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Hair salon treatments
Hair salon treatments

Even taking care of your hair every day for several hours at home, it is impossible to achieve brilliant results. Hair salon treatments are the best hair care. Visually, the curls acquire a healthy look after the first visit to the master - is it possible to straighten curls on your own in 2-3 hours or curl thin straight strands, giving them an impressive volume?

At the same time, they stimulate the work of hair follicles, relieve scalp irritation. The interior conditions provide a reliable result.

Best Hair Straightening Treatments

According to the methods of influencing the curls, manipulations are divided into several types.

  1. Exposure to chemical reagents. A fixing chemical of varying degrees is applied to the strands, while a conditioner is used. Between manipulations, additional procedures are carried out, during which a vitamin-mineral complex from ampoules is injected into the scalp. Due to the healing effect of medicinal substances, the hair structure is not destroyed. The action of chemical reagents lasts for several months;
  2. The thermal effect is calculated for 2-3 days. Special substances are applied to the curls, then thermal effects are performed using professional styling accessories. Unfortunately, after this procedure, hair treatment is necessary;
  3. Keratin straightening and lamination. In this case, the quality of the hair is improved, the harmful effect is minimized. The quality of the strands improves, they become heavier, the section stops. The effect of the procedures lasts up to 2 months.

The latter procedure also has a harmful effect - when keratin is heated, formaldehyde is released from it - one of the most harmful carcinogens. In expensive keratin preparations it contains up to 0.2%, and in cheap ones up to 10%.

When choosing a master and a salon, you should focus on the cost of the service. It is better to choose a professional master - only he can provide high quality!

Salon treatments for hair improvement

Mesotherapy has a more pronounced effect, stopping hair loss and stopping the activity of opportunistic flora. In the root zone, drugs are injected that normalize the secretion of sebaceous secretions, prevent the destruction of pigment and activate the activity of hair follicles. The scheme of therapeutic action is selected on an individual basis, in one procedure it is possible to immediately cope with several problems.

The disadvantage of this service is pain. Injections are made with short needles, but the subcutaneous injection of the drug, even with anesthesia, is quite painful. The service for improving the ends of the strands is a haircut with hot scissors. The manipulations are absolutely painless. Additionally, the strands are treated with balms.

If salon hair masks affect the quality of hair, then cutting with hot scissors does not stimulate its regrowth - as advertised. During the procedure, the ends treated with special means are sealed, and the section is stopped. This procedure does not affect the hair roots.

Detailed overview of salon procedures

To understand how to choose the best from a range of services, it is worth considering in detail how hair care manipulations are carried out.

The most popular are curls lamination procedures. A special composition is applied to the strands, left to fix for 25-40 minutes - during this time the substance penetrates into the pores and voids of the keratin rod, firmly soldering the scales.

Then the hair is warmed up - the technique depends on the composition used, the excess is rinsed with cool water.

In the usual lamination procedure, the most commonly used American product is Paul Mitchell. Its composition: antioxidant - hydrolyzed protein of germinated wheat grains, soy proteins, phytoextracts - extracts from hops, Roman chamomile, yarrow. They stimulate hair growth and have a beneficial effect on the scalp, eliminating dandruff and irritation.

A type of lamination is biolamination. In this case, the substance used to make the hair shiny, smooth and dense is made from natural cellulose. Cellulose creates a water-repellent effect - a film forms on each keratin rod, which securely encloses it in a cocoon - but at the same time the flow of oxygen to the scalp is not blocked. Currently, up to 20 different compositions are used, and the master selects the appropriate color and quality based on the "clinical picture" - the degree of damage to the strands.

Experienced professionals advise you to choose Japanese products - they do not have silicone, which weighs down the curls and creates an additional load on the hair follicles. Dandelion juice is one of the most commonly used biolamination formulations.

The salon lamination procedure cannot be cheap. The minimum price for the service is from $ 40, but it can go up to $ 90. If the offer is cheaper, then the master hardly works with a natural composition.

Keratin application on strands is the second most popular - after lamination. Curls are treated with artificial keratin, similar in structure to natural. When applying the composition - as with the already described action - each hair is also enclosed in a cocoon. Then, with the help of an iron, the strands are pulled out, the scales are sealed. Curls become shiny, dense, curls are smoothed. The lasting effect lasts up to 3 months.

The cost of the service is decent - the minimum price is $ 40-50.

In the modeling business, it is hardly possible to predict what image a model will fall into at the next show. To give hair smoothness and shine, a short-term salon procedure called glazing is performed. Hair is also wrapped in a film - the substance used for application is called glaze. It contains ceramides, visually healing strands - the curls become shiny, acquire a rich color, but do not become heavier, remain obedient and airy, light.

Staining with multi-colored glaze completely safely changes the color of the hair without destroying the structure of the keratin rods. After performing the manipulations, you can see that the hairstyle was given additional volume.

The duration of the glazing procedure is 2-3 shampoos.

What other procedure helps to change the image without destroying the hair structure? If you choose the elumination service, then the products with a regenerative effect are applied to the strands. The name of this service comes from the tool used - "Elumen". Thanks to the application, the roots are strengthened, the pores of the keratin rods are filled with a protein substance that resembles natural collagen in structure. The result is noticeable after the first visit to the salon.

The paint lasts up to 2 months, you will have to spend 2-3 hours in the salon. The cost is relatively inexpensive - $ 20-30.

Hair strengthening and structure restoration service in salon conditions - shielding. A complex effect is carried out on the head of hair - masks are applied to the root zone, substances of a special composition that have protective and antioxidant effects are applied to the strands. After manipulations, each hair is covered with a film, which protects the strands from the negative influence of external factors for 30-45 days.

Shine and strength to the curls are given by the care products, which contain natural substances that nourish and strengthen the hair follicles.

The cost of the service depends on the length of the strands and on the composition that is applied to them. Price side - from 20 to 60 dollars.

It is impossible to give advice on which salon procedure is best for hair and which is worse. The choice is made depending on the problems that need to be solved. In order not to be mistaken, it is better to consult a professional hairdresser - he will be better able to assess the quality of the hair and advise what you personally need.

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