that this is possible for several reasons:

  • Hormonal disruption, for example, during the period of female menopause;
  • Heredity;
  • Blocked ducts in the area of the sebaceous glands.

There is an opinion that some familiar reasons can serve as factors. However, doctors call this myth and give a rational explanation. For example, a diet cannot cause the formation of adipose tissue: no matter what weight a person has, a lipoma can be very small, excessively large, or never appear.

In addition, fasting for medicinal purposes can only stimulate the formation of tumors. The habits that are part of the lifestyle also do not affect in any way. However, this does not mean that you need to completely forget about healthy lifestyle, since some disorders in the body can still provoke pathological changes.

Fat on the arm - how to get rid of it?

One should not think that the described formation on the hand is a reason to go under the knife. Most often, it is the surgeons who, after the examination, do not recommend the operation, but offer other, sparing methods of treatment.

As we have already said, most often you can simply forget about the small white pimple and wait for it to disappear on its own. It won't get you in trouble. There are only a few symptoms that are the reason for contacting a specialist and prescribing appropriate treatment.

Among them are the following:

  • Rapid growth of a lipoma (more than three centimeters);
  • Inflammation of the neoplasm;
  • Discomfort when rubbing the lipoma against clothing;
  • Restriction of a normal lifestyle due to education in the palm of your hand, for example;
  • Ethical or aesthetic discomfort.

If most of these factors take place, doctors usually recommend that you immediately get rid of the excess tubercle, until it has grown to a dangerous size. In this case, you can avoid troubles in cosmetic and therapeutic terms, as well as exclude a relapse.

If you do not self-medicate and decide to be examined by a specialist, you can get a treatment regimen using simpler methods. Moreover, if the doctor diagnoses atheroma. The diagnosis can also be one of such dangerous diseases as dermatosarcoma, liposarcoma, lymphadenitis, hygroma and the like.

Fat under the skin - home treatment, folk remedies

Not everyone decides to make an appointment with a doctor for the slightest reason. Most often, we first think about all sorts of options for how to remove the wen on the arm on our own.

This is especially true of those who discovered a wen, staying in the summer at their summer cottage, keen on land work. On the one hand, there is a danger of dirt getting in, and with it infection, and on the other hand, the inability to give up everything and start examining.

Here are some of the available traditional medicine recipes:

  1. Lotion from the leaves of a plant such as a golden mustache. To do this, you just need to knead the leaves into a porridge with juice. Apply to the tumor for ten to twelve days;
  2. Garlic compress. Using a garlic, chop the slices, add a little vegetable oil to the resulting mass and attach it to the wen, fixing it with a plaster. Take off after thirty minutes;
  3. Onion compress. To obtain a homogeneous mass in this case, it is better to use a grater. Apply to the tubercle, cover with cling film and additionally cover with something warm. Leave overnight;
  4. Cinnamon - one tablespoon daily.

How to remove a wen on the hand - cosmetic preparations, pharmacy ointments and creams

A nearby pharmacy may also offer several options for removing a wen:

  • Vishnevsky's ointment is the most effective drug to be used as a daily compress. After a few days, the lipoma will open, and its contents will come out in the form of a white liquid;
  • Ichthyol ointment or "Levomekol" - suitable for inflammation, however, if it occurs, a visit to a doctor is necessary;
  • Vietnamese star to lubricate the tumor for several days. After the required period of time, the tubercle should also open up.

In some cases, the only possible option is the surgical removal of the wen. This can be done with local anesthesia or general anesthesia, depending on the size of the lesion.

The safest and most painless method is laser removal. It coagulates and disinfects the pathological site, and also eliminates scars and scars.

Fat on the arm - what to do?

Like any other pathology, it is better to prevent the appearance of a wen on the arm than to try to cure it later. This is especially true in cases of relapse.

There are a number of preventive measures that may be relevant for every person:

  1. Try to follow the rules of a healthy lifestyle: make sure that all the necessary vitamins are present in the diet, move more;
  2. Reduce the amount of fatty foods in your daily diet, as well as food groups such as sweets, canned and smoked;
  3. Cleanse your skin daily.

If the wen nevertheless appears, in no case do not undertake to remove it mechanically on your own. An attempt to squeeze out or puncture a tumor is associated with the risk of infection and complications of the condition.

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