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Cosmetic hair moisturizers
Cosmetic hair moisturizers

Dry hair looks unkempt. They are dull, have an unkempt appearance, split, break, it is quite difficult to put them in a hairdo.

It is necessary to moisturize your hair all year round, but in winter you have to spend more time on this - the strands are dried out by frosty air and household heating appliances in the room.

Currently, professional products for moisturizing hair are presented in a fairly wide range. An alternative to them are masks and balms made according to home recipes.

Professional products for moisturizing strands

Manufacturers of cosmetics for hair care include moisturizers in each line. Presented are cosmetic products with sprays, balms, masks and shampoos.

The main components that have a beneficial effect on curls and help restore silkiness and softness:

  • plant extracts;
  • chitosan, which creates a protective film;
  • ceramides, which help to retain moisture;
  • mineral and vegetable oils;
  • lanolin;
  • propylene glycol;
  • oil vitamin complex - vitamins A, E and F.

It is impossible to say unequivocally what products for moisturizing hair from professional cosmetics - everyone chooses the best products for themselves according to their own taste and capabilities.

The most popular and available to the consumer are the following moisturizing shampoos.

  1. Firm Amway, means "SANTINIQUE ™", which is recommended to be used together with the conditioner of the same name. The main components are provitamin B5, vegetable oil from the seeds of the tung tree. Suitable for daily care;
  2. Dove firm, "Lightness and Moisturizing" shampoo. It "works" thanks to the amino acids present in the composition, which have the same structure as natural ones. This deep action product envelops keratin rods, penetrates through tousled damaged scales and nourishes the strands from the inside. Thanks to the unique formula, it saturates even the most dry curls with moisture and allows you to retain precious moisture. When using the conditioner of the same name, the effect of the complex is enhanced;
  3. Complex from NIVEA, shampoo and conditioner "Care and Moisturizing". It contains keratin, aloe vera and water lily extract. It is popular for its fresh and very pleasant scent, it is inexpensive, and you can wash your hair every day. The visual effect is visible after 3-4 applications;
  4. Ideally cares for hair and restores its tone and lost elasticity with Weleda shampoo, which contains millet extract. Other ingredients are also made from natural ingredients - tropical macadamia nut oil and sage extract, which has anti-inflammatory properties;
  5. Shampoo "Extra Moisture" from Himalaya Herbals has a more prophylactic effect. The proteins that make up the detergent normalize the acid-base balance and have a beneficial effect on the quality of the strands and scalp.

The best professional hair moisturizers include:

  • a mask with milk, shea butter and honey from Oriflame - after using it, the curls shine with a healthy shine, the composition contains gold particles;
  • soufflé from Pantene Pro-V "Deep moisturizing and restoration" - does not require rinsing, provides a luxurious look after the first application;
  • relieves irritation, prevents electrolysis, soothes and moisturizes curls professional cream from the Professionals Sun Wella series;
  • conditioner "Shea butter" from LE PETIT MARSEILLAIS, which also includes natural honey. This product repairs the damaged structure of keratin rods and fights against split ends.

A rich composition of the serum from the Avon company, produced in the form of a spray "Instant recovery". The action of the remedy justifies the name. Components: panthenol, keratin, avocado oil, vitamins A and E. It has antioxidant properties. Begins to act even when applied to dry strands, does not require rinsing. Apply 2-3 times during the day. The packaging is convenient to carry in your purse.

The Russian manufacturer presents a wide range of care products called "recipes of grandmother Agafia". The line includes shampoos, balms, masks with natural herbs and oils.

Homemade masks and rinses are worthy competitors for hair moisturizing cosmetics.

Moisturizing curls according to folk recipes

The most effective are oil masks and wraps.

You can simply apply oils to your head, preheating them in a water bath and distributing them along the length of the strands, but other components are added to the mixture to increase the activity of the mixture.

  1. Honey and burdock oil are mixed in equal parts. A worthy competitor to burdock oil in all moisturizing masks can be castor or sea buckthorn, but these funds have a coloring effect;
  2. Peach, olive, almond oil and honey are combined in the same amount in a water bath;
  3. A therapeutic mask for very dry hair and irritated scalp - 2 parts of sea buckthorn oil, 1 part of almond oil, 10 drops of vitamins E and A in oil;
  4. Hot wrap. The therapeutic complex consists of oils - avocado, castor, burdock, macadamia, almond, olive.

Fermented milk products - yogurt and kefir - have a moisturizing effect. By mixing them with oil products, a double moisturizing effect is obtained. Half a glass of kefir is mixed with any vegetable oil and a table boat of honey and yolk are added.

A mixture of black bread gruel with kefir with one tablespoon of burdock oil revitalizes and nourishes dried hair. Aloe juice has an effective effect - it penetrates deeply into the structure of the keratin core and impregnates it from the inside. Aloe juice is combined with castor and burdock oil, sour cream and honey.

If the roots of the hair are oily and the ends are dry, it is advisable to add a tablespoon of cognac or brandy. Moisturizing effect is provided by rinsing with herbal infusions of lemon balm, mint, fir and eucalyptus.

Causes of dry hair

It is impossible to restore damaged strands without figuring out why they came to such a state.

In most cases, the reason is quite harmless - the abuse of care products, the selection of low-quality cosmetics, the use of accessories with thermal effects. In this case, you should temporarily abandon coloring, hair dryer, flatware and other accessories for care.

You should not switch to natural paints to change your image.

Even such advertised "hair strengthening" products like basma and henna destroy the melanin in the root of the keratin rods, and this leads to overdrying - albeit not as drastically as when exposed to chemical dyes.

Famous folk coloring agents - onion peel, chamomile, oak bark and nettle also have a drying effect. When the hormonal background changes, the quality of the hair also changes. In this case, the action of the caring agents is not enough for a long time.

Slowdown of metabolic processes in the body, dysfunction of absorption of nutrients also negatively affects the hair. In this case, it is necessary to take care of the hair, but at the same time it is worth addressing the underlying disease. Sharp temperature changes spasm the vessels of the scalp, which negatively affects the condition of the hair follicles. In this case, the hair not only becomes dull and dry, it begins to fall out.

To maintain shiny curls and a beautiful hairstyle, you need to dress for the weather, try to avoid stress, get enough sleep and do not forget to introduce vegetable oils, fresh vegetables and fruits, seafood and fresh fish, chicken meat, nuts into the diet.

Complex hair care will help you enjoy the softness and healthy shine of your curls for a long time.

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