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Drugs to reduce appetite: a review of funds
Drugs to reduce appetite: a review of funds

Appetite suppressants have been around for a long time. The modern pharmaceutical market offers a lot of all kinds of powders, bran, syrups and capsules. How to choose the right one to lose weight without harming the body?

Types of pills for appetite

Let's define what drugs are that reduce appetite and suppress hunger.

Such drugs can be divided into several groups:

  1. pharmacological, or medical;
  2. Dietary supplements - concentrates from herbs, roots, bark with a vitamin complex;
  3. protein-mineral mixtures - bars, cocktails and other sports nutrition.

Each group has its own pros and cons and mechanisms of action on the body.

Medicines to reduce appetite are undergoing clinical tests, and if the drug hits the shelves of pharmacies, it has been proven to be effective in combating the problem. But such drugs have a more severe effect, more side effects. Purchasing them often requires a doctor's prescription.

In the case of dietary supplements, you have to count on the benefits in exactly the same way as in the case of, for example, traditional medicine - but their effect is more gentle, it is easier to get them.

Protein blends are more aimed at increasing muscle tone and replenishing energy after exercise.

Appetite suppressants

Of pharmaceuticals, doctors most often prescribe medications, the active ingredient of which is sibutramine. It is an appetite blocker - tablets with this substance in the composition act on the brain centers, causing rapid satiety.

These drugs are effective but have many side effects. They are prescribed not just for overweight, but for obesity. And a specialist should select them. These drugs include:

Meridia, Goldline, Reduxin

All preparations contain the same appetite blocker, sibutramine. As a rule, these pills are prescribed only by a specialist when there is a clear need for obesity. They are not cheap, from 2 to 6 thousand rubles per package.

Side effects of these drugs are reduced to high blood pressure, sleep disturbance, increased heart rate, dizziness, depression. These medications are contraindicated in people with cardiovascular problems.


Addictive anorexigenic drug. On the territory of the Russian Federation, this substance is on the list of psychotropic and narcotic substances, and its circulation is controlled by the state. Mazindol is currently banned for sale in the Russian Federation.

Taking the drug can be accompanied by a number of side effects that are harmful to the body.

Fluoxetine, fenfluramine

Serotonergic agents for reducing and suppressing appetite. Prohibited for sale throughout the Russian Federation for the same reason as Mazindol.

Fluoxetine and ifenfluramine cause disorders of the brain and heart muscle.

Dietary supplements

Biologically active additives are concentrates of herbal substances; the mechanism of their action depends on the composition. The components included in the dietary supplement have different effects on the body:

  • microcrystalline cellulose, bran and vegetable fiber promote satiety through swelling in the digestive tract;
  • vitamins, minerals, according to manufacturers, affect the brain centers, dulling hunger;
  • mixtures of dried medicinal herbs remove toxins and toxins, normalize metabolism, and also reduce hunger and appetite.

Ankir-B and MCC

The main ingredient in these supplements is microcrystalline cellulose, which tends to swell in the digestive organs, creating a false feeling of fullness. It has no contraindications, but it can cause constipation if the patient does not drink enough liquid or takes the drug for longer than the prescribed time.

Dietary supplements have no contraindications and side effects. Whether they are effective or not depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. The annotations for food additives often indicate that they are incompatible with fatty, fried, salty and fast food foods. Refusal of such food in itself (with the use of dietary supplements or not) will lead to a normal metabolism and a natural decrease in appetite.

Protein-mineral mixtures

Protein Blends are formulas with the highest protein content. With a low-calorie diet with fewer portions of food, weight is often lost at the expense of muscle mass, while the percentage of fat remains and is often hungry. In such cases, blends are great for weight management - they replenish the muscles with the necessary protein and create a feeling of fullness.

VitalFormel, Doctor Slim, Optifast and Turboslim

These formulations are low in calories, but contain the substances the body needs in a concentrated form. Suppress appetite, but do not replace natural food. To get carried away with them for the sake of losing weight is not worth it.

According to manufacturers, protein-mineral mixtures have no side effects, but they will not bring benefits without active physical activity either.

Before choosing pills to suppress appetite, you need to establish the cause of the increased feeling of hunger - and only then select medications.

Often, excess weight, if it is not associated with any disease, is easily corrected by physical activity, a vitamin complex and a well-built diet. Starving yourself is highly discouraged. Fat deposits will not decrease from this, and diseases will increase.

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