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Dry eye syndrome and its treatment with folk remedies
Dry eye syndrome and its treatment with folk remedies

The necessary moisture for normal functioning of the eyes is provided by the tear film, which moisturizes the eyes and performs other important functions. When the flow of lacrimal fluid falls below a certain rate, dry eye syndrome begins to develop.

In medical language, this is called xerophthalmia or office conjunctivitis. With this pathology, the lacrimal gland either secretes a little moisturizing component, or secretes in sufficient quantities, but its composition is not suitable for performing its functions.

Why can't you ignore it?

Dry eye syndrome is found most often in people over the age of 50.

Children and adolescents suffer from this disease much less than adults, but among children with eye diseases, the vast majority notice such a complication.

It is important to know that if measures are not taken in time to treat the various means of this ailment, it can lead to partial loss of vision, and in rare cases - to complete blindness.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully study the signs and symptoms in which office conjunctivitis most often occurs. The quality of vision and health depends on this.

Signs of the development of the disease

Nowadays, many people misinterpret the symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Most people confuse this syndrome with problems of the sebaceous glands, considering insufficient moisture and dryness of the skin around the eyes as a sign of xerophthalmia. But in fact, the reason for this is a decrease in tear production, instability of the tear film and a violation of the release of tear fluid. In order not to confuse office conjunctivitis with other diseases, let's look at the causes and symptoms from which our eyes suffer.

The main signs of the onset of pathology are as follows:

  • A burning sensation and dryness that increase over time;
  • It may seem like something has gotten into the eye and slight redness occurs;
  • Redness of the eye becomes more noticeable;
  • Fatigue appears with little work at the computer, and after a certain period of time, vision becomes like a fog, it is more difficult to see objects.

It is also not uncommon for this pathology to be accompanied by severe lacrimation. This is due to the body's reaction to insufficient moisture supply to the eye. Using various means, you can eliminate this syndrome.

According to the signs and symptoms, office conjunctivitis can be divided into the following forms:

  • easy;
  • medium;
  • heavy;
  • extremely severe form.

The reasons for the development of the disease

In addition to the above circumstances for the development of dry eye syndrome, there are many other reasons due to which the development of this disease begins.

The main reasons include the following:

  • Lack of vitamins in the body;
  • Various diseases of the endocrine type;
  • A large number of hours spent in front of a computer monitor;
  • All kinds of diseases associated with disruption of the connective tissue;
  • Improper selection or use of contact lenses;
  • Contact with eyes of small foreign bodies, debris, dust;
  • Sjogren's syndrome and Parkinson's disease;
  • The negative impact of the environment.

The main reason for the development of office conjunctivitis is the person's age, which is why this disease is very common among the elderly.

The main treatments for dry eye syndrome

The most common treatment for this disease is medication. In this case, for the treatment of the disease, the patient is prescribed a course of drugs, which include eye drops, since they are the most effective means.

Also, in cases where the occurrence of office conjunctivitis was due to vitamin deficiency, doctors prescribe certain vitamins.

When this disease is severe and extremely severe, then it becomes inevitable to use orthopedic or surgical treatment, which is sometimes an inevitable remedy. In the case of orthopedic treatment, a special obturator is used to close the lacrimal canal. This method is preferable to use rather than surgical, because it does not lead to irreversible changes.

Surgical treatment occurs with an operation called an obturation, during which the flow of tears is limited. Thanks to obturation, it becomes possible to maintain the required level of moisture in the eyes.

Folk remedies

No matter how modern medicine is against traditional methods of treatment, it is worth recognizing that they are also an effective method of treatment. Many people use alternative methods to treat office conjunctivitis.

Many people know that if you rub your eyes with an infusion of chamomile, you can significantly reduce dry eyes and even cure them. You just need to keep a piece of gauze dipped in a solution of chamomile in front of your eyes for ten minutes.

Another great treatment for office conjunctivitis is honey. If you do not have an allergic reaction to honey, we recommend using this method of treatment. Compresses made of honey mixed with water are recommended, which will have a positive effect on the moisture balance of the eyes.

Caffeine is a good helper in the treatment of dry eye syndrome. Many can attest to tears when drinking many cups of coffee.

An infusion of rose petals and parsley boiled over low heat is perfect for the treatment of this disease. This solution should be used to rinse the eyes.

Also has a positive effect on the restoration of the optimal level of moisture in the eyes aloe extract. However, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor before using any of these methods.

Disease prevention

Don't think that since dry eye is a common condition, you will inevitably have it. This will not happen if you do certain preventive actions and exercises.

First you need to throw out active pastime and various games in your life, in which you can get eye injuries. If you cannot refuse these measures, then you should wear special glasses and other protective equipment in order to protect your eyes in integrity and safety.

In sunny and windy weather, your eyes are perfectly protected by sunglasses. You should also learn to control the time you spend in front of the monitor of your personal computer and TV.

This time should be no more than 4 hours a day, during which you need to take breaks of at least five minutes. During these breaks, special eye exercises should be performed. They will help restore fluid levels in the eyes and also significantly relax them.

If you already have this disease, it is strictly forbidden to rub your eyes with your hands, because this will destroy the tear film even more. Blinking frequently will help improve the condition of your eyes for a while.

Take care of your eyesight and do not forget to use the means of prevention and treatment of eye diseases!

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