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Keratin for hair - what is it?
Keratin for hair - what is it?

A chemical compound - a liquid fibrillar protein - with strong molecular bonds, is called keratin. When applied to the hair, it completely covers the surface of each keratin rod, penetrates into the pores and damages - if any - fills them. That is, by replenishing the natural protein, it restores the structure.

The hair after the procedure acquires a healthy shine, wavy curls are smoothed out, combing and doing hair becomes easier. The benefits of keratin for hair include the fact that after it they react less to unfavorable natural factors, they become soft to the touch.

Unfortunately, keratin straightening has to be repeated quite often. The effect of an artificial compound is short-lived - no longer than 3 months.

Is it possible to constantly use keratin, and is this procedure harmful?

Harm of the procedure

How and where is keratin applied to hair?

Manipulations are performed in the salon and at home, and subject to the rules and the choice of an expensive remedy, the harm from applying the substance can be minimized.

Heating the keratin is an important condition for uniform application - the heating temperature reaches 230 ° C. For hair, such heating is a strong stress - the structure is disturbed.

When the protein compound melts, formaldehyde is released - in hairdressing salons, clients and the master are offered to use an individual protective equipment - a respirator. Formaldehyde is a potent carcinogen. In cheap funds, its volume reaches 10%. You can minimize the harm from hair straightening with keratin when buying expensive products - the formaldehyde level in them is 0.2%. However, this significantly affects the cost of the service.

Most consumers, when asked why they need keratin, answer that for straightening curls. When applying additional coating, the strands become heavier, which means that the load on the hair follicles increases significantly. This effect weakens them.

Visually, the volume of the hair decreases, the strands adhere more tightly to each other, and become dirty faster. They have to be washed more often, and this is harmful in itself - it stimulates the excess production of sebum.

Before studying the instructions on how to use keratin correctly, you need to carefully study the contraindications.

The benefits of keratin for hair

What are the benefits of keratin for hair? Why is this stretching useful?

Correctly performed manipulation does not destroy the structure of the hair, and they become visually healthier and really obedient, they are easier to style. The look becomes well-groomed, even if the hair is damaged, the structure of the hair is disturbed, you can not hesitate to dissolve the curls - it becomes visually not visible negative changes.

If the strands are dyed, the color does not fade for all 3 months - it remains the same saturated. Keratin is needed for those who suffer from hair sections. It seals the delamination securely.

If you perform the procedure at home, then its cost is significantly reduced. You can cope with the manipulations yourself. It is only worth purchasing expensive formulations so as not to expose yourself to the harmful effects of formaldehyde vapors.

Keratin pulling is recommended in such cases:

  • wavy hair is dry and brittle, has a porous structure;
  • abused coloring agents, which led to the weakening of the strands and their damage;
  • with coarse unruly hair.

If the sebaceous secretion is produced in excess, it is better to refuse the use of keratin. This will visually make the head greasy - it will look untidy.

Algorithm for applying liquid keratin for hair at home

The instruments for the procedure should be prepared in advance.

Necessary accessories:

  • round hair brush - you need to choose one so that the strands do not get tangled and do not get stuck on the needles;
  • spray;
  • iron;
  • hairdryer;
  • towel;
  • comfortable hairdressing hairpins that allow you to collect and fix all the strands.

To carry out the extraction directly:

  • a special product with keratin;
  • shampoo and balm with the same substance.

It is desirable that all products come from the same cosmetic line. It is advisable to purchase a product with keratin at a beauty salon or a professional store. It is necessary to avoid shopping at the bazaar of unknown manufacturer. The increased content of formaldehyde in the composition of the substance can cause an attack of bronchial asthma.

The price of the set is quite high. Depending on the length of the hair, it is enough for 6-10 procedures, that is, for 2 years - at least. Therefore, you should pay attention to the shelf life.

Algorithm for applying keratin to hair.

  1. They wash their hair with shampoo with keratin, applying the detergent 2 times - no less.
  2. Excess moisture is blotted out with a cotton towel.
  3. Brush carefully - the comb should pass freely through the strands.
  4. All hairs are collected at the crown, pinning them up.
  5. A solution for keratinization is poured into a spray bottle. The instructions usually indicate how much money is needed to treat strands of a given length.
  6. Thin layers of hair are removed from the bottom, from the neck, and keratin is evenly applied from a spray bottle.
  7. They comb it immediately, evenly distributing it.
  8. The entire hair is processed sequentially - first from the bottom up, then from the crown to the temples. Paint is usually applied in a similar manner.
  9. You need to wait about 15-18 minutes for everything to be absorbed.
  10. Thoroughly dry the strands with a hairdryer and level them with an iron, providing a pulling effect.

After the completion of the manipulations, a serum or balm with keratin is applied. What is the final stage for? Hair needs to be nourished.

Hair care after applying keratin

As one of the advantages of the procedure, they indicate the possibility, after keratin straightening, to carry out styling with the help of thermal action and to dye the hair in any color with dyes of any type.

It really can be done, but!

  • It is impossible to wash your hair earlier than after 3 days!
  • It is possible to think about changing the image by changing the color only 2 weeks after the procedure.
  • Before laying with thermal agents, at least 2 days must pass.

In the future, you will have to abandon detergents and coloring agents containing sodium chloride or sulfates. You will have to avoid high humidity for 72 hours. If it is raining outside, you will have to either sit at home, or flirtatiously try on a polyethylene hat - these are offered for taking a shower.

Failure to comply with these conditions will lead to the fact that the integrity of the coating will be violated, and it will be possible to ascertain that efforts and funds are wasted.

Light keratin care

If you are afraid to do keratin stretching, then you can purchase shampoos and balms with keratin and - using them 2 times a week - facilitate the care of damaged, dried hair or get rid of excessive waviness.

Keratin shampoos:

  • moisturizing action - Equave, Hydro Detangling Shampoo, Revlon Professional;
  • cleansing mild action - "Extreme Makeover Kit", "Mild Detox Shampoo", "Smoothness and shine" from Nivea, "Revlon Professional";
  • regenerating action - "Pro-Keratin Refill";
  • straightening - "Style Masters", "Frizzdom Keratin";
  • for sealing split ends - "Extreme Makeover Kit", "Cuticle Sealer Shampoo".

Keratin conditioners:

  • Serie Expert;
  • Volumizing Detangling;
  • "Style Masters Frizzdom Keratin".

You can also make regenerating keratin masks from the Pro-Keratin Refill line from L'Oreal Professionnel, or Blondme from Schwarzkopf Professional.

When using keratin care, you will have to abandon the use of oil masks for a while. The simultaneous use of these funds increases the production of sebum and disrupts the acid-base balance of the scalp surface.

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