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Effective strabismus exercises
Effective strabismus exercises

A visual defect such as strabismus is often found in people of different ages. This ailment poisons the lives of individuals, they often suffer from ridicule from other citizens, making a bunch of complexes because of this, becoming shy and withdrawn.

Someone perceives strabismus as a sentence, believing that it will not be possible to correct the gaze. In fact, everything is not so sad.

With proper perseverance, you can get rid of the defect.

The main thing is to regularly do special exercises for the eyes. Strabismus exercises will focus on relaxing the eye muscles and relieving tension from them.

Gymnastics, done according to all the rules, helps the eyes to work together. This leads to the fact that the muscles relax properly and the person begins to focus his gaze correctly, he becomes "straight". Exercise is good not only because it relieves strabismus, exercise also helps to reduce swelling, relieve redness, etc.

Gymnastics for strabismus: exercise tips

As already mentioned, to correct a defect at home, you can start doing a special set of exercises.

Properly performed eye gymnastics will work as follows:

  • relaxes the muscles, allowing the eyeballs to move together;
  • will force you to focus your gaze on one point;
  • will cause the eyes to align two pictures that the individual usually sees separately.

It is believed that if, during the exercises for the eyes, an individual managed to connect two pictures together, then this is a very good result.

Strabismus exercises for toddlers

If an eye defect is found in a small child, then parents are obliged to make every effort to help their child. The first rule that moms and dads should remember when performing gymnastics with their baby is to teach him to relax the muscles of his eyes as much as possible, focusing his gaze on the subject.

Since young children still poorly understand why eye exercises are needed, all exercises should be presented in a playful way.

Consider an effective complex for babies:

  • The first exercise is similar to the game "find 10 differences". To do this, you will need sheets with bright pictures that correspond to the age and interests of the child. The images should be identical, but one of them will be missing some detail. The essence of the lesson is that after studying the pictures, the child must point out the missing elements;
  • For the second task, you will need a special board with holes and a string. You can replace the board with a sheet of thick cardboard by making holes in it. Now the child should be given the task of threading the lace through the holes, observing a certain sequence. Experts recommend doing the exercise from right to left;
  • Take a landscape sheet and draw several squares of equal size on it. Draw some simple image in each one. It should be repeated in several squares. Now give the prepared sheet to the child, he should highlight the repeating pairs of images;
  • Play a policeman with the kid: give him a stick resembling a wand and ask him to wave it in the air, depicting various objects. When doing this, tell the child that his eyes should be focused on the tip of the wand. It is important;
  • Ask the child to throw back his head and imagine that a fly is visiting on the nose, at the very tip. To see the insect, the child must collect his eyes "in a heap", that is, squint to the nose. This is the exercise;
  • Ask your child to place their palms on one and the other eye. Now name the baby various objects, and he must, without opening his eyes, describe the shape of the named thing. For example, you say the word "orange", the baby must draw an imaginary circle using his eyes, but not opening them.

All parents should be aware that strabismus is normal in babies under the age of six months.

But if after 6 months the crumb mows, then it is worth visiting an ophthalmologist.

The doctor will give the necessary recommendations for correcting the defect, will tell you in detail about gymnastics for the eyes. It will be useful and effective for the baby, it will strengthen the muscles.

Gymnastics for strabismus in adults

Each exercise described below should be done daily, at least 15 repetitions at a time.

The complex will be as follows:

  • Raise either hand forward and extend your index finger, focus on it. Gradually bring your finger to the bridge of your nose, while you cannot look away. Do the same exercise by moving your finger up and down;
  • Use your eyes to draw an infinity sign in the air;
  • Move your eyes from nearby objects to things in the distance. For example, first look out the window to the street, and then move your gaze to something in the room;
  • Take a position with your back to the sun. Cover your healthy eye, such as the left one, with your palm. Now slowly, without sudden movements and jerks, turn your head to the right side (towards the healthy eye) until you can see the oblique rays of the sun;
  • If you have a sore left eye, and he looks inward, at the bridge of the nose, then do this exercise. Put your right leg forward, and with the opposite hand, begin to reach for the lower limb. Then, changing the position of the torso, reach out with your hand towards the sun. Those whose eye looks not to the nose, but to the temple, should put their left foot forward, and wield their right hand.

Doctors also say that with strabismus it is useful to follow an object that is moving away, then approaching. For example, a table tennis game is suitable for this purpose. Moreover, the patient can not only watch the game, but also participate in the process. The benefits will be no less.

By doing strabismus exercises, you can improve your condition and possibly make the defect less noticeable. The main thing is not to be lazy and do everything carefully. Love yourself and everything will work out, good luck!

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