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How to eliminate eye irritation?
How to eliminate eye irritation?

The average modern person, including elementary school students, loads their eyes every day. Almost all people use computers, tablets, smartphones, e-books most of the day, which exert a heavy load and cause eye strain.

In addition, a person uses all these devices at work, at an institute or school, and then also at home.

What irritates the eyes?

Eye strain and irritation are also caused by other concomitant negative factors, such as the use of low-quality cosmetics, tobacco smoke, a huge amount of dust in the air of polluted cities.

As a result, they have a double overwhelming burden - natural factors and the modern rhythm of life. The organs of vision react to this with increased irritation, redness, cutting and dryness. The importance of good vision and healthy eyes cannot be overemphasized.

Nature gave a person eyes to see and learn about the world, thanks to them people can study, work and appreciate the beauty of the people around them. Healthy eyes without diseases and pathologies provide a person with the opportunity to engage in labor and creative activities.

Constant eye irritation due to external negative influences often causes a premature process of physiological aging of the eye, which began 30-40 years ago in people who have crossed the 50-year line of their lives. And now ophthalmologists often diagnose physiological aging of the organs of vision in 30-year-old people.

Causes of eye irritation

A person's eyes usually give warning signs of trouble in the form of redness, deterioration in visual acuity, discharge for the following reasons:

  • Staying near a computer monitor for a long time tires and dries up the sensory organ of vision;
  • Regular lack of sleep;
  • Prolonged reading of the text in small print;
  • The negative effects of chlorinated tap water, which we wash with every day;
  • City dust saturated with various chemicals and radiation;
  • Various mechanical effects of small particles and debris;
  • Allergic reaction during the season of flowering plants and the release of pollen;
  • The use of low-quality cosmetics;
  • Wearing contact lenses beyond the prescribed period. Expired lenses cease to pass oxygen, and its lack causes redness and irritation of the mucous membrane of the eye.

How should irritated eyes be treated?

To deal with irritation of the organs of vision should be based on the reasons that caused it. The only general rule of thumb for all eye problems is that sore and irritated eyes should not be rubbed. Rubbing or pressing will never solve the caused problem, but will only aggravate the negative symptoms.

If the cause of inflammation and dryness lies in long and concentrated work at the monitor, you should give your eyes a rest, perform simple exercises to relax strained eyes. If there is an unpleasant sensation of dryness of the mucous membrane, it is necessary to blink more often. This simple action will not let the mucous membrane of the eye dry out.

You can also use artificial tears as versatile and effective. They are indispensable for people who are in front of a computer for a long time every day. When working at the monitor, a person involuntarily blinks 2-3 times less often than usual, and the mucous membrane of the eye dries out quickly. Ophthalmologists recommend in such cases to use the drugs "Hilo-Komod", "Sistane", "Vizin" and others.

As we age, the human eyes produce less and less tears, and drying out is often the cause of dryness and discomfort in older people. Therefore, it is useful for them to always keep such drops at hand.

Also, doctors do not advise using drugs with a vasoconstrictor effect. They do not relieve dry eye symptoms, but only increase dryness and discomfort.

If the cause of cramps and irritation is a speck or an eyelash caught on the mucous membrane, it is necessary to carefully get rid of the trapped foreign body. It is best to do this without delay, otherwise the irritation can get worse by the minute. You should wash your hands, take a clean cotton pad and, bending it, try to evacuate the foreign body with a pointed corner of the disk.

If you don't have a cotton pad at hand, you can simply “wash” the mucous membrane of the organ. You need to collect water in your palms, lower your face into them and try to open your affected eye in the water. Sorinka should leave. If a speck gets into the eye with a contact lens, it must be removed before the procedure.

You can also use artificial tears or sterile saline to remove debris. The upper eyelid should be slightly pulled back and the pupil should be rotated in different directions.

Sorinka usually moves to the edge. If you drip the mucous membrane of the eye with a solution or a "tear", the object that has fallen into it will be easily removed.

By the way, wearing lenses is most often the cause of inflammation and discomfort of the organs of vision. It often happens that a person does not comply with the permitted terms for wearing lenses, putting on or removing a lens is done with not very clean hands. In order to avoid negative situations when wearing contact lenses, you must carefully follow all instructions for wearing them. The more sterile the conditions for removing and putting on the lens, the better it will be for the eyes.

If the cause of irritation is fatigue, lack of proper rest and lack of sleep, the advice of traditional medicine will help relieve symptoms.

Simple folk remedies

Cold compresses are good for tired eyes. They are prepared very simply: you should take a clean woven material, moisten it with cold water, wring it out and apply on closed eyelids. It is necessary to lie down with a compress for 5-10 minutes. You can repeat this procedure as needed.

Tea compresses help relieve fatigue and other eye ailments. To do this, boil two tea bags with boiling water, squeeze out a little, cool and apply to closed eyelids. Tea has always been considered a good sedative and antibacterial agent. This compress can be done every day before bedtime.

You can wash your tired eyes or make compresses with chamomile flowers. The plant relieves swelling, redness and eye irritation well. Peppermint infusion (compress) works in a similar way.

An equally well-known and effective way to relieve eye fatigue is to apply thin slices of fresh cucumber to the eyelids. The effect can be enhanced by first placing cucumber slices in cold water.

Prevention of eye irritation

Rest your eyes and yourself. Lack of sleep immediately leaves a negative imprint on the organs of vision.

With a lack of sleep, the blood vessels greatly expand, and the mucous membrane dries out. As a result, the retina of the eye suffers and vision is significantly impaired.

Diet and lifestyle also contribute to the problem. Foods that are good for the eyes are bananas, sea fish, fresh nuts, fresh eggs, herbs and liver. In addition, in winter and summer, it is necessary to take vitamin and mineral complexes for eye health.

You should try to avoid smoky rooms, tobacco smoke is very irritating to the mucous membranes of the eyes, especially if a person wears contact lenses.

It should be remembered that if with the help of all the above methods it is not possible to improve the situation within 3-5 days, as well as pain and discharge from the eye, vision is rapidly deteriorating, then you should consult an ophthalmologist. Perhaps the cause of the lesion is some organ pathology that urgently needs to be treated.

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