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Spots in the eyes when looking at objects - what is it, and how to deal with it?
Spots in the eyes when looking at objects - what is it, and how to deal with it?

It so happens that a person begins to notice that spots appear in his eyes. It is important to determine what exactly caused this condition, because it is quite possible that it just got a speck in the eye.

But there are also pathological eye diseases, in which the first symptom is noted in the form of a similar condition. And here the main thing is to determine the color of such a phenomenon and the reason that caused it.

Red spot

If, when you look at any object, a red spot appears in the eye, then this directly indicates bursting blood vessels. The organs of vision have very thin capillaries, which can not be seen so immediately, and most of them are located in the eyeball. When a person falls under the influence of negative factors, then a serious load is placed on them, as a result of which they expand. If the walls of the vessels are weak, then they simply burst, which is why a red speck is formed.

Such a situation will not necessarily be accompanied by pain, but external signs will be noticeable. It also happens that the gap does not occur, but the whites of the eyes are still red. Very often this is accompanied by lack of sleep, constant presence in front of a computer or TV. To get rid of such an unpleasant look, it is worth using drops "Murin", "Vizin" or "Sofradex". But here you should be very careful, since these drugs are addictive and dry, which will make red proteins a chronic situation.

A separate red spot can appear on the protein as a result of rupture of a specific vessel located under the conjunctiva.

Several factors can provoke this situation:

  • physical exertion, such as a violent cough;
  • temperature drops;
  • strong wind;
  • trauma to the organs of vision;
  • taking certain medications;
  • hypertension.

About the last point, it is worth saying that in this case, the patient will have several spots, since subconjunctive hemorrhage occurs here.

Don't forget about infections. Harmful organisms, getting into the eyes, provoke irritation. Usually, in addition to redness, there are purulent discharge, itching, and partial loss of vision. In this case, urgent help from an ophthalmologist is needed, since with a prolonged illness, you can finally lose your vision.

Dark spot

When a dark spot appears in the eye, then the situation is more dangerous. Typically, the patient complains of "flies" in the eyes, which can move from object to object, as the patient looks.

Often such a dark spot indicates the initial destructive processes in the vitreous body. This suggests that the part of the organ of vision that is located between the lens and the retina begins to collapse. She acquires a jelly-like state. In most cases, black spots appear on the periphery, but it can also happen that they appear right on the pupil. According to statistics, this disease is considered age-related, but it can also occur in people with myopia.

With an advanced problem, there is a risk of developing such a complication as retinal detachment on the vitreous body. Here it is necessary to urgently contact a specialist, since it may well be necessary to carry out a laser operation, which allows fixing the place of the rupture.

When, in addition to a dark spot, additional symptoms also appear, then a person is simply obliged to consult an ophthalmologist.

These include situations:

  1. if there is a dark spot in the eye that seriously impairs vision;
  2. “special effects” appear before the eyes - lightning, colored spots, and so on;
  3. if in the eye or eyes, when you look, not one, but several black spots began to appear;
  4. when a "veil" appears, affecting partially or completely the entire eye.

Such a deterioration indicates a serious development of an eye disease, so help is simply needed in such a situation.

To help the patient, the ophthalmologist may prescribe a special resorption therapy that will help get rid of cloudiness. Drug treatment is aimed at stimulating metabolic processes in the vitreous. In parallel with this, the patient needs to take eye vitamins, use physiotherapy procedures. If all these methods do not give a positive result, then surgical intervention is used.

It is also worth noting that "flickering of black flies before the eyes" is noted with increased pressure.

This phenomenon is often accompanied by a headache in the back of the head, nausea and vomiting. It is worth measuring your blood pressure for several days and, if it is high, consult a therapist.

If the symptoms grow - the pain intensifies, the person suffers from vomiting, worries, he does not have enough air, then you should seek medical help immediately to avoid possible complications in the form of a stroke, heart attack, cerebral edema, etc.

Yellow spot

Yellow spots in the eyes can appear as a result of age-related changes. But it also happens that this situation occurs in the younger category. Such spots are called pingueculae in medicine.

Often this phenomenon is observed near the cornea, near the nose.

The yellow spot has its own characteristics:

  • this phenomenon can be the result of drying out of the mucous membrane, due to the constant exposure to negative factors;
  • pingueculae cause inflammatory and irritating processes in the conjunctiva;
  • it is difficult for the patient to look at sunlight, to be in the wind or in polluted air;
  • in some cases, such a speck can cause a fold of the sclera, due to which the patient will often suffer from inflammation.

This defect does not bring any particular discomfort to its owner, therefore, a person usually does not seek medical help. But as soon as discomfort arises, a specialist should examine and control the situation.

To relieve your condition, you can use moisturizing drops. But in any case, your health must be monitored.

Therefore, if a black, red, yellow or any other speck appears in the eye when you look at various objects, then it is better to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist. After all, the sooner a disease is detected, the faster and more effective the result of treatment will be!

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