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Treatment of psoriasis with homeopathic remedies
Treatment of psoriasis with homeopathic remedies

Psoriasis is a skin disease that is a chronic condition. It is most often characterized by an increase in the dryness of the affected area, the area is covered with red spots raised above the surface. These spots in medicine are called psoriatic plaques.

Characteristics of the disease

The development of psoriasis most often begins with areas of the skin that are subjected to more friction and pressure - knees, elbows, buttocks. But it can appear in any area of the skin, even on the palms, scalp, on the feet and on the external genitals.

The pathology is not cured and can disturb the patient with exacerbations. The latter can appear for no apparent reason or due to the negative impact of external factors. Remission also comes spontaneously. Improvement can be medication-induced or spontaneous.

The severity of the manifestation of the disease can fluctuate, both in different patients, and in one between remission and exacerbation. So, during the period of improvement, a patient may experience tissue disorders in one, rather small area of the skin, and in the opposite period, plaque coverage of almost the entire body.

Psoriasis can affect the nails on the feet or hands, and the external manifestation of the disease can only be on the nails, without affecting the skin.

Treatment of the disease has a broad concept, since the help from one or the other remedy is purely individual. Given the chronic manifestation of the disease, there were cases of more or less complete remission, which could be lifelong. But at any time there is a risk of a return of the manifestation of psoriasis.

Causes of the disease

Psoriasis is a completely unsolved disease, but it has been found that most often the occurrence of a skin disease is caused by several factors at the same time.

The most common ones are listed below:

  1. It has been proven that hereditary predisposition affects the risk of the disease. That is, if the closest relatives suffer from this skin ailment, the risk of "catching" psoriasis is higher than in people who do not have such a characteristic in their medical history.
  2. Stress. A strong shock associated with emotional upheavals, experiences can provoke disturbances in the body, which lead to dermatological pathology.
  3. Disrupted endocrine system - hormonal imbalance can cause pathology.
  4. One of the development factors is metabolic disorders or a lack of trace elements in the body (in particular, silicon).
  5. The presence of parasites in the intestines. Studies have shown that in the presence of psoriasis as a disease, intestinal parasites were found in most patients. Theoretically, parasites secrete many substances that are allergic to the human body - waste products. They also cause hormonal disruptions, which becomes a factor in the development of the disease.
  6. Viral infections.

The essence of psoriasis is a disruption of the immune system, which begins to attack its own cells (cells of a given organism), mistaking them for foreign ones. Due to such processes, the formation of psoriatic plaques occurs.

The course of the disease

The main symptom that signals the possible appearance of psoriatic plaques is a strong flaky skin area. This area is covered with a red spot, which makes the flaky areas seem to be outlined in red. The spots are very itchy, so patients often tear the wounds.

Depending on the type of lesion, additional symptoms may include:

  1. Severe itching.
  2. The appearance of areas on the skin that bleed.
  3. Violation of the structure of the nails - the appearance of cracks, erosion.
  4. Joint pain.

The course of the disease goes through three stages:

  1. The disease begins with an exacerbation. This period is characterized by an increase in plaque, severe itching - the progress of the disease.
  2. After that, the disease stabilizes. Symptoms are no less, no more.
  3. The period of remission is the period in which the rash can disappear completely. Until a new stage of progression.

Psoriasis treatment with homeopathy

The dermatological disease is chronic, non-infectious, and can occur throughout the body. Depending on the severity of the manifestation of symptoms and the localization of the disease, various remedies are selected for treatment with homeopathy.

In case of damage to the scalp, agents are prescribed to reduce inflammation. If the lesion has reached the nails, it is worth taking homeopathic remedies containing vitamins and minerals, especially zinc, calcium, magnesium. These trace elements help to restore the affected plates in the shortest possible time.

If psoriasis has comprehended the joints and cartilage tissues, then homeopathic remedies are prescribed, which are aimed at restoring tissues, improving their elasticity. If a patient is diagnosed with large-focal psoriasis, homeopathic treatment includes potent remedies that can relieve inflammation in a short period of time.

Examples of some homeopathic remedies for psoriasis:

  • Ravsin. 700 mg capsules, which are used as an additional source of polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. Take 1 capsule three times a day during lunch. During pregnancy and lactation, treatment with this drug is prohibited.
  • Yamsin. It is discharged for dermatological diseases, the development of which occurred due to a nervous breakdown of the patient. Adults should drink 2 capsules before bed. Children from 3 years of age take 1 capsule at bedtime. The course of treatment depends on the severity of the nervous breakdown and skin pathology. Possible course 1-2 months up to 2 times a year.
  • "Salt Quartet". The product contains the salts of the seas. Treatment with drug baths is used for sleep disorders, for recovery from severe stress. Treatment leads to an improvement in the state of the body, the patient's emotional background, mood and sleep.
  • Solaris cream. It is usually used to protect against sunburn, but it also has an effect on problems such as psoriasis. Apply in a thin layer to clean and damp skin up to 2 times a day. Based on oils of various plants, water and minerals of the Dead Sea.

Homeopathy treatment: the best aspects

Along with traditional medicine, homeopathic remedies can not only affect the problem (disease), but also stabilize the body as a whole:

  1. Harmonious work of the immune system.
  2. Treatment with certified products that are based on natural ingredients. This eliminates allergic reactions and any toxicity.
  3. "Mobilization" of the body's defenses against the attack of psoriasis.
  4. Taking medications is simple and convenient.
  5. Availability of funds to different segments of the population.

Treating psoriasis with homeopathic remedies is safe and fairly inexpensive. But, as in all cases, before starting treatment, it is necessary to consult with your doctor.

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