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How to take the drug "Gaviscon double action" - instructions for use
How to take the drug "Gaviscon double action" - instructions for use

In some cases, hydrochloric acid produced in the stomach is thrown into the opening of the esophagus. Most often, such a pathology has a physiological origin and does not cause unpleasant sensations to a person. But if heartburn torments the patient often enough and is accompanied by discomfort (in some cases it is about nausea and vomiting), the doctor will diagnose gastroesophageal reflux.

In this disease, the mucous membrane is regularly negatively affected by hydrochloric acid, which can lead to the development of inflammation of the internal organs.

The disease develops against the background of a hernia of the esophagus, a specific composition of saliva, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, an increase in intra-abdominal pressure while taking certain medications (containing a bile enzyme). Also, the disease affects people who are overweight, smokers, consume large amounts of alcoholic beverages and women who are expecting a baby.

As a result of the research, the dependence of the development of pathology on fast food with gasping for air was revealed. In this case, the pressure in the stomach rises, the lower esophagus relaxes, and food is thrown in the opposite direction.

Also, the consumption of certain foods (for example, fatty meats, lard, flour products cooked with yeast, and hot spices) can lead to a lump of food in the gastric opening.

The main symptoms of pathology are:

  • A burning sensation in the epigastric region;
  • Belching and regurgitation;
  • Hiccups after eating food;
  • Painful swallowing;
  • Gag reflex after consuming certain foods;
  • Severe pain in the stomach.

If the pathology is not treated, then ulcers may develop in the stomach, duodenum and esophagus, bleeding from them, and Barrett's esophagus may also form. The latter is fraught with the manifestation of tumor processes in the digestive organs.

To treat the development of the disease, medications are used, or surgery is performed. To avoid further problems, you should change your lifestyle and diet.

Of the medicines, prokinetics are most often used to help reduce the number of symptoms, antisector inhibitors that reduce the effect of acid on the gastric mucosa, antacids that create a thin film on the walls of the digestive system, as well as reparants that accelerate the regeneration of erosions and ulcers inside the digestive system (sea buckthorn oil, misoprostol).

To reduce the negative effect of acids on the lining of the stomach and esophagus, doctors prescribe "Gaviscon" double action.

The effect of the drug "Gaviscon double action" on the body

The best remedy for relieving gastroesophageal reflux symptoms is Gaviscon Dual Action. The drug is available in tablets and suspensions.

Chewable mint tablets, round and flat in shape. Painted in two colors (pink and white). On one side of the tablet there is an image of a sword in a circle, and on the other there is an inscription “GDA-250”. The tablets are packaged in cardboard boxes, inside of which two, four, six or eight pieces are sealed in a blister.

Tablets "Gaviscon double action" contain sodium alginade, bicarbonate and calcium carbonate.

Also "Gaviscon double action" is produced in suspensions:

  • Suspension for oral administration, 10 ml sachets, 20 ampoules;
  • Suspension for oral administration, packaged in bottles of 150 milliliters.

The suspension contains sodium alginate, bicarbonate and calcium carbonate. For a liquid consistency, the slurry contains purified water, peppermint flavor, and saccharin.

The components of "Gaviscon double action" absorb harmful substances from the mucous membrane of the stomach and esophagus, and also have an enveloping effect inside the digestive system. Entering into a reaction with stomach acid, Gaviscon forms a helium layer with a neutral pH value. Thus, the negative effect of hydrochloric acid is completely neutralized and gastroesophageal reflux disappears.

In some cases, the doctor prescribes a suspension that prevents irritation not only of the stomach, but also of the esophagus.

The indications for the use of "Gaviscon double action" are all negative manifestations of gastroesophageal reflux.

Recommendations for the use of "Gaviscon"

The medicine is intended for the treatment of reflux and esophagitis. Indications for the use of tablets are the presence of heartburn, sour belching, a feeling of a bursting abdomen or heaviness in the epigastric region, as well as toxicosis during pregnancy.

The tablets should be chewed thoroughly immediately after a meal. The prescribed dose for adult patients and children who have turned 12 years old is 2-4 tablets at a time. The maximum number of tablets per day should not exceed 16 pieces.

The drug should be used according to the instructions. Children under 12 years of age, as a rule, are not prescribed "Gaviscon double action".

Shake well before use.

Contraindications for use are:

  • Renal failure;
  • Immunity of the components of the drug by the patient's body.

Before use, you should notify the doctor about the presence of urolithiasis, the presence of oxalate stones in the digestive tract and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

"Gaviscon double action" is well tolerated by women who are in a state of expectation of a child. During pregnancy, there are no negative consequences, the drug is well tolerated and facilitates the condition of the woman's body during the period of toxicosis. It should be borne in mind that during pregnancy, the medicine can be taken for no more than seven days.

The instructions indicate that the drug does not have any effect on the mental state of a person, and it can be used by drivers of motor vehicles and people engaged in activities that require increased attention.

In cases of overdose, you should immediately stop taking the drug. The main symptom of an overabundance of Gaviscon Double Action is bloating. The drug is dispensed without a prescription.

Storage temperature - no more than 30 ° С. The expiration date of the drug is indicated on the package. From the moment of manufacture, the medicine must be consumed within two years.

Research results: the benefits and harms of "Gaviscon"

"Gaviscon double action" is a harmless drug and is recommended for use by all persons with a tendency to gastroesophageal reflux. Since it acts as an excellent adsorbing agent, this feature should be taken into account during treatment with other drugs.

Having the ability to neutralize the effect on the mucous membrane of the stomach and esophagus of medicinal preparations, "Gaviscon double action" should be taken two hours after taking other medications.

Prevention of the development of pathology

To prevent heartburn, belching and other unpleasant symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux from tormenting the patient, it is advisable to adhere to some rules:

  • Reduce your intake of coffee, chocolate, soda, fatty foods, and legumes in order to reduce intra-abdominal pressure. It is these products that cause bursting pain in the epigastric region;
  • It is necessary to monitor the weight and if it is exceeded, it is worth switching to a sparing diet or playing sports to optimize body weight;
  • It is desirable to completely eliminate smoking, but if this is not possible, then it is worth reducing the number of cigarettes consumed and in no case smoking on an empty stomach;
  • A tight belt or tight pants / skirts can also squeeze the esophagus, so avoid wearing such clothing and accessories;
  • You need to eat food in small portions, chewing each piece thoroughly. Talking while eating is also the cause of belching;
  • The horizontal position can be taken only a few hours after eating;
  • It is advisable to sleep on high pillows and limit sharp bends and carrying weights.

Subject to these simple rules and recommendations of the attending physician, you can forever say goodbye to such problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

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