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Why is fitness jumping useful?
Why is fitness jumping useful?

At the present time, many inhabitants of the planet give preference to a healthy lifestyle. One of its integral parts is regular sports activities. Girls often choose group classes in order to achieve a slim and fit figure. Recently, among such training, a completely new direction has appeared - fitness jumping.

Why is sport useful for the female body

The benefits of regular exercise are as follows:

  1. Body shaping. The opinion that a good figure is given by nature is mistaken in 90% of cases. In fact, this is the result of hard and painstaking work on yourself. Fitness helps to create arm relief, rounded and toned buttocks, a flat stomach and graceful legs. Women who regularly attend group fitness classes note the elasticity of the body skin and the absence of cellulite;
  2. Losing excess weight. Systematic attending classes not only helps to lose extra pounds, but also strengthens the muscles of the body. When the muscle fibers of the body are sufficiently developed, the body requires much more energy expenditure for their work. The stronger they are, the less body fat accumulates. Also, aerobics contributes to the burning of excess, giving the body that degree of load that requires a lot of effort and energy. When natural energy runs out, the body begins to use up the body's fat reserves. That is why sport is so good for a beautiful body;
  3. Fitness is very important for the female body also because the trained body returns to its previous shape much faster and better after childbirth;
  4. Sports activities have a positive effect on the sexual sphere of a woman and her partner. After hard training, the hormonal background of the fair sex changes. At the same time, the body relaxes, and this is very useful for full satisfaction in a couple;
  5. If we evaluate the benefits of sports in relation to psychology, then we can cite as an example getting rid of complexes that are associated with appearance or figure. It seems that the gym is attended by some models or athletes with an ideal figure. However, in fact, in such institutions there are many women of non-standard build, who came to fight their own shortcomings, and not evaluate others. Sport has a particularly positive effect on self-esteem when the first results appear;
  6. In addition, fitness helps in combating stress, relieves stress and calms the nervous system. Sports can heal depression and give you a great mood, despite the fatigue after exercise;
  7. Sports activities strengthen the immune system and improve the physical fitness of a person. Its endurance increases, the cardiovascular system is strengthened, and coordination of movements improves. Physical activity also develops flexibility, joint mobility, gives special grace to movements, and correct posture to the silhouette.

What is fitness jumping?

This training program was developed in the Czech Republic more than 10 years ago, but it reached its peak of popularity closer to our time. The name fully justifies the methodology of loads (jumping means "jump").

Jumping fitness is a unique direction that suits a person of any age and gender. It is a combination of strength and aerobic activity, combined into one effective program. Jumping fitness does not require special clothing, only comfortable sneakers are considered mandatory.

The equipment for such fitness is a special small trampoline with a built-in handle. It creates a pushing effect, which significantly reduces the load on the joints and lower back. This is one of the main benefits of this kind of training.

In addition, trampoline jumping fitness forces the body to constantly balance, which improves the coordination of body movements. Indeed, thanks to active jumps, stabilizing muscles are included in the work, which are very little involved in ordinary training.

How is jumping training

Usually the duration of such a workout does not exceed 55 minutes. In this period, half an hour is allotted for cardio loads that train the heart muscle, the remaining 20 minutes are occupied by strength exercises and stretching.

Warm up before exercising. For example, jump rope for 10 minutes or perform simple exercises on the whole body (squats, swings, bends, rotation of the pelvis, ankle, knees and elbows).

Next, the training itself takes place, which includes the following basic exercises:

  • Jumping from a low height, in which the arms should be extended along the body. The main rule for adhering to the technique is to land on your foot completely and not use your hands to maintain balance. While in flight over the trampoline, you need to watch the toes of the legs, they need to be pulled by analogy with ballerinas. This exercise improves coordination and balance;
  • Using the handrail of the trampoline as a support, it is necessary to pull up the legs bent at the knees to chest level. Not such an easy exercise, but the trampoline makes the task much easier. It serves as a support soft and elastic, which allows you to perform jumps and leg lifts exclusively with the help of the abdominal muscles;
  • In a sitting position, put your hands on the trampoline behind you, as if leaning on them. Jumps are performed from this position. It is important to monitor your posture - your back should be straight at all times. This exercise trains the abs and arm muscles;
  • To strengthen the muscles of the thighs and legs, jumps are performed with abduction of one leg to the side, and it must be bent, while the other leg must be abducted in the opposite direction in a straight position;
  • To improve flexibility and stretching while jumping, you should try to pull your legs to the body and spread them in different directions. For the advanced, there is a variation in which you need to reach for the sock with your fingers.

Exercising for 8 minutes is equivalent to jogging a distance of 3 kilometers. About 20 minutes of jumping burns the same amount of calories as an hour-long stepper session.

In order to observe the result from fitness, it is necessary to adhere to the principle of regularity. For women, three visits per week are sufficient with a one-day break between sessions.

Other types of jumping

Thanks to such efficiency and popularity, the ideas of jumping are constantly developing, kangaroo jumping fitness has become a new trend in this direction.

This type of fitness is all the same jumps, but it has its own characteristics. The highlight of Kangaroo Jumping is the specialized arched shoe that has built-in springs. This design allows you to jump up to 0.7 meters.

However, such a direction as jumping is far from developed in all settlements, even less often you can find kangaroo jumping in small towns. Surprisingly, this kind of sport can be practiced at home without special equipment. Jumpingjack will help those who want to keep in good shape.

Many people know what jumpingjack is in fitness. This exercise is included in most aerobic programs and individual cardio workouts.

To perform this exercise, you need to stand upright, legs together, arms are along the body, followed by a jump, in which the arms are raised up, and the legs are spread shoulder-width apart. It is in this position that the person lands on the floor. During the next jump, the body returns to its original position. The following jumps are performed in a similar way.


However, not everyone can engage in such a type of fitness as jumping, the restrictions are:

  1. diseases and disorders in the work of the cardiovascular system;
  2. dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system, especially if they are accompanied by pain;
  3. diseases and congenital pathologies of the respiratory system;
  4. chronic infections;
  5. the presence of neoplasms;
  6. epilepsy and other mental illnesses;
  7. acute inflammatory diseases.

Energetic jumps are useful not only for the figure, but also for a great mood! Do not deny yourself this pleasure (provided there are no contraindications).

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