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Hair straightening at home or how to deal with frizzy and frizzy strands?
Hair straightening at home or how to deal with frizzy and frizzy strands?

Every girl who has naughty and curly strands dreams of how to make her curls perfect. To achieve this, not everyone can afford to constantly visit beauty salons. But who said that hair cannot be made obedient at home?

There are a large number of ways that help solve such a problem, and both mechanical methods and folk remedies are used here.

Mechanical straightening

Many women are interested in how they can make their hair manageable and smooth so that it is inexpensive. To do this, you can use several methods, but each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses.

But, nevertheless, consider everything:

  • straightening iron. Such a device is very popular among the owners of curly curls. But here it is immediately worth noting that such a procedure is very harmful to the hair, therefore, when using an iron, it is imperative to use special thermal protective agents. In addition, it is worth taking breaks from using such a device, since it dries hair very much, especially if it moves slowly along the strands. Also, the curls must first be listened to with a hairdryer, otherwise it can seriously harm the structure;
  • Velcro curlers for straightening. This is a good alternative to thermal devices. For such purposes, it is necessary to choose a cosmetic series for hair care, which will provide an additional smoothing effect. The procedure itself is as follows: the head is well washed with shampoo and conditioner balm, after which the hair is dried with a hairdryer. Next, the curls are divided into thin strands and soaked in mousse for volume. It is this tool that helps to straighten the unruly hair structure. In this form, you need to keep the hairstyle for about 60 minutes, and after this time, the curlers are very carefully removed, preferably with your head down. As a result, the hair will become smooth and manageable;
  • hot hair dryer for hair straightening. This method is one of the most common and available. The main thing is to choose the right round comb. To straighten curly hair, first wash the head with special shampoos and balms with appropriate effects. Here you will also need to use sprays and oils with thermal protection. Hairdrying starts from the lower strands, gradually moving to the crown. The main secret of straightening is the first drying with hot air, and the second with cold air.

Such a mechanical effect allows any girl to make her hair even, and without leaving home. But, unfortunately, a hair dryer and an iron can significantly damage the structure of the hairs. Therefore, it is worth thinking about other options, for example, folk recipes for masks.

People's help for naughty strands

Folk remedies for hair straightening have been used for a long time. Firstly, all the ingredients are easy enough to get, and if they are not at home, you can always go to the store or to the pharmacy. Secondly, the price of such home remedies will be much more economical than a procedure in a beauty salon.

For those who are interested in how you can straighten your hair with folk remedies at home, there are the following interesting recipes.

  1. Olive or burdock oil. Heavy particles of matter settle on the hairs, making them heavier, and, therefore, smoothed. This product covers the entire length of the strands, after which the head is covered with a cellophane cap and wrapped in a towel. Carrying out time - 60 minutes. Over time, the strands are washed out with a straightening shampoo, followed by the use of a similar mask. Such a mask is performed once before each shampooing;
  2. Colorless henna. Such a product is diluted according to the instructions to the consistency of sour cream. The mixture is applied to pre-moistened curls, which are then covered with a film. Carrying out time - 60 minutes. It should be said right away that such a mask is rather difficult to wash off, so it will take effort;
  3. A product made from natural ingredients for straightening hair at home. Ingredients: apple juice, vodka, apple cider vinegar and water. All components are taken in the same proportions. The resulting composition is applied to the entire length of the hair. Carrying out time - 20 minutes. Rinsing is carried out with plain chilled water;
  4. Dark beer. Many people use this drink to get curls, but this beer can be used for the opposite purpose - to make the strands smooth and manageable. For this, the head is well washed and dried with a towel. Next, you need an ordinary new kitchen sponge, which is moistened in beer and carried over the hair, previously divided into strands. As soon as all the liquid is on the curls, they are combed with an ordinary comb and laid with a hair dryer;
  5. Brewing black tea and sugar. A tablespoon of black tea infusion is poured with boiling water and the same amount of sugar is added, after which the cup is closed so that the agent is infused. After 15-20 minutes, use the tea as a rinse aid. Drying the head occurs with a hair dryer, and the strands should be pulled down;
  6. Vinegar. The main advantage of this tool is that it not only helps to straighten the hairs, but also relieves them of excess fat. The rinse solution is prepared in proportions of 2 tbsp. l. vinegar (it is better to take apple cider) per 1 liter of water. Depending on the length and degree of curliness of the curls, the volume of liquid can be prepared and more;
  7. Gelatin. This product allows for home lamination, making your hair smooth and flexible. The main effect of such a tool is to "glue" the cut ends. For this, 3 tbsp. l. diluted in 250 ml of boiling water, while the liquid must be stirred until the gelatin is completely dissolved. To make such a mask easier to lay down and wash off, add 1 tbsp. l. balm (preferably for straightening). This composition is applied to the strands themselves, while 2 cm should be retreated from the roots. The holding time is 45 minutes.

Everyone can use such folk remedies, and the effect from them will be no worse than from a professional procedure in a beauty salon. The main plus is that all activities can be done without leaving home.

So that folk remedies for straightening hair at home can help naughty hairs as much as possible, it is worth helping them with this.

  • First, control your diet. In fact, healthy hair is much easier to tidy up than one that lacks all the necessary nutrients;
  • Secondly, choose the right hair care cosmetics for yourself. Today, there will be no special problems with this, but you should immediately be prepared for the fact that it is necessary to use such cosmetics from the same series. However, keep in mind that the cost of professional products, and especially for straightening, is far from cheap.

You should also be especially careful with such substances on dyed hair, as sometimes an unexpected reaction may occur (it is better to try on one strand first).

In any case, each girl decides for herself what kind of cosmetics to use for the beauty of her hair. But often, in order to finally make a choice, it is worth trying a considerable number of options!

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