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Why the stomach itches: possible causes
Why the stomach itches: possible causes

Skin condition is an integral part of the health of the entire body. Sometimes the first signs of disease appear through this organ. That is why, if your stomach itches, you need to see a doctor. Itching may indicate serious ailments.

If you fight it yourself, you can lose time - then the treatment will be delayed, and complications may appear.

Why the stomach itches: the main symptoms

Typically, itching occurs at the same time as a rash. This tandem of symptoms can make a doctor's diagnosis much easier. The rash can have different sizes and shapes, appear as single elements and small, merging with each other, etc.

It is worth paying attention to the color of the skin when the stomach itches. It can range from discolored to purple, and the rash (if present) can be white, pink, and burgundy.

It is imperative to consult a doctor when bubbles, crusts or scales filled with liquid appear. Similar symptoms are characteristic of infectious diseases in women and men, as well as those that can quickly become complicated.

Why the body itches: possible causes

  1. An allergic reaction is the most common reason why itching and rashes appear all over the body or in certain areas. Allergy symptoms do not always include lacrimation, rhinitis and other characteristic signs of the disease. The body is able to react negatively to almost any substance: wool, dust, food, household chemicals / personal hygiene / cosmetics, medicines, synthetic fabrics, etc. This happens especially often with women - they often use a large number of cosmetics;
  2. Scabies. This parasitic infection is accompanied by the fact that the stomach itches a lot, and also a small red rash appears. Symptoms spread very quickly to other parts of the body, especially those with delicate skin: the chest and the skin between the fingers are most often affected. Scabies is characterized by severe itching, worse in the evening;
  3. Psoriasis. The disease is characterized by a characteristic rash, and the skin is peeling. Other areas of the body may be affected;
  4. Shingles. The diseased body not only itches, but also becomes covered with small bubbles filled with fluid. Usually the skin in the area of the ribs suffers;
  5. Secondary syphilis is accompanied by painful itching and rash.

What to do if the stomach itches badly?

For any measures to be effective, you need to find out why this happened. If you stop only the symptoms without affecting the cause, then the treatment will be ineffective and even worse - it can progress further.

In case of allergies, contact with the irritating substance is immediately avoided, if known. For further treatment and prevention of relapses, it is very important to find out what and why the allergy has developed. Antihistamines, for example, "Claritin", "Fenistil", "Suprastin", "Tavegil", will help to effectively relieve itching.

With scabies, prophylactic treatment is carried out for all family members - women, men and children. Prescribed drugs benzyl benzoate, esdepalletrin, aerosol "Spregal" for the treatment of affected areas. Washing can only be done at the end of therapy. It's good that the latter only lasts a few days. You also need to disinfect the house and things so as not to get infected again.

Unpleasant sensations in women and men can accompany infectious diseases, as well as appear as a result of the use of antibiotics to treat them. Antibacterial therapy should always be supplemented with probiotics (especially for women - there is a high probability of thrush), as well as antihistamines. For infectious diseases, antipyretic and immunomodulatory agents may also be required.

How to get rid of itchy stomach with folk remedies?

Natural remedies help relieve discomfort. But they can only act as additional therapy, since they do not affect the cause of the disease. It should also be borne in mind that the plants on which traditional medicine is based also have contraindications. Many of them are poisonous to one degree or another, so it is best to consult a herbalist about their use.

In addition, a woman / man may have hypersensitivity to certain plants. Therefore, you first need to treat a small area of the skin with a drug and monitor the reaction of the body.

When the body itches, the following recipes will help:

  1. Medicinal collection, including licorice root, burdock flowers, valerian, nettle. Plants must be dry. They are crushed into powder and taken in 2 tbsp. l. each, carefully alter the collection. Then 2 tsp. collection is poured into ½ liter of hot water, leave to brew like tea. In the future, the drug is drunk in 1 tbsp. l. three times a day, preferably shortly before a meal;
  2. Melissa steamed like tea. Such a drink relaxes the nervous system, respectively, the severity of itching on the abdomen decreases;
  3. Kalanchoe juice in the form of compresses. In fresh juice, the plants are moistened with a piece of gauze or cotton wool, then applied to sore spots;
  4. During the period of therapy, it is recommended to introduce into the diet more foods rich in vitamin A (eg sea buckthorn, pumpkin and its seeds).

Why does the stomach itch in pregnant women?

In the overwhelming majority of cases, the reason is commonplace - the belly grows, and the skin does not have time to stretch. Another common cause is dry skin. This often happens when a woman is limited to drinking according to indications (eg kidney pathology), and the body does not have enough water.

Since many changes occur in the body of women during this period, some disturbances in bile secretion may be observed, which is accompanied by itching throughout the body.

Also, the skin of pregnant women becomes more sensitive, so it can negatively react to previously present dryness.

General recommendations for pregnant women and not only:

  1. Water has a beneficial effect on the skin. But if it is dry, then it is better to exclude hot showers / baths. Contact with water should not be long, and soap should be used as little as possible. For washing, it is better to take moisturizing lotions, foams, gels;
  2. Dry skin should be regularly treated with moisturizers and emollients;
  3. For the duration of the treatment, it is necessary to exclude synthetic clothing, as well as products that can rub (with belts, tight tights, etc.);
  4. You need to drink more fluids to maintain the water-salt balance in the body.

Why does the child's stomach itch?

In infants, this is most often due to allergies. It is usually caused by the introduction of complementary foods, or it occurs if the nursing mother has eaten too many allergenic foods. In a child, itching is accompanied by redness and a small rash.

Such a phenomenon as sweating is probably familiar to many. Sweating occurs not only in infants, but also in obese adults. A characteristic feature is a small, red rash. As a rule, children's diaper contact points suffer.

Measles is a condition that causes a dark red rash on the body. Other symptoms are fever and flaky skin.

The lower abdomen itches and sprinkles with scarlet fever. The rash looks like small red pimples that coalesce.


As you can see, there are quite a few reasons. Only a doctor will be able to determine why the stomach itches. He will take an anamnesis and, if necessary, send him for tests.

After determining the provoking factor, the treatment corresponding to the diagnosis will be prescribed.

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