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Why does baldness appear on the head of women and how to get rid of it?
Why does baldness appear on the head of women and how to get rid of it?

Healthy thick hair is the pride of any woman, so the appearance of baldness on her head causes her real panic and depression. Baldness is an aesthetic and psychological problem that must be treated without wasting time. Why there is a strong hair loss in women and how to get rid of baldness, we will figure it out further.

Varieties of female alopecia

Baldness is a condition that leads to active hair loss. Among the common forms of pathology among women, there are:

  1. Androgenic alopecia - causes thinning and thinning of hair in the frontal and parietal part of the head. It is associated with 25 to 90% of the problem cases. The tendency towards this type of baldness is hereditary. It is fought with medication and hair transplantation.
  2. Diffuse alopecia - accompanied by even hair loss all over the head. This pathology occurs in women more often than in men. It occurs due to the cessation of the functioning of the hair follicles, which fall into a dormant state. Diffuse alopecia can be caused by hormonal disorders, taking antibiotics, stress, chronic diseases, diets with a poor diet that cause vitamin deficiencies.
  3. Alopecia areata is a baldness of the head in separate areas, provoked by an autoimmune disease. In this situation, lymphocytes (white blood cells), instead of destroying pathogenic viruses and bacteria, attack the hair roots. Affected follicles can be restored over time. Bald spots may also be caused by other factors.

Alopecia areata (baldness) in women

A baldness on the head most often appears at the age of 15-30. If it is provoked by alopecia areata, the surface of the skin remains smooth, in contrast to fungal infections. Baldness occurs in one or more areas. It has an oval or round shape. Over time, the problem may worsen, bald areas appear all over the body (on the eyebrows, eyelashes, under the armpits), and the nails suffer.

Doctors consider the following causes of alopecia areata:

  • Stress - nervous shocks cause hair loss, and the situation with baldness aggravates the depressed state. During this period, a woman needs social support.
  • Postponed viral infection or presence in the body of a focus of chronic infection, for example, caries, tonsillitis.
  • Wearing a tight headgear, long-term pressure on hair.
  • Pregnancy - in the process of carrying a child, hormonal changes occur in the body.
  • Genetic predisposition, up to 25% of cases occur in several generations.
  • Hormonal changes caused by menopause.

After eliminating the factors that cause baldness, the hair on baldness can begin to grow on its own, if this has not happened, then you will have to be patient and follow the doctor's recommendations.

Treatment of female alopecia

Before starting treatment, you need to find out the causes of baldness. A trichologist, a doctor specializing in diseases of the hair and scalp, will help to establish why the problem has arisen. He orders tests to find the roots of the unpleasant situation.

It will not be superfluous to visit an endocrinologist - a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine disorders. If the cause of baldness is hormonal imbalance, he will prescribe a course of drugs that maintain normal hormone levels.

The duration of treatment depends on the individual perception of therapy. The process can take from several months to a year. The patient must strictly follow the prescribed regimen for taking medications and therapeutic procedures, not interrupt when the first result appears.


  1. Corticosteroids are steroid drugs prescribed to combat autoimmune pathologies;
  2. Special ointments and creams;
  3. Preparations that improve the growth of hair follicles: Minoxidil, Finasteride;
  4. Reception of mineral complexes with zinc and iron;
  5. Vitamin complexes: special dragee Merz, Esvitsin, Revalid;
  6. Oral contraceptives that reduce testosterone;
  7. Sedatives to relieve stress.

Salon procedures

  • Mesotherapy is an injection into the scalp containing a cocktail of nutrients.
  • Darsonvalization is the effect on the nerve endings of the scalp with electrical impulses.
  • Cryomassage - exposure to cold.
  • Laser therapy.

Folk recipes

An effective way to restore hair growth is to use various herbal masks and tinctures that stimulate the activity of the follicles.

You can treat baldness with the following folk remedies:

  1. Tincture of red pepper - chop a pod of hot pepper and pour 100 ml of vodka. After a day, you can rub into the problem area. This remedy is used with caution, allergies may occur to it.
  2. Take 30 ml of castor or burdock oil and 20 g of dry mustard. Mix ingredients and apply to scalp. Wash off with a burning sensation.
  3. Onions are the main ingredient in many masks that are recommended to treat hair loss. It is ground in a meat grinder and mixed with honey and burdock oil. The composition is applied to the head and wrapped in a film and a scarf for insulation. Hold for half an hour, wash off using shampoo. You can simply rub onion juice into the skin, it stimulates blood flow well. This mask is kept for an hour, washed off with warm water.
  4. Henna is a natural remedy that strengthens hair, restores energy and beauty to it. It is poured with hot water until thick sour cream and applied to the head. The top of the mask is covered with plastic wrap. Dyeing henna is sold and colorless, if you do not want to get a reddish shade of hair, use the second option.

How to hide baldness on your head

It will not be possible to remove the bald spot in a few days. So that during treatment a woman does not feel discomfort, there are several ways to mask baldness on her head:

  • Wearing a wig - It is best to use the product with natural hair and take it off after 5-6 hours.
  • Headwear - a cap, hat, baseball cap on the street will help hide baldness.
  • Hair strands on hairpins, masking the problem area.
  • Hair camouflage - aerosol powder. It is applied to the hair around the bald head, adheres tightly to it and makes it thicker. The bald head becomes invisible.

Prevention of baldness in women

  1. The main advice for maintaining luxurious hair is taking care of your health. You can not get carried away with diets that lead to serious problems in the body. External beauty, including hair, depends on the condition of the internal organs. They should receive the full amount of vitamins (especially of group B), trace elements and other necessary substances.
  2. It is worth limiting the use of hot products for styling curls and chemical dyeing.
  3. When choosing shampoo, balm, masks and other hair care products, you should heed the advice of experts, because a mistake leads to baldness.
  4. For prevention purposes, it is useful to use decoctions of herbs for rinsing: burdock, hops, chamomile, nettle.

Cessation of alcohol and smoking will help improve health, and with it the strength of the hair. You can not overcool your head in winter, refusing to wear a hat.

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