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Gymnastics for the eyes according to Avetisov
Gymnastics for the eyes according to Avetisov

Unlike many healers who offer gymnastics complexes for the eyes, Professor Eduard Sergeevich Avetisov practiced in the field of ophthalmology. However, his developments are also associated not only with the prevention of diseases of the organ of vision, but also with the improvement of the whole organism.

In the process of work, Avetisov noted that vision problems in most cases occur in people with other chronic diseases.

His recommendations - to start practicing before there are complaints of changes in vision - it is easier to prevent the disease than to cure it later. Avetisov's gymnastics should be started together with preschoolers, so that in the future they can more easily endure the increased visual stress.

Principles of classes according to Avetisov

Exercises for the eyes according to Avetisov are aimed at stabilizing and improving accommodation. Eye muscle workouts can be done between sessions or while watching TV and movies. The goal of exercise therapy is to prevent the development of myopia in people and to combat fatigue of the visual system.

The pace and intensity of the exercises are alternated. Classes are carried out with the maximum range of motion at a fast pace, and at a slow pace, so that fatigue after training is not felt.

At first, 3-5 repetitions of each exercise are recommended - then their number increases to 12. You need to focus on your own feelings and comfort after training.

E. S. Avetisov offers 3 complexes, each of which prevents its own visual problems.

Gymnastics for the eyes - Avetisov

Before exercising, it is necessary - if worn - to remove glasses and remove eye lenses.

One of the reasons for the development of ophthalmic diseases is a violation of the metabolism of the organ of vision.

To restore blood flow and normalize the flow of oxygen to the eyes, the following set of exercises is proposed.

  1. Normal blinking. The eyelids are required to be fixed in each position for 3 to 5 seconds.
  2. Now you should blink very often, 15-20 seconds. Then the eyelids are massaged with light finger movements from the outer corner of the eyes to the inner corner along the upper eyelid, and back - along the lower. The touch should be light - not painful. Parents massage the eyes of children.
  3. The eyelids are closed and the eyeballs are massaged. Presses are fixed - 3 seconds.

The complex is completed by a massage of the area surrounding the eyelid area. The index fingers of the hands - they use two hands at the same time - they press on the area under the eyebrows, as if trying to open their eyes by force.

Under the lower eyelids, massage is carried out by light tapping with the pads of the fingers, achieving complete relaxation.

This complex is especially useful for women - it helps to prevent mimic wrinkles that appear on the delicate skin of the eye area.

The following exercises for the eyes according to Avetisov for children are not difficult. They do not require the help of adults, therefore, kindergarten teachers are advised to conduct them during the pauses between teaching kids applied art. During classes, the oculomotor muscles are strengthened in order to further prevent deterioration of vision.

It is undesirable to move the head during gymnastics. Starting position - you need to sit at the table, straighten your back, lower your shoulders. The head, so that the neck does not get tired, is propped up with hands.

Only the eyeballs move.

  1. The gaze is raised to the ceiling - then lowered down. The exercise is performed 8 times slowly - 6 times quickly.
  2. The eyeballs are turned left and right. The repetition algorithm is the same.
  3. Everything is the same, only diagonally. It is difficult for children to understand how and where to look in this case, so it is better for them to hang a bright object in the right direction - for example, a balloon.
  4. The next approach is to rotate the eyes in a circle. The repetitions are the same, the pace is the same.

To relax the eye muscles, blink your eyes after gymnastics.

The next set of gymnastics is designed to improve visual acuity, improve the accommodation of the eyes, and prevent the development of myopia. Exercises are performed while standing, you do not need to rely on your hands on anything. Adults who have problems with the musculoskeletal system or balance are allowed to lean their back against the wall.

One hand - right or left, there is no difference - they stretch out in front of them, raise their thumb - as if they are showing "class". At the same time, they choose a distant point on the horizon - the teacher or parent chooses the distant object for the children. Now you need to move your gaze from your finger to a distant object. The exercise is performed 12 times.

A tired hand can be changed.

Repeat the next exercise 10 times. This time, use the index finger. They focus on it and slowly bring it to the nose, touching the tip. The goal is to learn to focus so that your finger never falls out of sight.

The next exercise is similar to the previous one, only now the finger is followed by the eyes in turn. The second, the resting person, is not covered, but covered with a palm.

The alternation is important - the right eye is covered with the right hand, the left - with the left. If you cross your arms, then the field of view is covered and, accordingly, the effectiveness of the lesson decreases. The hand that is extended to the tip of the nose is changed after 8-12 repetitions.

The next exercise requires a gymnastic apparatus. Glass plays its role - window can be used. Glass requirements are absolute transparency. If people who use optics for vision correction had to take off their glasses and remove the eye lenses for the previous exercises, then during this workout, on the contrary, they should wear glasses and lenses.

A bright mark is drawn on the glass - a small one, up to 2 centimeters in diameter. On the same line of sight, but in the distance, they find a stationary object. Within 5-7 minutes, you first need to focus on the mark on the glass - a near object, and then transfer it to a distant object on the street.

The next exercise - objects on the street are selected to the right and left of the mark, the movements of the eyes are repeated.

The head should not turn during classes, only the eyes move.

The technique developed by Professor Avetisov has many adherents.

The effectiveness of the exercises has been proven in practice, the exercises that are included in the proposed complexes:

  • strengthens the eye muscles;
  • they train accommodation, since the ability to control facial muscles is improved - all movements are brought to automatism;
  • the blood supply to the organ of vision improves;
  • the processes of metabolism of the intraocular fluid are normalized.

It is very important that gymnastics for Avetisov's eyes does not require time-consuming - 10-15 minutes a day is not much, and you can do it at any convenient time.

Methodist V. F, Bazarny proposes to train the eye muscles during school breaks with older students and 20 minutes after the start of the lesson for children under 12 years old.

Classes according to Avetisov help to prevent ophthalmic problems, but they cannot replace therapeutic and therapeutic effects.

If cramps in the eyes and disturbances in accommodation have already appeared due to increased visual stress, you should contact an ophthalmologist and solve problems on an individual basis.

If you already have eye diseases, then preventive measures will not help - for those who wear optical correctors all their lives, the removal of abnormal tension and chronic fatigue syndrome should be carried out according to the Bates system.

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