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Red spots on the eyelids - what to do?
Red spots on the eyelids - what to do?

The human body is a complex, fairly organized mechanism. It has good protection and knows how to deal with harmful substances that enter it. But when this fails, he informs the person about the problem that has arisen.

Painful sensations are already his cry for help. If the state of affairs is on the brink of danger, then changes in the skin may appear.

Common signs and causes of red spots

It has long been known that the skin reflects the state of the body, it is similar in one of its purposes to litmus paper. It displays all the chemical reactions that occur in it.

A person caught a cold - boils formed on the skin. Pathological changes appeared in the liver - the skin changed its color, age spots appeared on the face.

Everyone knows the proverb that says that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. But if you look more deeply, then the eyes are also a mirror of the body. It is not for nothing that experienced diagnosticians can, by their condition, determine all the problems in the health of their patient. And what do the red spots that appear on the eyelids mean?

The appearance of red spots on the eyelids is a sign of an incipient disease of the body. Thus, it signals the onset of an infectious inflammatory process. Most often, this defect is not only aesthetic issue. It delivers unpleasant sensations in the form of severe itching or burning. Flaking may occur. Symptoms are especially acute when washing or applying cosmetics.

To establish the type of disease, as well as the cause that led to the appearance of the problem, it is necessary to consult an ophthalmologist. Only after a complete examination, which necessarily includes a blood test, can you get an accurate diagnosis.

There are many reasons for the appearance of blemishes on the eyelids. Among them, it is worth mentioning renal failure, as well as urolithiasis. With these diseases, not only red dots appear around the organs of vision, but also the eyelids swell. Some disorders in the work of the gastrointestinal tract can also be projected in the eye area.

The reason for the formation of this deficiency may be the development of conjunctivitis. With this disease, in addition to spots on the eyelids, redness of the mucous membrane of the eye also appears. This pathology can signal the development of dermatitis. It can be allergic or seborrheic. With the appearance of a defect, the body can report a developing dysbacteriosis, demodicosis or hemangioma.

The problem can arise from a sedentary lifestyle, as well as a lack of oxygen. The body can thus react to being under stress. It is possible that this reaction may be to other water as a result of a change in the place of residence. In some cases, the appearance of red spots is facilitated by prolonged exposure to the sun or excess alcohol, sharp emotional outbursts or a banal lack of B vitamins.

Therefore, self-treatment is not worth it. An accurate diagnosis is needed, which will indicate the cause of the pathological change and complex treatment.

Diagnosis of pathological changes

For high-quality and fast treatment of this disease, it is necessary to carry out a diagnosis, which should be not only complete, but also comprehensive. It is important to consult a gastroenterologist and endocrinologist. Get an opinion after examination by a neurologist and dermatologist.

A general and biochemical blood test will also be able to reveal a picture of the appearance of red spots in the eye area. For an accurate diagnosis, it is important to make an immunogram and an allergy test. In case of suspicion of pathology in the internal organs, it is worth undergoing gastroscopy and ultrasound.

Demodex or fungal pathogens are determined by examining scrapings taken on the upper or lower eyelids.

Disease treatment methods

Since red spots on the eyes can be both an independent disease and provoked by other pathologies, then their treatment must be carried out in a comprehensive manner.

And this means not only to pay attention to this defect, but also to eliminate the root cause of its appearance.

  1. It is important to know that therapy can be completely different. So, if problems in the eyes have arisen as a result of allergic dermatitis, then the use of antihistamines is necessary. Doctors recommend a hypoallergenic diet. Desensitizing therapy is also performed. Elimination of spots of a reddish or, in some cases, yellow tint is performed by using corticosteroid ointments that are applied to the eyelids. They are also used for eczema, supplementing therapy with hyposensitizing treatment, as well as immunocorrectors;
  2. If changes in the eyes appeared as a result of dysbiosis, then separate treatment is not required. Only by eliminating the bacterial imbalance in the intestine can a positive result be achieved;
  3. In the case of detection of a conditionally pathogenic tick parasite belonging to the genus Demodecosis, therapy will take a rather long period of time from five to seven weeks. It consists in leading to a state of paralysis of the entire musculature of a small insect. For this, ichthyol and mercury ointments are used, as well as zinc;
  4. In the case of hemangioma, which is expressed by the appearance of spots, radiation therapy is indicated. Removal is often performed surgically. Moxibustion is used. In some cases, the patient is credited with hormonal agents that contribute to the destruction of vascular neoplasms.

Of course, red spots around the eyes are just a diagnosis that, if you seek qualified help in time, can be removed forever and forgotten.

Traditional methods of treating the disease

Using folk remedies, you can not only get rid of the defect, but also improve the general condition of the skin around the eyes. One method that has a great effect is masks.

For this, potatoes are used. First, you need to wipe it on a fine grater and apply the resulting mushy mass to your eyes, hold for up to three minutes. On the skin, such a mask acts quite favorably, which immediately becomes noticeable.

Dill seeds are a good remedy. For a mask, they are soaked in boiling water for several minutes, placing them in a linen cloth beforehand. After that, it is squeezed out, and then applied to the organs of vision and held for about five minutes.

Prevention of pathology

Constant prevention of any disease leads to the minimum possibility of damage to the body. Based on the reasons leading to the appearance of the defect in question in the eyes, it can be concluded about the methods of its prevention.

This should include:

  • No bad habits;
  • Adequate sleep, as well as rest;
  • Strengthening the immune system;
  • Proper nutrition with the use of foods rich in vitamin B;
  • Prevention and treatment of diseases leading to this defect.

This is the only way to defeat this ugly and not very pleasant disease.

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