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Treatment of astigmatism at home: how to bring back the clarity of perception of the surrounding world?
Treatment of astigmatism at home: how to bring back the clarity of perception of the surrounding world?

The human eye is an optical system consisting of a number of media capable of refracting light. When images are perceived, they focus on the retina. A disease such as astigmatism provokes a failure in this system, in which there is no single focus, and the treatment of this ailment can be done at home.

The consequence of this disease is that the image cannot be clearly focused on the retina.

The essence of the disease

In ophthalmology, there is such a concept as clinical refraction, which is understood as the position of the focus in relation to the retina.

When the focus is on the retina, refraction is normal (emmetropic). If the images are focused on the area behind the retina, the refraction is hyperopic, which means the presence of farsightedness. When focusing a "picture" in front of it, refraction is myopic, and in this case we are talking about myopia.

If there is astigmatism, there may be different types of refraction in one eye, or there may be one type, but the power of refraction of light is different.

The disease is characterized by the fact that the shape of the cornea is not spherical, as it should be normally, and its axes differ in different radii of curvature. This structure of the cornea leads to the fact that the image perceived by the eye is blurry, indistinct.

Astigmatism, which can be congenital or acquired, is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • Chronic eye fatigue;
  • Distortion, blurring of images perceived by the eyes;
  • A constant feeling of discomfort in the area of the organs of vision;
  • Problems focusing on printed lines, letters;
  • Accompanying visual loads with rapid fatigue;
  • Headaches, concentrating, as a rule, in the area above the eyebrows;
  • Lack of the ability to clearly see far or close objects.

If astigmatism is observed in a child, he can instinctively tilt, turn his head, squint in an attempt to “catch” a non-blurred image.

The disease is often accompanied by a feeling of sand in the eyes, redness, pain in the eyes, and burning sensation may disturb.

With this disease, it is difficult for the patient to find glasses, which often have to be changed.

Causes of the disease

The problem is often hereditary. The cause of its occurrence can be congenital uneven pressure of the eyelids, muscles responsible for eye movements, orbital bones.

As for the reasons for the appearance of acquired astigmatism, they are as follows:

  • Injuries resulting in the displacement of the lens or the appearance of scars on the cornea, as well as other changes in it;
  • Operations undergone before the eyes;
  • Abnormal structure, injuries of the dentoalveolar apparatus. It can be an open bite, the absence of a large number of teeth, which is congenital, prognathia;
  • Dystrophic processes in the corneal tissues;
  • An inflammatory process that provoked clouding of the cornea of the eye.


Traditional medicine offers the following methods of dealing with the disease:

  • Contact correction. This method of treatment is preferred because it is effective and convenient for the patient himself. It involves wearing lenses that are made specifically for a particular case. The lenses allow you to compensate for the unevenness of the cornea, due to which it is possible to normalize the perception of images;
  • Glasses. If astigmatism is mixed or complex, a combination of two types of lenses is required - cylindrical and spherical. When treating a disease, glasses should be selected on an individual basis, taking into account the degrees of refractions and their types;
  • Operation. Today, laser treatment is widely used, which involves resurfacing the cornea to the desired shape. After the operation, the patient immediately feels that his vision has improved. In addition to this type of exposure, excimer laser surgery and astigmotomy are used.

Treatment can also be carried out at home.

First of all, a certain regimen should be observed.

  • It is recommended to alternate eye strain with relaxation;
  • Try to spend as little time as possible at the computer and in front of the TV screen. This also applies to modern gadgets - phones, tablets, etc.;
  • Make sure that the rooms you are in have normal lighting;
  • Turn on the desk lamp while reading to avoid unnecessary eye strain;
  • Don't read while lying down or on the move;
  • Provide yourself with normal sleep - staying awake at night, lack of normal, adequate rest will harm your eyes, exacerbating astigmatism;
  • Try to take walks more often - they are not only good for the body as a whole, but also allow your eyes to rest;
  • When washing your face, rinse your eyes with cool water;
  • Pay attention to the correct lifestyle - playing sports, proper nutrition, rich in fruits, vegetables, will benefit your eyes. In food, preference should be given to products containing keratin (carrots, peaches, pumpkin, spinach). At the same time, fried, spicy, salty should be limited as much as possible in consumption. It is also worth giving up alcohol, as well as minimizing the consumption of coffee, sugar;
  • Experts also recommend cleansing the gallbladder and liver. The normal functioning of these organs is part of prevention and the path to restoring visual acuity.

Eye Charger

At home, treatment can be carried out with the help of special gymnastics - a very effective method.

  1. We carry out with closed eyes movements up and down 20 times.
  2. We perform rotational movements with our eyes in the following direction - up - right - down - left, that is, clockwise 10 times. Next, we perform this exercise in the opposite direction - counterclockwise also 10 times. This exercise is done with open eyes.
  3. We repeat the previous exercise, but with closed eyes.
  4. We blink quickly for a minute.
  5. Keeping the index finger in front of the bridge of the nose, without looking up, we look at it for half a minute.
  6. We focus our gaze first on a closely located object, and then we transfer it to an object that is far away. This exercise must be done 20 times.
  7. Strongly, but without sudden movements, we turn our head to the side, after which we slide our gaze along the lines written in small print. You need to blink at each new line. Turn the head again. It is advisable to do this exercise 100 times.

Treatment can be carried out using home remedies, provided that you combine them with gymnastics and following the recommendations regarding the regimen.

Herbs for good vision


This herb is called ophthalmic because it is used to treat many diseases at home, including astigmatism.

  1. Pour 50 g of eyebright with freshly boiled water in the amount of 1 liter.
  2. Let the mixture brew for 3 hours.
  3. Three times / day, half an hour before a meal, we drink an infusion of 100 ml.

When you notice an improvement in the condition, treatment with eyebright should be stopped for a while, but after a couple of weeks you can start taking it again. It is important to remember that it is strictly forbidden to take eyebright infusion along with alcoholic beverages. At the pharmacy, you can buy eyebright in the form of tablets, which are used dissolved in boiling water.


This most useful berry is recommended to be eaten for the prevention and treatment of eye diseases at home.

If you need to treat astigmatism, infusions are also prepared from it.

  1. Dry berries in the amount of 3-4 tbsp. l. pour a glass of boiling water.
  2. Let the composition brew for a little less than an hour.
  3. We decant the infusion, and take the liquid 2-3 times / day by mouth.

The infusion can be prepared using cold water, using the ingredients in the same amount, but the remedy will have to be infused all night, and in the morning it must be drained and drunk.


This plant has not only a sedative effect - using home remedies from it, they treat eye diseases, including if you need to eliminate astigmatism.

  1. We combine a glass of boiling water and 1 tbsp. l. motherwort.
  2. Let the grass brew for about 40 minutes, decant.
  3. We accept infusion in the amount of 1 tbsp. l. three or four times / day.

It is advisable to use this remedy in the late afternoon, as it has a calming effect.


Several measures can help reduce your risk of astigmatism.

  • Do not injure your eyes;
  • In order not to overtake astigmatism, do not overstrain your eyes - do not read lying down, watch the optimal lighting in the rooms, spend less time at the computer or TV monitor;
  • Eliminate eye inflammation in a timely manner, or rather try to avoid them altogether;
  • Do eye exercises;
  • Give up bad habits, but rather go in for sports and eat right.

Please note that home treatment of astigmatism is only an auxiliary measure to combat this ailment, so be sure to visit a doctor and follow his recommendations.

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