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The most beautiful and rare names for girls: list and meaning
The most beautiful and rare names for girls: list and meaning

The name will accompany the girl throughout her life. Therefore, parents bear a serious responsibility. Finding a beautiful name for a girl is a difficult task. It should reflect the character and emphasize the uniqueness of the owner. This article contains beautiful and unusual female names, many of which are rare. This will make the girl stand out from the crowd and make her special.

To find the perfect rare name for a girl, there are a number of criteria to guide you.

  1. FULL NAME. Keep in mind that the first name must be combined with the last name and patronymic. Agree that Ivanova Josephine Fedorovna sounds ridiculous.
  2. Approved by both parties. Often one of the spouses insists on a specific name, while the other half does not like this option at all. This should be a balanced decision. Do not make a decision in a hurry and think about the child when choosing.
  3. Fancy names are good, but don't overdo it. The name should not cause laughter or indignation from others. Otherwise, the child will have a hard time during school years, when children are especially cruel. This can negatively affect the formation of the personality.
  4. Sweetness. Even rare names for girls should be easy to pronounce and not cut off on the ear.
  5. Difficulty to articulate is the reason for ridicule from peers.

How to find the most beautiful name for a girl?

A lot of information is freely available: both on the Internet and in paper sources. There are a bunch of lists on the net with rare and unusual names, among which everyone will find an option to their liking. If you can't find anything on the Internet, get a book with a list of names. In such literature, the meaning of the names is suggested, which will also influence the choice.

Once you find the first name you like, don't get hung up on just that one. List 10-20 options. Then compare how each of them sounds together with the last name and patronymic. This is the only way to find the perfect name for your daughter.

Once you have studied the lists, try looking at the names from the Church calendars. And although no one knows in advance the date of birth of the child, the month is usually known. Pay attention to the list of names during this period. This option is not suitable for everyone, since full names from church calendars often sound out of date.

Search the web for diminutive forms. It is not at all necessary to call a girl by her full name in everyday life. Let it remain in the documents.


Choosing a name for a girl by her zodiac sign

Many people needlessly underestimate this method of finding a name. The astrological calendar offers a list of interesting and beautiful names for girls, which surprisingly characterize them as a person and emphasize their individuality.

Aries Arista, Nana, Stephanie, Veronica, Miroslava, Alice, Jeanne
Taurus Monica, Gloria, Diana, Sofia, Louise, Arina, Ulyana
Twins Elsa, Marta, Anfisa, Elizabeth, Lydia, Zoe
Cancer Selena, Lucy, Agnessa, Dana, Kira, Melania, Lolita
a lion Aurora, Evelina, Emma, Regina, Sarah, Rose, Beatrice
Virgo Violetta, Stella, Vitalina, Lada, Milana, Maya
scales Leila, Julia, Nelly, Zlata, Leah, Ada, Edita, Anisia
Scorpion Radmila, Angelina, Bella, Zara, Teresa, Beatrice
Sagittarius Marianna, Vladlena, Vanessa, Margarita, Inessa
Capricorn Nora, Renata, Eleanor, Susanna, Faina
Aquarius Aelita, Christina, Aurora, Lilia, Frida, Vanessa
A fish Adele, Melinda, Amelie, Nicole, Melissa

Also, do not forget about your roots. If there are only Russian roots in the family, then remember that many names came from Greek culture. Look through the myths, these will be names with a beautiful history.

List of beautiful female names with meaning

If you're still looking for a name for your daughter, check out the list. It contains the meaning and influence on the personality of unusual names.

  • Olivia is an olive tree. The owner does not tolerate lies, loves to communicate with people and quickly finds a common language with others.
  • Belinda is a lovely linden tree. The bearer of this name is elegant and has excellent taste. She prefers stability and is sometimes too rational. Lives with her husband in perfect harmony.
  • Angelina is a messenger, an angel. An independent person with a simple character. He easily makes contact, knows how to get along with others and tries in every possible way to avoid quarrels. Will be happy in family life.
  • Adeline is from a noble family. A dreamy and mysterious book lover. Lives in a fictional world, calm and kind. Will become a caring and loving wife.
  • Elvira is all-true. She has her own opinion on everything. Since childhood, he begins to defend his point of view. The owner of this name is used to achieving her goals.
  • Vasilisa is the queen, the wife of the ruler. A primordially Russian name, the owner of which attracts with beauty and elegance. The girl is characterized by stubbornness and gentleness in dealing with people.
  • Frida - peace and quiet. At first glance, it seems vulnerable and withdrawn. But behind the mask of defenselessness is a brave warrior with strong moral principles.
  • Liana is slender, thin. The owners of this name are strong-willed and strong personalities who are used to achieving their goals. They know how to find a common language with people.
  • Melinda is a wonderful flowering linden tree. Loves reading, is fond of collecting. Differs in exquisite taste, shy and elegant. The bearer of such a name fascinates with just one look.
  • Dariana is a gift. A girl with high demands, who is used to standing her ground to the end. The bearers of the name are charming and skillfully use it. They are curious and do not like monotonous work.
  • Margarita is a pearl. It stands out for its thirst for knowledge, strives to improve itself. The owner of the name is cheerful and kind, selfishness is not peculiar to her. She has a successful career thanks to her natural perseverance and ingenuity.
  • Radmila is funny. A purposeful girl who does not recognize competition. At work, she tries to show leadership qualities. Slope towards the humanities. Has a strong character.
  • Gerda is the protector. Self-reliant and secretive by nature. Knows what he wants and strives to achieve what he wants at any cost. Opens only to those who win her trust.
  • Kira is a ray of light. Doesn't live blind dreams. The owner of this name is a realist who sets goals and confidently goes towards them. What helps a brilliant mind and charisma. Despite her strict character, she will become a loving wife and caring mother.
  • Pelageya is marine. This is a spontaneous person with a contradictory disposition. At first glance, it seems too phlegmatic, but the owner of this name will fully show perseverance if her interests are hurt.
  • Nicole is the conqueror of nations. She has a lot of friends. Such a girl is sociable and easily finds a common language with others. Since childhood, she has dreamed of marrying a prince. He will achieve success in his career and prove himself in various fields.
  • Malvina is gentle, weak. Self-confident and talented girl. Has great potential. But she needs a person who will believe in her and inspire her to develop her creativity. Simplicity of character vanishes when the girl's views are questioned.
  • Isabella is a beauty. The owner of this name radiates energy, is cheerful and restless, is used to achieving goals and suffers from mood swings.

List of unusual names for girls

Below you can see the table of rare names for girls.

Camilla Aza Judy Darina Melania Tina
Assol Yasmina Evelina Chloe Adelaide Mia
Hana Rosette Marika Sabrina Lolita Mlada
Vesta Alexa Bella Virginia Theresa Emma
Andriana the Rose Anfisa Agatha Zarina Eve
Ioannina Vesta Eleanor Adele Martha Melania
And I Caroline Regina Stella Ladomira Esther
Camellia Gerda Pelageya Emilia Julianne Nonna
Taisiya Elina Letizia Lada Roxanne Maya
Arina Isabel Nellie Magdalene Aurora Dominica
Charlotte Stephanie Vanessa Alexandria Idira Lei
Camilla Grace Isolde Vagma Tida Bazhena
Azalea Zoryana Liana Alexia Daniela Ruzana
Helga Ustin Lyre Hana Silvia Angelina
Solomiya Dominica Vesta Dorothea Dinara Emilia

We hope our selection was helpful and helped you find the right name for your daughter.

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