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Valerian extract poisoning
Valerian extract poisoning

Among sedatives, valerian extract occupies a leading position as the most harmless remedy without side effects. It is made on the basis of plant raw materials, released in the form of tablets, dragees, solution.

The valerian tincture includes not only the components of the plant root, but also alcohol. In the pharmacy, the drug can be purchased by any customer without a prescription. Half an hour after taking a pill or dragee, calming occurs, the person relaxes. Valerian can regulate the work of the heart muscle, relieve spasms and convulsions, normalize coronary circulation.

Prescribe a remedy in the range of two hundred milligrams per day.

But as with any medicine, an overdose of valerian is life-threatening.

Therefore, it is so important to know how much extract you need to take in order not to harm your health, and what consequences an overdose causes.

The consequences of abuse of valerian root extract

Possessing a cumulative effect, the drug, after prolonged use, causes constant drowsiness in the patient, combined with indifference to the environment. In some cases, the effect may be the opposite - excessive excitability, increased blood pressure and even body temperature. By relaxing the smooth muscles of the intestines, the remedy causes disturbances in the functioning of the digestive tract, loosening of the stool, and diarrhea.

An overdose of valerian tincture in drops or tablets causes headaches, discomfort in the heart, the patient does not sleep well, he is worried about unreasonable fears. One of the signs of poisoning are dilated pupils, hand tremors. Mixing a sedative with alcohol is especially hazardous to your health. But we must not forget that the components of the medicine have a different effect on each person. Therefore, if for someone ten tablets of a sedative is considered an overdose, for another it is the norm.

When an overdose of valerian is possible

Intoxication with valerian is possible at the following points:

  • Fascination with a sedative gradually depresses the cerebral cortex. Some patients are impressed by such a relaxed state, they continue to drink medicine, which slowly poisons the body;
  • The risk of valerian poisoning increases for people with chronic alcoholism and drug addiction. This is especially true for the use of an alcoholic infusion of valerian root. The available medicine causes their heart rate to slow down, heart dysfunctions;
  • Patients with mental disorders can use valerian as a means to help them die;
  • Elderly people are especially addicted to the thoughtless dosage of a sedative, drinking a lot of medicine even with little excitement;
  • Children can accidentally drink a lot of pills if the medicine is in plain sight.

Only following the instructions for use of the drug and the recommendations of the attending physician will help to avoid the negative consequences of an overdose of sedatives.

What to do if an overdose of valerian is detected

First aid for patients with drug overdose is gastric lavage to induce vomiting. To do this, you will need to drink water in the amount of two to three liters with the addition of potassium permanganate or soda. Further therapy should be aimed at relieving negative symptoms.

Drug elimination of signs of poisoning with tincture or valerian tablets is the main goal of therapy:

  • Cordiamine is prescribed for a sharp decrease in pressure, poisoning with drugs that inhibit cardiac activity. The agent in the form of a solution is administered intravenously and intramuscularly, depending on age. For adults - up to two milliliters one to three times a day. The maximum is no more than six milliliters daily. Adults take drops from fifteen to forty at a time;
  • A solution of adrenaline will help relieve the symptoms of an overdose with a tincture of valerian root. Take the medicine in drops of no more than one milligram. In severe cases, intramuscular injections are possible. Contraindication to admission is arterial hypertension, tachycardia, for women during pregnancy and lactation, hypersensitivity to epinephrine. Use with caution in old age;
  • Violation of the heart rhythm is removed with Atropine containing alkaloids from belladonna, dope, scopolium. The drug increases the permeability of the atrium and ventricle, stimulates breathing, and accelerates the heart rate. In tablets, in powder form, one milligram is taken orally up to three times a day. In case of serious symptoms of poisoning, a solution of the drug is administered intravenously with a dose determined by the doctor. The drug should not be taken by patients with organic damage to the heart, blood vessels, kidney disease, enlargement of the prostate gland. Care in admission must be observed for the elderly, those who are engaged in production that requires concentration of attention and clarity of vision;
  • The drug Hydrocortisone, which belongs to the group of glucocorticosteroids, relieves well the symptoms of severe poisoning. It is released in the form of a suspension for preparing a solution. Intramuscularly or intravenously, up to 250 milligrams are injected, depending on the patient's condition, after four to six hours. It is forbidden to use the remedy for hypertension, psychosis, nephritis, in the active stage of tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus, pregnancy, after just undergoing operations;
  • If an overdose is accompanied by hypoxia, then Cytochrome C in the form of a lyophilisate will help. Before therapy, an injection test for individual susceptibility is required. If after half an hour the body does not react to the remedy with reddening of the face, the appearance of a rash on the skin, then the drug can be used. It is administered with injections of no more than eight milliliters every day in a course of two weeks;
  • Lidocaine effectively corrects the heart rate. The dosage of the drug is selected individually, but not more than three hundred milligrams per day for adults. Children and the elderly need to reduce the amount of injected solution. Therapy with the drug should be carried out under the supervision of a specialist with the control of a cardiogram.

What folk remedies will help with valerian poisoning:

  • Mild symptoms of a valerian overdose will help remove a decoction of dill with the addition of honey. To do this, add a tablespoon of fresh dill herb or half a teaspoon of seeds to a glass of honey drink. Boil for five minutes. Take a tablespoon three to four times a day;
  • Chopped peeled licorice roots in the amount of ten pieces are poured with three glasses of water and simmered until the solution is boiled down to a glass. Take a tablespoon before meals;
  • A good antidote for any poisoning is milk, which will help induce vomiting and cleanse the body of unnecessary toxins.

How to prevent subsequent sedative overdose

  1. It is important in taking any medication to consult with a specialist about the correct dosage. Only a doctor can tell you how much sedative you need to drink in order to relieve excitement, restore cardiac activity. You should not exceed the norm, otherwise the actions on the part of the body will be completely opposite to the desired.
  2. Proper storage of the medicine plays a big role in the prevention of poisoning in children, elderly people with mental disorders. Tincture, valerian root in tablets should be kept in the medicine cabinet, out of the reach of strangers.
  3. For people suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, control should be exercised so that the alcoholic infusion of the plant does not fall into their hands and does not cause undesirable consequences.

An attentive attitude towards yourself and your loved ones will help to avoid an overdose of even such, at first glance, harmless drug such as valerian root extract.

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