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Slimming massage for legs and thighs
Slimming massage for legs and thighs

Extra pounds are a problem for many women. And all the fair sex are trying to get rid of excess weight by any means. And one of these methods is foot massage. After all, this part of the body loses weight much slower than everyone else. It is worth paying attention to the fact that there are often cases when the lower body is much fuller than the upper one. And foot massage in this case is one of the most effective methods.

Varieties of leg slimming massage

First of all, it is worth understanding why extra pounds can accumulate in the lower body. The reason for the appearance of body fat can be not only incontinence in food, but also impaired blood circulation. And circulatory disorders can be the result of a sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work and lack of physical activity on the legs.

If the problem of fullness in the legs already exists, then you should not use only diet and physical activity. The problem in this case is that not only the lower body will lose weight, but also the upper one. And as a result, the same imbalances will persist. Therefore, rubbing problem areas should be added to the standard methods of getting rid of excess weight.

There are such types of this procedure for losing weight:

  1. Self-massage. To complete it, you do not need special devices or skills. You just need to learn a few basic principles of kneading and everything will work out;
  2. Electromassage. In this case, you will have to spend money and purchase a special electrical appliance;
  3. Vacuum. The simplest device for carrying out is a plastic jar, which can be bought at any pharmacy at a ridiculous price. But if you have the opportunity and desire, then you can purchase many other devices for such a procedure;
  4. Vibrating massage. This pleasure is quite expensive. Remember that for carrying out you need to buy a special device that will affect fat cells using vibrations at a certain frequency. In addition, the use of such vibrations leads to muscle contraction, which is very similar to training. Unfortunately, these devices are quite expensive;
  5. Heat massage. The essence of the method is to create a sauna effect in the lower body. In this case, the body gets rid of excess fluid. Also, in the problem area, the metabolism is accelerated, which also leads to weight loss.

Using one of these types of procedures, you will definitely be able to tidy up your figure over time. But remember that you need to carry out such a procedure every day. Otherwise, there will be no effect. Therefore, if you have already begun to get rid of those extra pounds in the lower body, then do not shirk.

Indications for the procedure

Who is shown using this method? First of all, it is recommended to use it for obesity. However, you should seek the advice of a dietitian. Because, in addition to rubbing the skin and diet, the fight against obesity requires a certain treatment.

It is recommended to use a similar method for those who have injuries of the lower extremities, leading to severe edema.

It is also used in the fight against cellulite on the thighs. Please note that when fighting cellulite on the thighs, it is best to start treatment with a lymphatic drainage massage.

How does massage work?

All movements should be slow and stringy. As a result, not only the outflow of blood is activated, but also of the lymph. As a result, the liquid stops accumulating and weight loss occurs.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that due to a decrease in the volume of cells, more oxygen enters them, which also leads to a decrease in excess weight.

But do not think that the process of losing weight is fast. Remember that in order for excess fluid to escape from the cells of the thighs and they decrease, at least two to three months are needed. Please note that you should not use sudden movements. In this case, small vessels or capillaries can be damaged, as a result of which the swelling will only increase.

How to massage legs for weight loss

Before you start doing such a weight loss massage at home, you need to learn a few basic rules:

  • Movements should always start from the ankles and move upward to the hips;
  • Efforts should be distributed evenly;
  • Never start heavy traffic right away. First you need to warm up the skin with light circular movements;
  • Do not use strong pinching or hitting. Remember that this will not speed up your weight loss. But the likelihood of damage to the limbs will increase unambiguously;
  • You shouldn't do dry massage. Ideally, you should buy a special oil. If this is not at hand, then it recommends using a regular cream.

The slimming procedure should be carried out immediately after taking a shower or bath. On the palm of your hand, you need to apply a little cream and warm it up. Then they begin to rub the skin from the ankles upwards with gentle movements. Please note that the cream should evenly cover the entire surface of the skin from the calves to the thighs and thighs.

In order for the slimming procedure to be effective, it is worth rubbing the skin of the calves and thighs until a persistent sensation of warmth appears. Please note that the calf and thigh skin is massaged first along the back line and then along the front line of the leg. Don't rub your entire leg around.

Also, do not forget about the buttocks. Immediately after you have finished massaging your calves and thighs, start rubbing your buttocks. Rub with soft circular motions until a feeling of warmth appears.

As for the duration of the procedure for losing weight, it should be at least ten to fifteen minutes for each leg. In a shorter time, you will not have time to warm up the skin so much that the heat gets into the inner layers of the skin. Accordingly, fatty deposits will not be split.

As for the number of sessions, it is better not to do such a procedure for more than thirty days in a row. If you do not want to stop exercising your body even for a day, then you can alternate thirty days of massage and ten days of using anti-cellulite baths. As a result, the shape will align over time.

It is worth paying attention to the drinking regime. Immediately after the session, you may feel thirsty. Attention! You will have to be patient. It is recommended not to eat or drink after the session for two hours. When rubbing for calves and thighs, fluid is removed from the body. And if you immediately start drinking, the liquid will return to its place and there will be no result.


Massage is an effective way to lose weight. But there are times when its use may be contraindicated. These contraindications include:

  1. Acute infectious disease;
  2. The presence of skin diseases. Remember that in this case, you can damage the skin, which will only aggravate the development of the skin disease;
  3. Postoperative period. Remember that the first time after the operation, such rubbing cannot be done, because this may cause the seams to disperse;
  4. Pregnancy. Due to the massage, stimulation of the uterus is possible, which threatens the occurrence of premature birth.

As you can see, the use of foot massage for weight loss is very effective. But at the same time, do not forget that if the degree of obesity is high, then the body needs not only massage, exercise and diet. You also need to undergo a special examination and treatment. Otherwise, any positive result will be short-lived. If you do not have obesity, then doing a gentle rubbing every evening, you can see a significant improvement in your figure in one and a half to two months. Good luck to you!

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