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The best shampoos for dry and damaged hair - how to choose and how to prepare it yourself?
The best shampoos for dry and damaged hair - how to choose and how to prepare it yourself?

Of course, every woman and girl wants her hairstyle to look perfect. Meanwhile, dreams do not always come true, because the health and beauty of our hair depends on a very large number of factors, both external and internal.

To have healthy, strong and beautiful hair, you need to eat well and properly, give up bad habits and be outdoors regularly. In addition, you should treat your hair very carefully and try not to expose it to adverse external factors. In particular, you do not need to wash your hair every day, since even this seemingly harmless procedure destroys the structure of the strands.

Unfortunately, the modern rhythm of life of young girls and women does not allow to provide proper care for the curls. Strands of our hair are daily exposed to the destructive effects of various hairdressing devices and aggressive chemicals that make up cosmetic products.

Many beauties in pursuit of the perfect hairstyle regularly dye their hair and do a perm, thereby changing their structure and destroying a huge amount of useful substances.

Daily blow-dry also has an extremely adverse effect on the health of our curls. All this leads to the fact that sooner or later the hair will become dry and damaged, and it can be very difficult to restore it.

If you are already experiencing a problem such as excessively dry and damaged strands, you need to provide them with thorough care in order to try to restore the hair structure in the shortest possible period of time. In this case, you should start with the selection of a suitable detergent, since it is this that is used more often than other cosmetic products. In this article, we will tell you how to wash your hair that is too dry so as not to damage it even more.

The best shampoos for damaged to very dry curls

Today, in the assortment of cosmetic stores, you can find a huge number of shampoos for dry and damaged hair, most of which have their own specific advantages and disadvantages. Of course, in order to choose the best remedy for your dry hair, taking into account their characteristics, you should contact a qualified trichologist or an experienced cosmetologist, however, not everyone has such an opportunity.

In addition, most people try to contact medical professionals only as a last resort, and in everyday life do it on their own.

When heading to the store to choose a shampoo for very dry and damaged hair, it is best to choose the following products:

  • Curl Shampoo is a Lifetex shampoo from Wella Professionals. Ideal for washing curly and frizzy curls that have been exposed to adverse external factors for a long time. Including, it is suitable for the care of strands that have undergone a perm. Thanks to the inclusion of olive oil in this shampoo, it eliminates various rashes and microdamages on the scalp. It has a consistency that is optimal for distribution over curls and does not have a repulsive specific odor that is characteristic of some cosmetics. The only negative - this shampoo is quite expensive and is consumed very quickly, but the hair will undoubtedly "say" you "thank you" for it;
  • The Belarusian company Bielita offers its own restorative shampoo for the care of very dry hair. It has a very affordable cost and effectively protects curls from moisture loss thanks to its composition of seaweed, proteins and vitamins. Most women note that after using this product, the strands become elastic and flexible, however, some girls have encountered individual intolerance to the components of the shampoo. After using it, they developed dandruff, and the intensity of hair follicle loss, contrary to expectations, did not decrease, but increased. If this tool suits you, you will get a really great result for little money;
  • the Brilliant Blonde series, or "Shining Blonde", from the well-known company Nivea is great for blonde and bleached curls that have become excessively dry as a result of lightening. After using one of the products in this series, dry and damaged strands acquire a vibrant shine and become smooth, silky and well-groomed. The mild effect of this shampoo is due to the proteins included in it from wheat and sunflower;
  • Finally, another gentle yet effective shampoo for dry hair is Bene Salon Work Care, presented by the MoltoBene brand. This remedy is one of the best for tough curls, however, unfortunately, it is very difficult to get it. This shampoo is prepared on the basis of horse keratin and sunflower oil, which explains its mild effect. After applying it, the structure of the strands changes almost instantly - after just one wash, they become much more obedient and pliable.

Homemade shampoo recipes for dry hair

Every industrial cosmetic contains a huge amount of chemicals. Many girls do not allow any chemicals to be exposed to their curls, which are already damaged. Moreover, the best remedy for your strands can be prepared without much difficulty on your own.

Folk cosmetology offers a lot of recipes for creating shampoos and other detergents exclusively from natural ingredients.

In particular, for damaged and overly dry strands, you can prepare homemade shampoo in one of the following ways:

  • take 100 grams of brown bread crumb and grind it well, then pour half a glass of kefir and put in a warm place for about 2 hours. Before use, the resulting mass must be whipped with a mixer, and then immediately applied to the hair and rinsed well. You can store the prepared composition, but in a cool place and no more than a day, and it is best to mix the components of the product immediately before use;
  • Combine the beaten chicken egg with 2 tablespoons of "castor oil" or any other oil used in folk cosmetology. In particular, you can achieve the greatest effect on your hair by using burdock, almond, peach or jojoba and grape seed oils. As a last resort, you can also use natural olive oil, which is sold in any supermarket. When washing your hair with this shampoo, you need to massage its hairy surface with your fingertips and rinse off the product very thoroughly after use, since cosmetic oils tend to stay on the curls. In a small container with a tightly closed lid, this home remedy can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours.

It is incredibly difficult to restore the structure of strands that are too dry and damaged. That is why it is better to try not to allow such a situation at all.

To keep your head of hair always in perfect condition, periodically indulge it with masks and balms prepared at home from natural ingredients, and use only good professional cosmetic products that match your type of curls.

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