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How to restore the pancreas after pancreatitis at home?
How to restore the pancreas after pancreatitis at home?

The pancreas (PZh) performs digestive and endocrine functions. On the one hand, this organ produces enzymes that facilitate the assimilation of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. On the other hand, it produces insulin, on which the body's metabolism depends.

Under the influence of improper nutrition and bad habits, disturbances in the work of the pancreas occur, which lead to various diseases. One of them is pancreatitis. Many people are interested in how to restore the pancreas after pancreatitis at home? We will try to answer this question.

What is pancreatitis and what are the reasons for its appearance?

Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas, which leads to the death of the cells of this organ due to the self-digestion of the backward enzymes of pancreatic juice. In the past ten years, pancreatitis has been affected three times more often than before.

Before telling how to restore the pancreas after inflammation of the pancreas, we will understand the causes of this disease. As a rule, problems with this organ occur with excessive alcohol consumption. Ethanol has a toxic effect on the cells of the pancreas, which leads to their damage and necrosis.

There are also other reasons for the development of pancreatitis:

  • Poor nutrition, overeating - excessive consumption of fried, fatty and spicy foods, addiction to fast food;
  • Diseases of the gallbladder and biliary tract - as you know, bile provokes an increased release of pancreatic enzymes;
  • Inflammation of the duodenum, stomach ulcer and gastritis - these ailments contribute to the violation of the outflow of bile and pancreatic secretion;
  • Diabetes mellitus, hypertension - these diseases lead to impaired blood circulation in the pancreas and restriction of its nutrition;
  • Pregnancy - the pressure of the uterus on the vessels contributes to the development of pancreatic ischemia;
  • Food and chemical poisoning - poisoning with toxic substances, acids and alkalis activate the production of pancreatic enzymes;
  • Taking some medications;
  • Smoking;
  • Injuries to the abdomen and trauma to the pancreas;
  • Surgery on the stomach or other abdominal organs;
  • The consequence of infectious diseases is viral hepatitis;
  • Hormonal disbalance;
  • Vascular problems;
  • Genetic predisposition - there are genetic disorders in which pancreatitis develops in a newborn baby.

No organ can take over the functions of the pancreas. Therefore, the death of its cells is a strong blow to the body.

Folk remedies for restoring the pancreas

In chronic and acute pancreatitis, it is difficult for the gland to perform the functions of producing digestive enzymes.

Such folk remedies will help to normalize her work after pancreatitis:

  • infusion of bay leaves;
  • blueberry leaf tea;
  • decoction of oats;
  • dates;
  • infusion of Japanese sophora;
  • parsley roots;
  • buckwheat with kefir;
  • herbal preparations.

With the help of bay leaves, the pancreas is cleaned. To prepare an infusion from this plant, put ten laurel leaves in a thermos and fill them with a glass of boiling water. Having infused the broth for a day, consume it thirty minutes before meals, fifty grams each.

You can restore the work of the pancreas with the help of tea made from blueberry leaves. To prepare it, pour a teaspoon of dry leaves with a glass of boiling water and leave for one hour. Take a glass of healing infusion three times a day.

Pancreatic cells are restored by a decoction of oats, for the preparation of which one hundred grams of unrefined grains will be needed. Pour two liters of boiling water over the grains, put on low heat and cook for thirty minutes. Then grind the oats with a mortar and put on fire for another half hour. Strain the cooled oatmeal broth and squeeze. Take the resulting product one hundred milliliters thirty minutes before meals. Oat broth should be drunk four times a day.

Dates have excellent restorative properties for pancreas. They need to be eaten on an empty stomach at least fifteen pieces, washed down with warm water. You can have breakfast half an hour after taking dates.

The function of the pancreas is well restored by the Japanese sophora. To prepare the infusion, grind a tablespoon of the seeds of this plant, pour a glass of boiling water and leave for two hours. Take a tablespoon of healing infusion every two hours.

You can cleanse the pancreas with pancreatitis using ordinary parsley. To prepare the remedy, grind a kilogram of parsley roots in a blender, pour seven glasses of milk and cook over low heat until the mass thickens. Eat the resulting gruel for three days.

Buckwheat with kefir will help to restore the full-fledged work of the pancreas. To get a remedy, rinse, dry and grind buckwheat with a coffee grinder. Then add a large spoonful of chopped cereal to a glass of kefir. Drink the resulting drink in the morning and evening. To enhance the therapeutic effect, fifteen minutes before your morning kefir intake, drink a glass of water. This home treatment is carried out for a month.

To prepare an infusion of herbs, you will need the following ingredients:

  • chamomile (twenty grams);
  • yarrow (twenty grams);
  • St. John's wort (twenty grams).

Mix all the ingredients, pour two glasses of boiling water and keep in a water bath for twenty minutes. Strain the infusion and take one hundred milliliters three times a day.

According to another recipe, you can restore the pancreas with pancreatitis with the help of the following herbs:

  • nettle;
  • sage;
  • calendula.

To prepare a healing broth, mix equal amounts of herbs, take a spoonful of this collection and pour two glasses of boiling water. Wait thirty minutes for the broth to infuse, and take it in small portions throughout the day.

Rebuilding Pancreatic Cells Through Diet

Within two months after removing the inflammation of the pancreas, you need to strictly monitor your diet. The diet should contain protein omelets and liquid cereals on the water. Seven days after the relief of an acute attack, you can switch to pureed vegetable soups and boiled meat.

The basic rule of nutrition is diet. Doctors who deal with the treatment of pancreatic diseases have compiled a white and black list of products for people suffering from pancreatitis.

To restore the pancreas, the following foods should be consumed:

  • Water - you need to use it every day in large quantities;
  • Low-fat varieties of fish and meat - these products contain protein, which is the main building material for enzymes and cells of the pancreas;
  • Natural yogurt, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, kefir - fermented milk products eliminate intestinal dysbiosis against the background of inflammation of the pancreas;
  • Oatmeal jelly - this drink envelops the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Egg white omelet;
  • Boiled vegetables - cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, beets;
  • Buckwheat and rice porridge;
  • Fruits - apricots, green apples, pomegranate, lemon, plums;
  • Berries - black currant, sweet cherry, lingonberry, watermelon, cranberry;
  • Dried fruits - dried apricots, prunes;
  • Rosehip and chamomile tea.

In order for the process of restoring the pancreas to be quick and easy, you should abandon the following products:

  • pork meat, sausage, sausages;
  • milk;
  • millet and pearl barley porridge;
  • vegetables - tomatoes, cabbage, legumes, garlic;
  • fruits - tangerines, oranges;
  • berries - strawberries, raspberries;
  • drinks - beer, coffee, carbonated water;
  • canned food;
  • ice cream;
  • chocolate;
  • cakes and pastries with cream.

For any problems with the pancreas, fried, fatty and smoked foods, as well as alcohol and mushrooms, should be excluded from the diet. To restore the pancreas, nutritionists advise using a fractional nutrition system. To do this, you need to reduce the portions of food in half and eat six times a day.

Prevention of pancreatitis

Healthy people very rarely think about the prevention of pancreatitis. But inflammation of the pancreas is much easier to prevent than to cure.

Gastroenterologists advise adhering to these rules in everyday life:

  • give up alcohol;
  • quit smoking;
  • eat right.

Restoration of the pancreas by folk methods should be carried out in combination with drug treatment. Subject to the diet and the doctor's prescriptions, the normalization of the vital activity of this important organ is a very real task.

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