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How to find out the gender of a baby before birth
How to find out the gender of a baby before birth

In order to establish the gender of your child, it is not at all necessary to wait for his birth. Thanks to the methods that we will consider next, you can do this yourself, without leaving the boundaries of your apartment. Doctors determine the sex of the baby in the womb using ultrasound, but many mothers would like to know about this much earlier.

Among Internet users, information is spread that, knowing the data about the group of both parents, it is possible to calculate the sex of the unborn baby. The essence of this theory says that when certain blood groups are mixed, one or another sex of a child is obtained. More details about the calculations can be found in the table:


However, there is a lot of disagreement about how true such calculations are. More accurate information about the unborn child, his state of health in the womb, as well as about the sex, can only be given by a qualified doctor. But if patience is completely running out, then you can use this option, who knows, maybe he will correctly determine the girl or boy will appear in your family.

Child gender according to the table

There is a legend according to which a table was discovered in the tomb of an ancient pharaoh. The sages deciphered it and it turned out that it was intended to decipher the sex of a child still in the womb. The peculiarity of its compilation lies in the fact that it is based on the lunar calendar.


A large number of girls, judging by the reviews on the Internet, used the Chinese conception calendar to determine the sex of the child, and she gave them reliable data. Therefore, whether to apply it for herself or not, every woman decides on her own.

Gender of the child by date of conception

One of the most proven and reliable methods is sex determination by the menstrual cycle. Science has proven the fact that a female egg always has an X chromosome, but a male sperm can have both an X and a Y chromosome. The peculiarity of the first of them is that after connecting with a female egg, a girl is born, and in the case of the latter, a boy. Also, the X chromosome contained in male sperm differs from other counterparts in the rate of fertilization of the egg, they are usually much slower, but they are more tenacious, can live up to 7 days.

Others, Y-spermatozoa, are responsible for the birth of boys and their vital activity is much shorter than X-spermatozoa, but the mobility is much higher. Thus, it turns out, after getting inside the uterine cavity, the X chromosomes may well fertilize a female egg, before ovulation occurs. The opposite, namely the Y-chromosomes, enter the uterus faster, but do not always survive to fertilization, especially if this process occurs at the time of ovulation. You can find out about the onset of ovulation by a slight increase in basal temperature, and special test strips can also contribute to this.

If you have sex during ovulation, then there is a high probability that a male child will be born.

How to calculate the gender of a child yourself

The onset of pregnancy can be determined independently. The easiest way is to stop the menstrual cycle, the appearance of nausea, dizziness, etc. However, these signs may not always indicate the onset of pregnancy; there are other diseases that accompany these symptoms. For a more accurate diagnosis, it is still recommended to consult a doctor.

But as practice shows, doctors, when calculating the duration of pregnancy, take the last date of menstruation, count off an interval of nine months from it, and thus determine the date of birth. In order to determine in advance the sex of the child, it is necessary to know the age of the expectant mother, as well as the peculiarity of her menstrual cycle.


The calculation for this method is done as follows:

  1. The total number of years of the woman is taken as a basis.
  2. Add to them the number corresponding to the month in which the critical days were last.
  3. Add one to the result.

If, in the end, an unpaired number is obtained, then there will be a boy, and if it is a pair, then the family needs to prepare for the addition of a girl.

Child gender by mother's age

The age of the mother for determining the sex of the child is also of great importance. There is a special table in which the first column is the girl's age, the second is the number, the third is the month of conception, it is always denoted by Roman numerals.


The M and D values in the table correspond to the sex of the unborn baby. At the intersection of the two graphs of the woman's age and the month of conception, the expected gender is found. For example, if the mother is 23 years old and the child was conceived in October, then there is a high probability that a boy will be born.

Even if the expectant mother's month of conception is unknown, then in her case a boy will most likely be born, since it is the letters M that are located in the neighborhood.

Gender test to determine the sex of the baby

It is possible to determine the gender of a child not only by the date of birth of the parents, but also using a gender test. For the first time, it was developed in America, but after years, it can increasingly be found in domestic pharmacies.

The method of its application is practically no different from the pregnancy test. Its main difference is that it does not show the presence of pregnancy, but the sex of the unborn child. In order for the result to be reliable, experts recommend using it no earlier than 8 weeks, after a delay in the menstrual cycle.

Tests differ from each other in price category, shape and color.

To determine the sex of the child, you need to follow the instructions:

  1. Carefully open the package with the dough.
  2. Dip it in a small amount of urine.
  3. Wait 1-2 minutes.
  4. See the result.

If a blue stripe appears, then there will be a boy, and if a pink one, then a girl.

According to the reviews of women who have used gender tests from personal experience, the result is often unreliable.

At the same time, women tested these tests at different stages of pregnancy and each time it showed the opposite result. For example, the first time I showed pink, and then blue, or vice versa.

Doctors have an unequivocal opinion about this method of determining the sex of the unborn child, which lies in their ineffectiveness, which leads to a waste of money and time.

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