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Human eye shape: behavioral and character features
Human eye shape: behavioral and character features

A person's appearance is largely dependent on the eyes. The classic standard of beauty is a feline eye shape with an enigmatic expression.

Varieties of eyes

By the appearance of the eyes, one can judge the state of mind of a person, his thoughts and all of nature. With just one glance, you can attract the attention of the opposite sex or interrupt a conversation. You can even guess by the shape of the eyes. Thus, the cut and shape of the human visual organ should not be underestimated.

The types of eyes differ according to the following criteria: shape, distance between them, fit and position of the axis. The eye incision can be almond-shaped, round and slit-shaped.

The almond-shaped appearance is the standard and standard of beauty. They try to achieve this shape with the help of plastic surgery or correct it through makeup. In people with the almond-shaped type, the outer and inner corners are located in a straight line, and the shape of the eye is similar to an almond.

The round shape of the eyes is very easy to recognize. These people have eyes similar to a circle. If the shape of the incision is narrow and low, it is a slit-like shape.

The distance between the eyes divides them into wide, close and normal setting:

  • If the distance between the inner corners of the eyes is greater than the length of the optic organ itself, these are wide-set eyes.
  • If the distance is less than the length, these are close-set eyes.
  • If the distance is equal to the length, this is the normal view.

According to fit, the eyes are deep-set, protruding and normal.

If they are deeply set, when looking at a person, it seems that the eyeball is located in a cavity. With bulging eyes, the eyeballs, on the contrary, look beyond the eye socket. This makes the eyelids appear massive and very noticeable on the face. With the normal type, there are no deviations, both in one and the other direction.

An axis is understood as a conditional straight line that passes through the outer and inner corner of the eye. According to the location of the axis, the shape can be European, Asian (Eastern) or classical.

In a classic cut, the inner and outer corners of the eye are located on the same axis.

In an Asian (eastern) cut, the outer corner of the eye is slightly higher than the inner corner. In this case, the deflection angle is 8-10 degrees. Towards the nose, the shape of the eyes usually becomes narrower.

With a European cut, the inner corner is higher than the outer one.

Knowing the features of each of the forms, you can hide all the flaws. This can be done by choosing the right makeup. Also, by the appearance of the eyes, you can read a person like a book, and determine his character.

The character of a person depending on the type of eyes

The types of eyes are the subject of close attention for psychologists. Having studied the typology, experts have found that the shape and shape of the eyes affect the character.

Psychologists have identified portraits of people with basic characteristic features.

They divided people into types:

  • "Expansive";
  • "Cold";
  • "Heroic";
  • "Sensual";
  • "Distrustful".

People with an "expansive" personality type have wide eyes, drooping eyelids and white squirrel.

At the same time, they will be distinguished by a direct look, shyness, politeness and courtesy. The character of the "expansive" type is optimistic, peaceful, not stingy and not ambitious.

"Expansionists" reason carefully, they have stable outlooks on life and current events, they do not like to change something. People of this type in their lives strive for stability in everything.

The "cold" type is characterized by large, bulging eyes. They also have an eastern cut, a close or normal fit. The shade of the eyes is blue, the eyelids are dense, massive. The look of the "cold" type wanders, does not differ in firmness and interest. In the character, one can distinguish such traits as detachment, indifference to everything, passivity. People around them treat such people as timid, weak-willed and indecisive.

The "cold" type does not differ in envy, ambition and jealousy. It is difficult for such people to cope with difficulties, they are ready to accept any situation, to postpone all affairs until tomorrow, just not to take responsibility. They don't know how to get angry. The “cold” type is not distinguished by an active lifestyle and leadership in the family and at work. In family life, they prefer gray days.

The "heroic" type is distinguished by deep-set eyes, sharp and piercing eyes. "Heroic" people are very courageous, love to fantasize, are distinguished by their energy, solidity, reliability, and the ability to take extraordinary actions. They are not afraid of fire or water, they are the first to run to help in extreme conditions.

The "heroic" species is not afraid of difficulties, strives for leadership, loves to travel. Such people are distinguished by a strong and proud character. The shade of the eyes is most often dark. However, there are also disadvantages - unpredictability, quarrelsomeness, rage and anger, which manifest themselves in a quarrel.

"Sensual" type is distinguished by a close or normal fit of the eyes, a slight bulge, massive eyelids. Eye shades can be blue, gray, sometimes brown. Representatives of this type value and cherish the system of moral values. They are famous for their delicacy, nobility, the ability to empathize, increased "sensitivity" to others. Their actions are controlled by emotions, sensuality, and not by the head.

The "sensual" type is impetuous in movements and reasoning, depends on the mood, is inconsistent, quickly lights up and also quickly fades away.

The "distrustful" type is characterized by deep set of almond-shaped eyes with slightly yellow whites. The shade of the eyes is gray or greenish. “Distrustful” people are distinguished by their silence, gloom, caution, concern and ambition.

They do not like to forgive offenses, often feel hatred and can be quick-tempered. Most often, they prefer loneliness and do not tie themselves to family ties. The advantages of this type include a strong will and a persistent life position.

Plastic surgery to change the shape of the eyes

People who are dissatisfied with their appearance sometimes decide to take extreme measures - to change the shape of the eyes in an operative way.

With surgical intervention, the cut of the eyes changes and its shape increases, the overhanging eyelid is reduced or tightened.

The operation can be used to change the Asian type to European and vice versa. This procedure is called cantopexy.

Also, during it, you can get rid of mimic wrinkles around the eyes.

The operation process and methods for changing the incision are individual in each case. Usually it happens this way: a plastic surgeon makes an incision in the skin fold above the eyelid and "reshapes" the eye at the request of the patient. Due to the fact that the seam is located in the area of folds on the eyelids, it is almost invisible. Plastic surgery of this type is performed under local or general anesthesia. It depends on the complexity and consent of the patient.

The bandage is removed after the operation after three days. Sutures must be processed under the supervision of a physician.

After about a month, the swelling completely subsides and the person gets the desired shape and shape of the eyes. However, there are also disadvantages: such an operation will have to be repeated every 5-6 years, since with age, the eyelid will begin to sink and change its shape to its original state.

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