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What is this procedure - hair biolamination
What is this procedure - hair biolamination

Modern hair care procedures allow even weakened and dull strands to turn into chic hair in a short time. Biolamination of hair is especially popular.

What is it and how is hair care carried out in this way?

Well-groomed hair in 30 minutes

What is fashionable hair biolomination and how does it differ from lamination?

Both impacts are very similar both in technology and in the final result. Each hair is a trunk covered with keratin scales invisible to the ordinary eye. The more firmly they adhere, the denser the structure, the more well-groomed the strands look - softer to the touch, shine more intensely, more elastic, obedient.

Lamination is the application of a special composition to the hair, thanks to which each hair is enveloped in a protective cocoon. The substance that is applied to the strands makes them shiny, smooth, elastic.

Algorithm of procedures:

  • the hair is divided into separate strands and covered with a special compound, as when dyeing;
  • then a polyethylene cap is put on the head and the hair is heated with a hairdryer so that the composition is better absorbed;
  • then a special fixing compound is applied;
  • after 10 minutes, rinse the head to remove unabsorbed residues;

The final stage - a nourishing balm is applied to the hair.

The effect of the treatment is enough for 4-6 weeks, then the composition is washed off with water. The only drawback is that the curls become heavier, therefore, in case of hair loss caused by the weakening of the hair follicles, you should postpone this procedure.

If conventional lamination only creates a visual effect of the health of the hair, then with biolamination, the strands are healed. A composition made from natural ingredients is applied to them - cellulose of bamboo, dandelion leaves or wheat, so the air freely penetrates to the keratin rod.

Features of biolamination

For the treatment of strands, products from well-known cosmetic companies are used:

  • Color Prefal Gel;
  • Paul Mitchell;
  • Lebel Cosmetics;
  • Davines Rest;
  • LEBEL Color Prefal;
  • Barex and others.

The procedure can be done after hair coloring, and even combine two services at the same time. With color biolamination, the hair is simultaneously dyed and restored, the color is much brighter than with conventional dyeing. In this case, it is necessary to repeat the application of the composition once a month - when it is washed off, the hair color turns out to be uneven. During color biolamination, gray hair is completely colored.

Lebel and Moltobene offer their products for colored biolamination.

The palette contains 20 basic colors, but by mixing the basic products, you can get any shades of different intensities.

That is why it is better to do biolamination in the salon - a specialist will be able to choose the desired color. The service can cost 3000-8000 rubles - its cost depends on the complexity of processing and the individual qualities of the client's hair - length and density.

Why do hair biolamination?

It is recommended to strengthen hair with a "breathing" composition for owners of thin damaged strands or fluffy, but weak curls. After applying the product, the volume of each hair increases, and the curls visually look thick.

Hair is easier to comb, styling takes less time. The cocoon reliably protects against the negative influence of external factors - direct sunlight, frost, dust scattered in the air. Toxic particles do not penetrate under the scales, but remain on the film, and then are easily washed off.

Colored hair becomes bright, retains an intense shade for a long time. The special composition helps to correct the flaws of unsuccessful coloring - the tone is leveled, sun glare in the strands - the film has a reflective property - gives charm to the owner of a chic hairstyle.

You don't have to worry about the health of your hair - this effect is much different from the effect of ammonia dyes, which destroy the hair structure by “burning out” melanin. With normal coloring, moisture is drawn out of the root of the keratin rod, a protective film protects air bubbles under the cuticles.

How to care for hair after biolamination

It is possible to wet your head, wash it with shampoo, visit the pool or sauna, swim in the sea, not earlier than in 2-3 days.

The composition should finally gain a foothold. In the future, do not use deep cleaning detergents containing sulfates, alkali, weighting agents - keratin and proteins.

After each shampoo, you need to lubricate the curls with nourishing oils, conditioners or balms.

Thermally heated accessories - curling irons, hair dryers, ironing - should be used as little as possible - they destroy the protective coating. However, after biolamination, the hair is obedient, and it is easy to deal with them with a regular comb.

Do not use styling products - strong fixation makes the strands heavier and an additional load is created on the hair follicles.

Despite the fact that the procedure is considered safe and is done to strengthen weak hair, the follicles should be given a break every six months.

How to do biolamination at home

You can cover your head with a laminating compound yourself. The special kit is easy to purchase at the salon, as are the special tools.

The set includes:

  • means for biolaminate;
  • fixing composition;
  • shampoo for preliminary cleansing of hair;
  • tools for applying the mixture - gloves, a brush with a sharp handle to push the strands apart;
  • sometimes film.

In some cases, the kit includes a healing balm or nourishing masks, but if they are not there, then it is advisable to purchase products of the same line - this provides comprehensive care and enhances the therapeutic effect.

Heating is provided with a hair dryer. When applying the mixture to the hair, one should not forget about a 2-3 cm indent from the root - the laminate should not be allowed to come into contact with the scalp.

After washing with a special shampoo, the keratin scales open up, ensuring the penetration of the regenerating composition into the root of the hair and filling all its voids and pores. The film is created by a fixing emulsion.

If the strands cut at the ends break off, then biolamination should be postponed for a while and healed a little. Very dry hair requires restoration and preliminary nourishment with useful substances, otherwise weighting will worsen their condition.

There is another way - to have a haircut with hot scissors before the procedure. The foil seals the ends completely, and split curls will look flawless.

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