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Why does the eye twitch during pregnancy?
Why does the eye twitch during pregnancy?

Surely each of us noticed that during experiences, especially important moments and dangerous situations, involuntary twitching of the eyelids sometimes occurred. In one case, they pass immediately, in the other they last for a while, within a couple of days.

Causes and features of tick

There are several reasons why the eye twitches: changes in the central nervous system and the nervous tic itself, which appears against the background of strong emotions and shocks. With the latter, there are no pathological processes and changes in the brain.

Features of a nervous tic:

  • Willpower will not help prevent the occurrence of involuntary muscle contractions;
  • Mimic facial muscles are more often susceptible, since they have good innervation (provision with nerve fibers);
  • The disease appears in people who are in the thick of things, leading an active lifestyle, experiencing stress and shock, for example, during pregnancy;
  • Muscle twitching is common among knowledge workers.

Why does the eye twitch in pregnant women?

The main cause of a nervous tic is a tremendous hormonal change in the body of expectant mothers. All organs begin to work in a new way and get used to a special condition. During pregnancy, a woman carries a lot of worries on her shoulders: constant queues at the clinic, housework, caring for other babies - all this can cause a nervous tic against the background of some psycho-emotional instability.

Additional reasons include:

  • Eye fatigue, during pregnancy, the fair half does not always take care of their health for obvious reasons: doing basic work on the computer, studying various forums for expectant mothers and reading books with small print at your leisure;
  • Depression and neuroses caused by the appearance of additional worries and worries about the future of the baby;
  • Taking medications that can cause these side effects.

The disease does not in any way affect the work of the rest of the organs and systems of the body, but since the eye twitches involuntarily, annoying an already tired woman, something needs to be done about it.

Treatment during pregnancy

During pregnancy, any woman should understand the importance of the choice of drugs. In the first trimester, the laying of all organs and systems in the fetus takes place, this is a very important and crucial period for the child's body.

Any negative intervention, improperly selected medicine, addictions (alcohol, smoking), harmful working conditions can leave a negative mark in the life of the expected baby, forever assigning him a developmental defect.

If the eye twitches during pregnancy, it is better to give preference to folk remedies and non-drug effects.

Non-drug therapy

  1. Acupuncture is a good method of treatment during pregnancy, it includes acupuncture, acupressure of active reflexogenic zones, warming up the areas of the body that are responsible for eye twitching. This method promotes the release in the brain of a special

    substance - endorphin, which is responsible for the elimination of unpleasant sensations. Acupuncture helps with various neurogenic diseases, and a woman's pregnancy is not a contraindication;

  2. Physiotherapy - treatment with natural physical factors (light, heat, electric current, air, magnetic radiation). The procedures are absolutely painless, there are no allergies or other negative effects, so they are suitable even for special patients who are waiting for replenishment in the family;
  3. Relaxation - an individual way of relaxation is selected for each woman, sessions of a psychotherapist are suitable for one, the other will focus on cosmetic procedures, massage and baths, which very well help to forget the causes of worries.

Medicinal plants

The most important rule of treatment: avoid taking alcoholic tinctures.

You can safely take tea made from mint, motherwort and lemon balm. They have a relaxing effect on the psyche and help the body to cope with tics.

When the eye twitches, make compresses with cold boiled water, they will relieve the excitement in the muscle fibers. Gauze dressings should be placed on the eye area and changed as they heat up.

First aid

The beginning of twitching of the eyes means that it is time for the body to rest.

You can quickly eliminate these specific sensations by doing the following:

  • Put things aside and close your eyes. Relax for a quarter of an hour;
  • Blink frequently for 30 seconds, then you need to close your eyes and relax;
  • Apply pieces of cloth or cotton pads soaked in warm boiled water to your eyelids;
  • Open your eyes wider, then close your eyes sharply for a couple of seconds. Repeat these steps several times;
  • Press down on the area above the brow of the twitching eye. Such an effect on the fifth pair of cranial nerves, which innervate the skin of the eyelid, can relieve a nervous tic.


What else should you do if your eye twitches during pregnancy?

It is preferable to lead a measured lifestyle, be sure to take prenatal leave to devote more time to yourself and your health.

Do not violate the instructions of your obstetrician-gynecologist. The doctor is better versed in some aspects of your body and will make the best recommendations accordingly.

Take some time for a walk. Every day, make trips to at least a neighboring yard, fresh air and the presence of a husband and a child nearby will calm the nervous system and strengthen family relationships.

Reconsider your attitude to social networks and watching aggressive films, remember: during pregnancy, it is better to protect your nervous system from excessive agitation so that nervous tics and other problems do not arise.

If your eye twitches, reduce the use of strong drinks like tea and coffee, replace them with fruit drinks and water.

Eat right. A balanced menu is a guarantee of prevention of nervous tics and a good mood. When the eye twitches, foods containing calcium, potassium and magnesium are recommended. The calcium-containing ones include hard cheeses, magnesium - buckwheat and all kinds of nuts, potassium - bananas.

It is useful to eat dried apricots and other dried fruits without loading the pancreas with a lot of sugar, they will provide you with a sweet dessert.

Observe the regime of the day and rest. For healthy sleep, certain rules must be followed.

So, set yourself a full sleep time so that no one bothers or disturbs. It is advisable to go to bed no later than 11 pm and get up no earlier than 7 am. Create comfortable sleeping conditions for yourself, turn off light and sound sources everywhere. Even a TV operating at a low volume is better not to be ignored.

Try not to overload the stomach before going to bed with heavy food, it is better to drink a glass of kefir or eat a banana. Do not engage in vigorous activities or sports activities three hours before bed. Fitness is a great help in strengthening the body, but healthy sleep for a pregnant woman is still more important.

Do not be nervous. You will succeed. Yes, this is a difficult time, especially if a nervous tic has begun. But everything is in your hands. Soon your child will be born, and you will forget about all your worries and about the long lines at the clinic.

Now the main thing is to relax, live more calmly and not harm yourself. Therefore, if the eyelid continues to twitch, and home treatment does not help, it is better to consult a doctor, he will help eliminate the causes.

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