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Exercise Treatment for Astigmatism: Eye Complex
Exercise Treatment for Astigmatism: Eye Complex

The eyes are a very important part of the human body. It is with their help that we distinguish objects, we can see relatives and friends¸ and also enjoy the bright colors of nature. Unfortunately, they, like any other organ, are susceptible to various diseases.

Many of the diseases cause a lot of inconvenience, and some can even cause blindness. One of the eye diseases requiring treatment is astigmatism.

Astigmatism symptoms

In general, astigmatism is a defocusing of vision caused by the irregular shape of the components of the eye - the cornea or lens. Astigmatism can haunt a person all his life. Over time, the degree worsens, which can lead to significant loss of vision. That is why it is very important to carry out timely diagnostics and start treatment.

The main symptoms include:

  • deterioration of vision (small objects are not visible, blurring appears in the overall picture);
  • curvature of flat objects;
  • multiplicity of lines (when one line is represented as two or more - they may differ in intensity).

Frequent headaches in the evening and increased eye fatigue can be distinguished as additional symptoms.

Sometimes you can feel cramps when reading for a long time or working at the computer.

Diagnostics is carried out only by an ophthalmologist, who finds out whether you have a disease, its degree, and also selects the appropriate treatment.

Degrees and types of astigmatism

There are three main degrees of astigmatism:

  1. Weak - with the necessary correction up to 3 diopters;
  2. Medium - with the necessary adjustment from 3 to 6 diopters;
  3. Strong - with the necessary adjustment from 6 diopters.

There are also several reasons for the onset and development of the disease, which divide it into types.

Astigmatism can be congenital. As a rule, it appears in children in infancy and kindergarten. The curvature is no more than 1 diopter. This form of the disease disappears over time.

Myopia is also a form of astigmatism. Myopia can be simple and complex - the type is determined only by a doctor. Treatment is prescribed according to the type.

The opposite of myopia is hyperopia. It manifests itself mainly in older adults.

Mixed astigmatism is a disease that combines myopia and hyperopia. In this case, a person clearly sees objects at a certain distance.


Includes a set of measures aimed at reducing eye strain. Just as exercising well can help you bounce back after long periods of sitting at a desk, eye exercises can help release accumulated stress and is a natural prevention of many diseases, including astigmatism.

A gymnastic complex for the eyes has been developed, which, when performed daily, helps to maintain visual acuity for a long time.

Exercise rules

  1. Gymnastics is performed up to 3 times a day. The most important thing is morning exercises. They are most effective;
  2. Charging must be done daily. If you do not have a lot of time, then do it only once - in the morning;
  3. Between approaches, as in the gym, you need to take a break of a few minutes;
  4. Good illumination of the room;
  5. Before gymnastics, you must take off your glasses and lenses;
  6. To achieve the best result, you should alternate training complexes with relaxation complexes.

Thus, it is best to perform such exercises immediately after sleep, as well as during your lunch break. Evening workout exercises are not recommended, unlike relaxing exercises.

Gymnastics for the eyes

  1. Focusing. Go to the window and select an object that is far away, but clearly visible. Look at it for about half a minute. After that, move your gaze to a nearby object - your hand or a speck on the window. It is necessary to perform 5 approaches with one eye or 10 with two;
  2. Close your eyes tightly for 3-5 seconds, then open your eyes as wide as possible. Repeat for one minute;
  3. Diagonal training. Direct your eyes first to the upper right corner, and then to the lower left - this is the right diagonal. Repeat the action 5 times. Next, do the exercise along the left diagonal - from the upper left corner to the lower right. Do not overdo it - the movements should not be abrupt;
  4. Blinking. Rest your eyes by blinking frequently. This exercise can be performed from 15 to 90 seconds - as it suits you;
  5. Circles. The exercise is performed in two stages - with eyes closed and open. Draw 5 circles clockwise with your eyes, and the same number - counterclockwise;
  6. Lines. Look first to the right and left as far as possible, and then up and down. Do 5 approaches each - first with closed eyes, and then with open;
  7. Focusing on your finger. Place your index finger on the bridge of your nose and focus on it for 30 seconds. Then close your eyes and let them rest for at least a minute. You can also not substitute your finger, but simply try to look at the tip of the nose;
  8. Eights. This is an excellent exercise that can be performed both vertically and horizontally - that is, draw with your eyes both vertical eights and horizontal ones (infinity sign). You need to do 5 repetitions;
  9. Pressure. With your eyes closed, press a little on the upper eyelid with your fingers and maintain this position for about 3-5 seconds. Do 5 reps. Between them, you can not open your eyes, but you can blink a little - it all depends on individual characteristics;
  10. Massage. Massage your eyelids in a circular motion, with light movements.

All exercises should be performed in a comfortable standing or sitting position. With each approach, the head must be strictly fixed. All movements are performed only with the eyeballs. Do not overstrain your eyes - in this case, exercise will only do harm. If you feel uncomfortable or tired, blink frequently and gently for one minute to help relieve tension.


It implies a correction by various methods. First of all, these are, of course, glasses - this option is chosen by many people, since glasses are easy to use, do not require special care, they can be worn at will.

A more modern option is contact lenses. A definite plus - they are almost invisible. However, they are more difficult to remove, store, and they are not suitable for everyone.

Glasses and lenses help to correct vision during use, but not restore it.

For this, there is excimer laser correction. This is an operation that is performed in special clinics with special equipment. It takes very little time. After that, recovery is required within a few days.

Astigmatism is a disease that spoils life for many people, significantly complicating it.

Exercises for the eyes do not help to cure it, but they serve as an excellent prevention of its occurrence and development. That is why it is necessary to perform such gymnastics not only for people with astigmatism, but also for those who spend a long time at the computer or are engaged in any small work.

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