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How to make a marriage proposal
How to make a marriage proposal

The marriage proposal is an exciting custom that has survived to this day. Despite the feminist tendencies, most girls expect such confessions from their lover and for them this is another moment of happiness. The proposal is just that moment that will be remembered for a lifetime for both of you.

So, you have made a decision that you are ready to live a happy life together with your chosen one. For every man, this is such an indescribable moment filled with emotions, but the words must be found in order to propose to the girl. We offer you various options for original and memorable ways to offer a hand and heart, as well as templates of phrases that recommend what to say to your beloved, so that this event becomes memorable for you.

Regarding the use of templates. Explore the suggested options and choose the one that works for your relationship, not at random. Each method will be a win-win if the girl sees behind this a manifestation of the true feelings of her gentleman. Therefore, think about what your chosen one should like, what will most reflect your state of mind at this moment, what will be the most logical continuation of your relationship.

For example, if your girlfriend loves jokes, then the sentence can be used with humor that she will appreciate. If she loves sweets or cats, then this can be somehow beaten in the marriage proposal so that your proposal is individual.

What to say to make a beautiful proposal to a girl

You have been together for a long time, but the moment has come in the life of any man and woman when, in order for the relationship to develop, it is necessary to think about a wedding. As a rule, for many lovers this is a logical continuation of the "candy-bouquet" courtship period. If you are serious about making an offer, but do not know where to start, we offer you phrases for just such cases.

When proposing to your beloved, speak confidently and looking into her eyes. This will not leave anyone indifferent.

At the moment when you present your beloved with a ring box in your confession, use the following options:

  • Expensive! I have long wanted to tell you something. I have a feeling that since we met, a different life has begun for me. You brought happiness into my life and I want to make you the happiest girl on earth. Do you agree to marry me?
  • Darling, today you are especially beautiful and inspire me to do chivalrous deeds. I am ready to get down on one knee and offer you my hand and heart!
  • The name of the girl, I want to confess that I love you with all my heart and I am ready to go through life only with you through all the joys and hardships. Do you agree to become my wife?
  • Darling! I thought for a long time that I could give you to make you happy and decided to give all my love, which this ring symbolizes. Please marry me!
  • My precious! You gave me a life that a man can only dream of. With you, I understood what real happiness is. I am ready to give you everything so that you will always be with me. Will you accept this gift as a symbol of my love and loyalty?
  • My love! I want to always know that you are the most beautiful woman on the planet. You are my ideal, which I have found and found happiness. I appreciate and thank you for everything you do for me. Will you agree to marry me?
  • My sweet girl! I realized that I can be happy only when I see happiness in your eyes. I offer you my heart. Regardless of how you answer "yes" or "no", I will always love you and only you. Will you marry me?
  • My dear! We have been together for a long time, but I love you at first sight, when we met. My whole life was divided into before and after you. And I am incredibly happy about this, because you are the most important and dear person to me. I love you and propose to get married to seal our union!
  • Darling! I value our relationship very much. You are the best thing in my life. As a ray of light, you illuminate her with your presence. I offer you my hand and heart and really hope that you will answer me yes.
  • The name of the girl, you probably already guessed what is in this box. But I'll tell you anyway. This ring is a symbol of my love and loyalty. I promise that I will be a loving and considerate husband, I will always support you and make sure that you never regret your decision to marry me. Please accept this symbol and answer my confession. Trust me, I will appreciate your decision whatever it may be.
  • My bunny! You cause me a storm of positive emotions, but now I am doing the right thing in my life. I want us to always be together, only now as a loving husband and wife. I love you and ask: will you marry me?
  • My beloved sun! Today I want to thank you for being with me. I love you endlessly and I am ready to become the best husband for you. Do you love me too and will you agree to become my wife?

All of these phrases can be used non-verbatim. Use the name of your beloved in the form she likes to be called.


Where and how best to propose to a girl?

An interesting way or a place chosen in order to make an offer will surely please your darling and she will appreciate your resourcefulness and originality.

Think about which of the proposed methods will be remembered by her forever:

  1. The classics of the genre are in the restaurant. Suitable for most couples. Most likely, a cozy and quiet restaurant with the girl's favorite cuisine will suit you. Think about the atmosphere, this is also important. Confession by candlelight will look especially beautiful.
  2. A pleasant surprise. If your girlfriend loves coffee, invite her to her favorite coffee shop and order a cappuccino with froth, on which it will be written, for example, "Marry me." It is important that you think it over in advance, and not with the girl, otherwise she will guess your surprise. And in such a situation, the effect of surprise is important.
  3. Prince on a white horse. If you and your girlfriend love romance of chivalry, then this is the way for you. Invite the girl to the park, where there is an opportunity to ride horses. And bring flowers and a ring with you. The recognition of the prince on a white horse will not leave anyone indifferent.
  4. On the seashore. Whether you are on vacation or living in a coastal area. Have a picnic together in a romantic style and when you enjoy the beautiful sunset together, offer the girl a blanket, and at the same time your hand and heart.
  5. On the roof. An original way to propose to a girl for lovers of panoramic views of the city. Order a waiter in advance, champagne and snacks, a table on the roof of a high-rise building that you have long wanted to visit, but somehow there was not enough time.
  6. Dance class. If your girlfriend loves dancing, then organize a one-to-one workshop for the two of you. Best of all, if it is some kind of romantic waltz dance or passionate tango. Order the appropriate soundtrack. In an atmosphere of dance, kneel on one knee and ask for the hand of your chosen one.
  7. A frozen moment. Book a joint photo session in a place where, for example, you met. Make an offer to your chosen one and ask the photographer to capture your sincere emotions.
  8. Traveling together. Go to Paris, Rome or Petersburg, wherever your girlfriend desires. A change of scenery will be to your advantage. In the romantic atmosphere of the city, propose to her.
  9. At the airport or train station. Terminals have heard more words of love than registry offices. For example, if you meet your girlfriend, then take with you a bouquet of flowers and a sign "Marry me."Show how much you missed you and how you don’t want to part anymore.

What not to do

To keep your marriage proposal beautiful and appropriate, follow these guidelines for what to avoid when making a confession:

  • do not make an offer in correspondence or by phone, the reaction of your beloved is important to you, therefore, only eye to eye;
  • do not offer marriage while drunk or after intimacy, as a rule, what a serious matter as a confession is better to do on a sober head;
  • hidden rings anywhere - most likely your girlfriend will consider this a hackneyed trick.

You shouldn't put pressure on a girl if she needs to think - this is a really important step that should be taken deliberately. Respect the decision of your chosen one, even if she refused.

A marriage proposal is usually a very exciting moment for both of you, so you should be confident in your decision and be ready for any decision of your girlfriend. Put the tips in this article into practice and be responsible. Go for it, you will succeed!

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