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What to do with brittle hair ends?
What to do with brittle hair ends?

Hair condition is an indicator of our body's problems. Any negative changes affect the quality of the keratin rods. Also, external factors, hair care, influence the appearance. Density and rapid growth are inherited.

Proper care of your hair will help to improve its quality and get rid of many problems that make styling difficult and visually create external neglect.

What to do if the hair breaks off, brittle at the ends and is it possible to cope with this problem?

Causes of brittle hair ends

Why do hair ends break off?

The following factors can be distinguished that negatively affect the state of keratin rods.

  1. Diet and poor nutrition. In order for the hair to be healthy, the body must receive useful substances: vitamins A, E, C, group B, PP; trace elements - magnesium, zinc, selenium; saturated acids and amino acids. If there is a lack of them, they are spent on other resources, and the strands split, break off, lose their luster;
  2. Constant desire to change the image. When dyeing hair, the coloring pigment melanin, which is located in the root of the keratin rod, is destroyed, and moisture is drawn out;
  3. Bad habits - smoking and alcohol - have a detrimental effect on the state of the peripheral blood supply. In the vessels that deliver food to the hair follicles, spasms occur, oxygen supply is disrupted, the production of sebaceous secretion, which plays the role of a lubricant, decreases;
  4. External negative influences - ultraviolet light, frost, strong wind, dry air in a heated room. All these factors dry out the keratin rods, destroy the structure;
  5. Abuse of accessories for styling hairstyles - curling irons, hair dryers, irons, heat rollers;
  6. Inexperienced selection of cosmetics that are not suitable for this type of hair, or cosmetic products that have expired.

As you can see, these reasons, which have a negative effect on the strands, largely depend on the owner of the hair. For example, few people think about what they are combing. Meanwhile, hair fragility increases if you use low-quality combs made of synthetic materials, due to which static charge builds up.

The purchase of brushes and combs made of wood and natural bristles helps to get rid of brittle ends and restore elasticity and softness to them.

Organic pathologies and condition of curls

Chronic and acquired diseases, nervous stress negatively affect the quality of hair.

Endocrine diseases, anemia, diseases of the digestive organs and urinary system - all these conditions alter metabolic processes in the body. Beneficial substances are no longer absorbed or not absorbed properly.

Violation of the secretion of sebaceous secretion due to hormonal imbalance leads to the fact that when the keratin rod grows, its scales do not fit tightly enough to each other.

Peripheral vascular spasms cause stressful conditions, neuroses.

With allergic manifestations, irritations often appear in the hair growth zone. Hair follicles are affected by fungal infections such as dermatological conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Split ends should be restored in parallel with the underlying disease, using professional care products and traditional medicine for this. At the same time, it is worth normalizing the daily regimen and diet. This is beneficial for the body in general and split ends in particular.

What to do if hair ends break

Treatment should begin with a diagnosis. It should be analyzed why the ends of the strand break?

If the reason is poor nutrition and constant fatigue, you should take care of yourself and eliminate the provoking factor. Get enough sleep, spend at least an hour a day in the fresh air in daylight - otherwise, the vitamin D so necessary for hair is not absorbed, change the daily menu.

Afraid to give up your diet? But this is not necessary. Fresh fruit, a handful of nuts, a portion of low-fat fish or meat, vegetable salad seasoned with vegetable oil in the daily diet are sufficient help to the body in replenishing the supply of vitamins and minerals necessary to improve the quality of hair.

Dress according to the weather so as not to expose the curls to harmful climatic influences. You should not put your head in the warm summer rain - at present, the "life-giving moisture" contains a whole periodic table - heavy metals and toxins can be found even in the glaciers of Antarctica.

To look flawless and be trendy and stylish, hair styling should not be neglected. Some women feel uncomfortable if they don't constantly tint. It is necessary to minimize the harm from hair care, and they will not break at the ends.

Split Ends Care

Professional serums will help you quickly restore split ends. They contain natural ingredients in their composition - vegetable oils, collagen, extracts from vegetable raw materials, vitamin and mineral complexes, as well as silk proteins, keratin compounds.

Serums are applied to problem areas, they do not weigh down the strands, do not weaken the hair follicles. The restoration of the structure of the keratin rod is carried out at the cellular level. Each hair is as if sealed with a film that protects against the harmful effects of destructive factors.

When purchasing a professional hair care product, you need to pay attention to the inscription on the label. If the constituent is only silicone, the composition does not have a therapeutic effect and after applying it, the hairstyle looks neat only visually.

For those who prefer home cosmetics, traditional medicine offers a variety of remedies.

Homemade masks to restore hair ends

Masks based on vegetable oils work most effectively. They are applied to the strands without overloading the roots. The oils are preheated in a water bath, the curls are insulated with a film and a towel. Home remedies are washed off after 30-40 minutes with a light shampoo.

The following masks can be suggested.

  1. Mix 2 tablespoons of burdock or olive oil and 2 egg yolks, if the roots are fat, it is advisable to add a tablespoon of brandy;
  2. Mix a tablespoon of olive oil, a tablespoon of red wine and egg yolk;
  3. Another remedy is yeast - a teaspoon, kefir - 2 tablespoons, a tablespoon of coconut oil and a tablespoon of honey.

Yogurt, sour milk, kefir have a restorative effect.

If you do not like the characteristic aroma, the treatment procedure is carried out in the evening - until the morning the smell has time to disappear.

Salon procedures

To improve the appearance and health of the strands, hairdressing salons offer procedures for keratinizing and lamination of hair.

The procedures are a bit similar - special formulations are applied to the strands along the entire length, then heat treatment is carried out, and for 4-5 weeks you can not think about stratification of hair and their fragility.

When choosing a service, you need to know that keratin straightening is not a medical procedure and can cause an allergic reaction - when heated, keratin releases phenolic compounds. The procedure should be done only in a salon equipped with a reliable hood.

Hair lamination can be done even for pregnant women. The product that is applied to the strands resembles dandelion juice in structure, its main component is natural cellulose.

Contraindications for lamination - only individual intolerance.

Haircut with hot scissors reliably seals the split ends, and they stop "pouring" - the effect of the procedure is enough for 2-3 weeks.

Comprehensive care - saturation with nutrients from the inside and outside, competent care, the use of professional and home remedies will help get rid of breaking ends 2-3 weeks after the start of treatment.

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