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Anti-dandruff shampoo - especially for men
Anti-dandruff shampoo - especially for men

Why can medicated shampoo be male and female? Do not doctors prescribe special female or male antibiotics or antipyretics? Has anyone seen a pharmacy asking for special male antispasmodics? Hormonal drugs - which is natural - are divided into male and female. But is dandruff different for men and women too?

The fungal flora that causes dandruff in people of different sexes is the same, but the skin is different in structure.

Derma of men:

  • two or even 3 times denser and thicker than the female;
  • sweat and sebaceous glands are larger, there are more of them;
  • the level of acid-base balance is higher.

If women have pH from 5 to 5, 5, then in men from 5, 4 to 5, 7. Because of this, men are more vulnerable, and fungal flora of various etiologies is activated in them more often.

For the treatment of dandruff for men, it is better to buy a special medicinal shampoo, but sometimes a universal detergent may also work. The cure largely depends on the individual reaction of the body.

Anti-dandruff shampoos for men

The composition of medicinal hygiene products should contain the following medicinal components - not necessarily together:

  • ketoconazole;
  • zinc;
  • tar;
  • sulfur;
  • selenium sulfide;
  • salicylic acid.

These drugs are not suitable for continuous use - they are applied in a course. Before purchasing a remedy, it is necessary to determine the type of scalp - even the best shampoo will not be able to help if it is designed to combat high fat content, and the dermis is prone to dryness.

Usually men do not pay attention to such "little things", and get annoyed when they see that "the medicine has not helped." If possible, you need to provide a choice of anti-dandruff shampoo for men, effective and good, for women.

Detergent "Clear Vita ABE" effectively cleanses the skin from the exfoliated epithelium and is suitable for dry skin. For the production of shampoo, a special cleansing technology has been developed - the Pro-Nutrium-10 formula. Thanks to this effect, the particles of the active substance work at the cellular level, relieve discomfort - peeling, causing itching and irritation - nourish the hair follicles and the surface layers of the dermis with useful substances - vitamins and minerals. Modified shampoo "Clear" is enhanced with a deep nourishing formula - NUTRIUM 10 Essence.

Regular use of this hygiene product provides long-term protection from external factors and normalizes the acid-base balance, after its use, dryness is eliminated.

The L'oreal Elseve line offers anti-dandruff shampoo for men with piroctone olamine, which suppresses the activity of fungal flora and eliminates irritation. The detergent is intended for daily long-term use, thanks to it the scales are easily exfoliated, the scalp is cleansed, the hair looks well-groomed, and a healthy shine appears.

Head & Shoulders took care of the treatment of dandruff in men.

The remedies in this line are represented by numerous names:

  • "Soothing care";
  • Citrus Freshness;
  • Ocean Energy;
  • Arctic Ice …

Choosing among a variety of anti-dandruff shampoos for men, you can only find the best one for yourself after carefully reading the instructions. Means are not universal - they have different properties and have different additional effects. The compositions contain components that suppress the activity of the fungal flora, eliminate dryness and brittleness, and activate hair growth. There are shampoos that can be used only as a course, there are products for daily use.

The pH level is necessarily written on the label - when purchasing products, you should definitely pay attention to it.

NPO Elfa produces a shampoo of the same name for men, which effectively fights dry and oily dandruff, not inferior to foreign counterparts. It has antifungal and antiseptic effect, its constituents are zinc and ketoconazole. The remedy is therapeutic, it is applied in a two-month course.

Destroys not only fungal flora, but also coccal flora, stops the development of propionic bacteria. This action quickly relieves irritation and eliminates inflammation in the hair growth zone. Thanks to natural plant components - thyme and burdock oil - the root blood supply is activated, accelerating hair growth.

Shampoo "Davines" contains selenium disulfide and is intended for the treatment of oily dandruff. It smells good, does not foam very much, it is pleasant to use it - it resembles yolk in consistency. Not everyone likes the smell - it is "pharmacy", but the remedy has a pronounced therapeutic effect.

To combat dry dandruff, the line offers a gel of the same name. The composition of medicinal products - in addition to the main active ingredient - includes essential oils of plants with antiseptic and bactericidal action: lavender, sage, myrrh. The pH indicator is 5, 3.

The manufacturer of Ayurvedic cosmetics, Himalaya Herbals, took care of the treatment of male dandruff. We offer products for all skin types - oily, normal and dry. The instructions indicate that the therapeutic effect is due to natural ingredients. The main remedy that has a healing effect in all shampoos, tea tree essential oil is a natural component with a pronounced antibacterial and antiseptic effect.

The product for normal hair contains extracts of rosemary and centella asiatica, grape seed oil, which have a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect, moisturizing and nourishing hair roots.

Shampoo recipe for oily hair includes:

  • soap tree extract - cleans, increases the elasticity of keratin rods, increases the volume of hair;
  • basil extract - has enhanced regenerating properties, antibacterial and soothing effects.

In addition to holy basil extract, tea tree essential oil and grape seed oil, the shampoo for dry hair contains an effective moisturizer - aloe vera extract.

Universal detergents

Shampoos from this list, which have not included many other products for men, are not necessarily suitable for treating dandruff. Maybe the best shampoo is a universal cleanser that is suitable not only for men and women, but also for children.

The most popular and effective anti-inflammatory drug is Nizoral. It is active against several species of fungal flora - Microsporum sp., Candida sp, Trichophyton sp., Epidermophyton sp. Eliminates itching and irritation, heals not only seborrhea, but also lichen. Cons - after using it, in most cases, hair needs restoration.

Dermazole is the active ingredient of ketoconazole. Possesses anti-seborrheic and antifungal activity. Also multidisciplinary. The course of treatment is 5 days.

Sebazol - this remedy is recommended for daily use, hypoallergenic, it can even be used by women during pregnancy and lactation.

Healing shampoo for daily care. Removes dandruff and its causes. Relieves itching. Can be used by pregnant women and children from 1 year old. Contains small amounts of ketoconazole. Used for treatment and prophylactic purposes.

When purchasing a detergent to combat dandruff, you need to carefully read the instructions. Many shampoos get rid of dandruff only during their direct use - they clean off dead skin cells, but do not eliminate the cause of dandruff - you need to try to find a remedy with a long-term effect.

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