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Diet pills: how to choose the right one?
Diet pills: how to choose the right one?

Often, to lose weight or to keep fit, many people resort to pills and medications. There are several groups of drugs according to the principle of action, composition, availability and effectiveness. Which diet pills are the most effective, and which are not so, what is the danger of drug abuse and how to avoid unpleasant consequences - we will consider in this article.


A group of drugs acting on the principle of a laxative or diuretic. They are effective at the initial stage and only for a short time, since weight loss occurs due to the removal of excess fluid from the body. Long-term use is dangerous to health, as it leads to dysfunction of the intestines and stomach, electrolyte and water imbalance. Laxatives for weight loss can be mentally and physically addictive. The most famous drugs today:


It is an inexpensive and effective diuretic. Well relieves puffiness, lowers blood pressure. Often used as a weight loss aid for teenagers and young girls, it is sold by prescription only. Long-term use is fraught with edema, deficiency of nutrients and even the occurrence of seizures and the occurrence of interruptions in the work of the heart muscle.


Medicinal fast-acting drug. Is a good alternative to furosemide. Works within an hour.


Russian herbal preparation based on senna leaves. It has a significant laxative effect and is considered a powerful remedy. Not recommended for long-term use.


Modern mild laxative based on herbal ingredients. Painlessly cleanses the intestines and normalizes its peristalsis. Recommended for use in the initial stages of weight loss. It helps to effectively get rid of toxins and toxins and cleanse the body.

Slimming teas and herbs

Herbal laxatives are sold as a tea. Depending on the composition, strong and soft are distinguished. Traditional teas "Swallow", "Lose weight", "Senna". Quite budgetary, however, the detrimental effect on the body affects very soon.


Medicines based on sibutramine, which have a direct effect on the nervous system and human psyche. This group of drugs blocks hunger by directly affecting the brain and the satiety center. Appetite decreases and the person loses weight. Sibutramine is a very strong substance with many side effects, therefore preparations based on it are used strictly according to the doctor's prescription and have many contraindications. Often prescribed to patients with a pronounced excess of excess weight at the initial stage of weight loss.


One of the most famous drugs in this group. Effective diet pills that contain sibutramine, a substance that directly affects the center of satiety and hunger. It is a psychotropic agent, can cause addiction, anorexia, hallucinations and blurred consciousness. Sold exclusively by doctor's prescription.


Another well-known sibutramine-based drug, one of the most effective and reliable in this category. However, its action is based on the same psychotropic effect, which also makes the drug very aggressive and relevant only in severe cases of obesity. Anorectics do not lose the extra 5 kg.


Not based on sibutramine, but similar in action. In fact, these are not diet pills, but an antidepressant. However, due to the side effect of reducing hunger, nausea, it is often used as a remedy to reduce appetite for bulimia and other eating disorders. It has contraindications and is prescribed strictly according to the prescription.

Dietary supplements (Nutraceuticals)

Diet pills based on herbal ingredients. They are not a drug, since most of them do not contain active chemicals. Usually used as a dietary supplement or as an additional measure and aid in the fight against obesity. Most often they drink the course.


One of the most famous weight loss products. It has no contraindications, except for the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding. All ingredients are completely natural. Judging by numerous reviews, the drug does not have a significant or tangible effect. For a month, you can lose weight by about 2-3 kg. The drug is perfect for those who have gained a couple of kilograms during the winter and want to get rid of them painlessly.


The well-known diet pills "MKTs". Due to the high content of dietary fiber, they suppress appetite and reduce hunger. They have no serious contraindications and are used without a doctor's prescription. Contraindicated in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and acute conditions of internal organs. The packaging is very cheap and is sold in any pharmacy.

Thai diet pills

Fashionable, but far from safe pills. Due to the content of phentermine, the agent stimulates brain activity, the appetite disappears and the person loses weight. Amphetamine-based drugs have a similar principle. It is a dangerous agent and can cause irreversible consequences for both the psyche and the body.


Chinese food supplement based on trituations and guarana. It is not a drug and is used as a dietary supplement.

Tyansha's products

Diet pills and means for a long time and firmly established on the Russian market. The basis is made by extracts of chicory, green tea, as well as various fruit and berry additives. Stimulates metabolism and reduces hunger.

LiDa tablets

A preparation based on garcinia, alfalfa, cola, guarana extract, sweet potato and Jerusalem artichoke. Due to natural ingredients, it accelerates the breakdown of fatty krets, normalizes metabolism and reduces hunger. It has limitations because it contains sibutramine. The drug is contraindicated in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, cardiovascular disorders and pregnancy. Before use, you need to consult a specialist.

Fat burners

Let's move on to the heaviest artillery. The described drugs are considered serious and extremely toxic, their use is prescribed exclusively under the supervision of a highly qualified specialist.

They put a serious strain on the heart, as they speed up the heartbeat and raise the level of adrenaline. Self-administration of any of the drugs can threaten life and health. There are many fat burners out there, we will look at the most popular and most commonly used ones.


It is considered one of the most effective and powerful fat burners. The effect is achieved by increasing body temperature. Switches the body to the consumption of living reserves. The action of the drug is very similar to adrenaline. The use of this drug is categorically contraindicated in people with heart problems. Causes tachycardia and hypertension. It exerts a significant load on the nervous and autonomic systems, as a result of which increased nervousness, insomnia, anorexia, anxiety, etc. develop.


Synthetic thyroid hormone. Accelerates metabolism and increases body temperature by accelerating heat transfer. A special diet high in protein must be followed. There is a high risk of the thyroid gland being planted, as well as getting side effects in the form of tachycardia, anxiety, tremors and insomnia. It exerts a serious strain on the heart muscle.


The drug was originally intended for the treatment of diabetes mellitus, since it has a direct effect on the pancreas. Due to the effect of metformin on insulin and carbohydrate metabolism, they have a striking effect of burning fat and fat deposits. Needless to say, the drug is dispensed strictly according to special registration forms and you cannot get it without an appointment.

DNP (2, 4 - Dinitrophenol)

Without further ado, this drug is a poison in its essence. Due to the powerful pyrogenic effect on the body, a fire literally occurs in the cells. All energy is burned due to oxidative reactions in cells. The slightest excess of the dose of the drug is fatal. This tool is claimed to be the most powerful and effective fat burner ever. Fat literally leaves before our eyes, but the slightest violation will lead to overheating, dehydration and death. If it can be used, then only in a hospital setting under the supervision of a group of doctors. With such serious things, jokes are bad.

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