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ASD-2 for weight loss: reception scheme, principle of action
ASD-2 for weight loss: reception scheme, principle of action

The ASD-2 drug was developed by A. V. Dorogov by order of the government of the USSR in 1947. According to the requirements, it was necessary to develop an immunostimulant drug capable of withstanding radiation exposure and serious infections, while being inexpensive and accessible to a wide audience.

Today, using this tool, you can get rid of a wide range of ailments, including overweight. Let's consider how to take ASD fraction 2 for weight loss.

What is this remedy

The drug ASD fraction 2 - Dorogov's antiseptic-stimulant - got its name in honor of the scientist A. V. Dorogov, who created the drug. Initially, the product was produced as a concentrate prepared in a special apparatus at very high temperature values; the tissues of frogs heated on a special apparatus were used as raw materials. Later Dorogov replaced frogs with meat and bone meal. This method is used for the production of this tool today.

  1. The first of the factions did not have any healing properties.
  2. The second and third attempts to create the drug were crowned with success: fractions 2 and 3 are able to have a healing effect on the human body and animals. So, for example, ASD-2 proved to be effective in the treatment of bronchial asthma, which until then did not respond to treatment.

Composition of the preparation

ASD-2 is a yellowish aqueous solution containing organic and inorganic compounds.

Let's consider the composition of the medicinal product in more detail:

  • Formic, acetic and propionic acids. They belong to weak acids, together with alcohols they form esters contained in natural products;
  • Alicyclic hydrocarbons - help fight germs and viruses;
  • Amides are derivatives of korbolic and mineral acids. They help the active substances of the agent to penetrate into the cells of the body. It is the amides that are to blame for the sharp unpleasant odor of the drug;
  • Hydrogen and sulfur atoms - stabilize the protein structure, prevent the formation of toxins and remove them from the body.
  • Meat and bone meal - rich in protein, allows you to balance the diet.

Slimming benefits

Among the beneficial effects of the use of ASD-2 by a person, one can note:

  1. Reduces hunger. Saturation occurs faster, which prevents overeating;
  2. Normalizes digestion;
  3. Restores the gastric mucosa, inhibits inflammation, preventing heartburn and constant craving for snacks;
  4. It has an immunostimulating effect, gives strength to the body.

Thus, ASD fraction 2 also helps with overweight. It is caused by an excess of adipose tissue, which is formed due to a natural tendency to be overweight, a sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition. The use of ASD-2 normalizes the metabolism and the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, which contributes to getting rid of excess weight and overall health of the body.

Scheme of taking ASD-2 for weight loss

Instructions for use are included with the product:

  • The product cannot be opened. Bend back the middle of the metal cap without removing the plug;
  • Insert the needle from the syringe into the cap, insert the syringe;
  • Shake the bottle several times and turn over so that the cap is at the bottom;
  • Fill the syringe with liquid;
  • Take out the syringe, leaving the needle inside the stopper, cover it with a plaster so that the drug does not fizzle out;
  • Dip the syringe into pre-prepared tea or water;
  • Slowly add the medicine to the tea and stir.

You need to drink ASD-2 once a day on an empty stomach (40 minutes before a meal), for this you need to dissolve the drug in 100 g of boiled water (or tea) at room temperature.

  1. Day 1-5: the minimum dose is 35 drops, the maximum dose is 40;
  2. 6-10 days: break;
  3. 11-14 days: drink 10 drops per dose;
  4. 15-17 days: break.
  5. Day 18-20: 25 drops, after which the cycle ends.

Here are some tips on how to overcome the specific smell of the drug:

  • Prepare the solution in a ventilated room or on the balcony.
  • Take a deep breath before drinking and then exhale sharply.
  • Drink the solution while holding your breath.
  • After - breathe deeply through your nose and exhale sharply through your mouth.


According to the instructions, the drug does not give complications or side effects. An exception is individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

ASD-2 helps to reduce weight, but in order to obtain the best result, it is also necessary to revise the diet and add physical activity, jogging, cycling, swimming to your daily routine.

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