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Five effective essential oils for anti-gray hair
Five effective essential oils for anti-gray hair

The appearance of gray hair is an unpleasant phenomenon, especially in young women. But meanwhile, more and more often, women under 35, or even earlier, have the first gray hair, and day by day its number increases.

Radical methods of struggle - coloring, only hides an aesthetic defect, but how to deal with the cause of its occurrence? There is an answer to this question in traditional medicine.


Recent research by scientists has proven that the appearance of gray hair is not always associated with age. Today you can meet young people under 30, on whose head gray-haired temples are already becoming noticeable. Moreover, the number of such people is growing rapidly.

There are quite a few reasons for this, and it is worth noting that for the appearance of gray hair, it is necessary that a whole complex of provoking factors work:

  • Vitamin deficiency;
  • Poor ecology - living in chemically contaminated areas with an increased background of radiation;
  • Poor quality water - high in chlorine or hard water;
  • The modern standard of living - everything is "on the run", constant stress, a strong emotional shock that lasts for a long time (death of a loved one, etc.);
  • Incorrect diet, predominance of semi-finished products, carbohydrate foods, etc.;
  • Serious chronic diseases of metabolic processes, digestive tract, skin and oncological diseases;
  • Hereditary predisposition.

A special pigment, melanin, is responsible for the hair color, and if the immune system malfunctions, this pigment begins to die rapidly, and their color changes, which is simply lost. This process will be physiological only in older people - after 50 years.

How to get rid of gray hair?

If gray hair appeared before the age of 40, then in its treatment, an integrated approach is needed - strengthening the body and stimulating the renewal processes.

This goal can be achieved only by several events at once:

  • Correction of the diet - the predominance of vegetables and fruits, vegetable oils, meat products with a high concentration of vitamins - C, B, A, E;
  • Additional intake of chemical vitamins and minerals. In pharmacies, you can buy complexes to stimulate the immune system, vitamins for pregnant women, and there are vitamins specifically for hair - preventing hair loss, stimulating growth, etc.;
  • Local treatment - the use of masks, rinses and conditioners against gray hair. From the recipes of traditional medicine, aromatherapy means have truly "magical" properties.

List of essential oils for gray hair

Aromatherapy can cure almost any problem of the scalp and scalp, with the exception of total baldness. But meanwhile, when fighting gray hair, not all essential oils can be used, only some of them will be effective: jojoba oil, castor oil, rosemary, etc.


Due to the content of active components such as pinene, camphor and cineole, tannins, rosemary stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, helps to destroy bacteria and fungi, is effective in combating dandruff, hair loss, helps to restore the structure of the hair shaft and enhances growth. With regular use, the hair acquires beauty, and with regular use, you can forget about gray hair.

To be more effective, rosemary is used in combination with another base oil, and various hair masks are prepared from them to get rid of gray hair.

The mask can be prepared according to different recipes:

  • Hot wrap with rosemary. This procedure strengthens the hair roots by stimulating the hair follicles. In addition, the action of other oils is enhanced. To prepare five drops of rosemary oil, dissolve in 3 tablespoons of any vegetable. The resulting mixture is heated in a water bath, and applied to the head, rubbing into the roots. For the best effect, wrap your head in plastic and a warm towel. The mask must be left on the head for an hour, and the procedure must be repeated a couple of times every 7 days;
  • Massage with rosemary. Such procedures rejuvenate and stimulate metabolic processes. The process of making a mixture is similar to making a hot wrap. It is best to do this massage before going to bed, about 2 times a week;
  • Add to shampoo or conditioner, for every 100 ml. - 3-5 drops.

Rosemary oil is an effective remedy for combating gray hair, stimulates hair pigmentation and prevents hair loss. It is for these reasons that it is included in many commercial off-the-shelf hair care products.

Lemon oil

In addition to eliminating gray hair, the active substances contribute to the elimination of toxins and ensure the supply of nutrients and useful substances to the deep layers of the skin.

Sage essential oil has a unique property - prevention of premature graying, clary sage is a strong relaxant with a pleasant smell, the action of which is much milder compared to the medicinal one.

Sesame oil, an equally effective remedy in the fight against gray hair. For preparation, mix 50 ml of virgin oil and 30 ml of cold-pressed olive.

The resulting mixture is applied to the head several times a week, lasting 25-30 minutes.

For better absorption of nutrients to the hair follicles, add a tablespoon of red pepper tincture with alcohol to the mixture. This mask is best used exclusively for brunettes.

Effectiveness of castor oil for gray hair

Gray hair is somewhat different in structure from saturated with pigments - there are scales and roughness. Thanks to this, nutrients remain on the hair, but from gray ones, they roll off. Due to its viscous structure, castor oil is perfectly absorbed into gray hair, and can remain on the surface of the hair for a long time.

It is successfully used for dry hair, due to its ability to moisturize, add shine, and stimulate metabolic processes in the scalp. Castor oil is recommended to be applied to the hair roots, preheated to 38 ° C. The procedure must be repeated 2-3 times a week.

For hair, essential oils become the best way to strengthen hair, stimulate hair growth and prevent discoloration. Based on the knowledge of aromatherapy, excellent results can be achieved without much effort.

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