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Professions after grade 9
Professions after grade 9

The transition to market relations could not but affect the choice of a future profession. Even 25-30 years ago, boys and girls dreamed of the romantic professions of a geologist, nuclear physicist, diplomat or astronaut, and most parents considered it their duty to give their children a prestigious education. Then came the fashion for lawyers and economists, but very soon it became clear that this market is oversaturated and such specialists are losing demand.

These trends are perfectly felt by modern youth, they are more pragmatic and choose their future profession in accordance with today's realities. At the same time, many begin to think about education after the 9th grade, without waiting for graduation. And it's not just a matter of unwillingness to study further: boys and girls want to quickly enter adulthood, start earning money on their own and become self-sufficient people.

Where to go after grade 9? What specialties can you get in colleges after grade 9? We will talk about this in this article.

According to statistics, the number of specialties that secondary vocational education provides is one and a half times higher than the possibilities of higher education! In colleges, technical schools and schools with three degrees of accreditation, children can master not only blue-collar professions, but also become good professionals in the creative, intellectual and many other fields.

Another feature of secondary vocational education of our time: in many cases, the boundaries between purely male and female specializations are blurred, and this tendency tends to increase. This applies, for example, to the service sectors, trade, modern technologies, and so on. Nevertheless, certain distinctions continue to exist, in particular where heavy manual labor is required.

With this in mind, we will also consider separately the lists of the most in-demand professions for girls and guys.


Professions after grade 9 for girls

We present a kind of top list.

  • One of the most popular female professions is the specialty of a sales manager. Today, many large manufacturing companies are ready not only to pay quite good money by today's standards - about 120-150 thousand rubles in Moscow and somewhat less in the provinces - for a communicative girl who has good skills, developed intelligence and who will help promote their products, but also provide stable career growth.
  • The nurse is the first assistant to the doctor, carrying out all his prescriptions and appointments. Starting from injections and setting droppers, ending with the organization of some administrative and household work of the department, especially if it turns out to grow up to the head nurse, all this is in her charge. True, this noble profession is not paid so high, but the great opportunities for part-time work outside the main job more than fill this gap.
  • Hairdresser, make-up artist, eyebrow artist, manicure and pedicure master - this specific block also opens up many perspectives for girls who love their work and are ready to constantly improve in it. The desire to have a beautiful appearance and well-groomed nails will exist as long as humanity itself exists, therefore, for example, good hairdressers-colorists or stylists have a constant clientele and can always earn, figuratively speaking, for their piece of bread and butter.
  • Having mastered the profession of a seamstress after grade 9 in college, where she will be taught not only to sew, but also to be well versed in the variety of modern fabrics and the latest sewing tools, the girl will become the owner of a very necessary and practical profession. The main part-time job of good seamstresses, in addition to working in private or public sewing ateliers, is home practice.

For the girls' attention! Moscow tariffs for high-quality tailoring of a dress in Moscow can reach 10,000 rubles or more - and this, not taking into account the cost of the necessary materials.

Once upon a time, back in Soviet times, jokes were composed about the students of the culinary college, with the light hand of the humorist Khazanov. Today, the profession of a cook is considered very prestigious: with the current flourishing of such spheres as tourism or leisure, a good culinary master who knows how to cook a variety of dishes, who, moreover, has responsibility, accuracy and decency, is valued by restaurateurs literally worth its weight in gold

In addition to this top five, we will present in the water a single list of specialties that girls can receive after grade 9:

  1. Cashier;
  2. Preschool teacher;
  3. Stewardess;
  4. Commodity expert;
  5. Clerk;
  6. Pharmacist;
  7. Guide;
  8. Hygienist in the dental office.

All of them allow in the future not only to have a good specialty, but also to earn good money.


Professions after grade 9 for a guy

The professions that guys can learn in college after grade 9 are also diverse.

First of all, these are working specialties, which include:

  • Locksmiths;
  • Drivers;
  • Turners;
  • Welders;
  • Electricians;
  • Builders of different profiles;
  • Engineers and some others.

One of the most demanded areas today is vehicle maintenance. The rapid growth in the number of cars and motor vehicles on our streets and roads gives rise to an increasing need for good craftsmen - car welders, auto mechanics, auto electricians, who must be able to understand both domestic and imported cars. Having received a good education in college, they will be able to earn decent money, while making good connections with the "right" people.

  1. In the railway transport, you can also find a highly paid and interesting job - driving trains, repairing diesel locomotives and electric locomotives. Such professions as a machinist or an assistant driver are required, among other things, to work in the subway, and professional colleges graduate specialists for this.
  2. Drivers are needed at all times. Today, these are, first of all, truckers, as well as those who work on oversized trucks in the mining industry, mining excavators, and so on. Labor, of course, is hard and tedious, requires excellent skills, but it is also rewarded, as a rule, with good earnings.
  3. Construction professions are also among those that will always be highly valued: the professions of a painter, plasterer, crane operator, roofer, gas welder also guarantee the children after graduation from their studies, permanent work and financial independence.
  4. Such universal specialties as a turner, a locksmith are in demand both in factories and factories, and in metallurgical, repair and other enterprises. In order, for example, to carve a complex part for high-tech production, you need appropriate knowledge and great practical skills, and such work is paid quite well.

Let's summarize! As you can see, the choice is quite rich and interesting, and the prospects for girls and boys after graduating from such institutions are often much more interesting than for a university graduate with another standard specialty in an oversaturated market.

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