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How to remove greenery from hair: 5 miraculous remedies
How to remove greenery from hair: 5 miraculous remedies

Many women, trying to stand out from the crowd, conduct various experiments on their appearance, for example, change the color of their hair. It happens that the tool used gives a completely unexpected and unpleasant result.

One of these is the appearance of green. Sometimes this can be due to inept manipulations with the chemical elements of an inexperienced master, but it happens that the reagents of the new and old paint just react. It is impossible to predict such an unexpected development of the situation, and therefore the question of how you can get rid of green hair color becomes relevant.

The reasons for the appearance of a green tint

As already written above, this may be the wrong work of the master or the reaction of different colors, but the following situations can also lead to such a result:

  1. use of cheap paint, where incomparable components can be mixed;
  2. frequent lightening of hair can also give a greenish tint;
  3. after staining, a harsh decision to return to its natural color with the help of hydrogen peroxide;
  4. contact of blond hair with chlorinated water;
  5. after a long discoloration, the solution is to use natural paints.

How to neutralize green hair color?

Today, a fairly large number of different recipes are known to combat this problem.

Due to their natural composition, they are absolutely safe for health.

  1. Tomato juice. Due to the content of active acids in its composition, even a short mask based on it will help remove an inappropriate shade;
  2. Lemon juice. This neutralizer is used only on freshly washed curls. To obtain the result, mix 200 ml of water and 100 ml of juice and apply to the curls for 20 minutes. Then they are thoroughly washed off with water, if necessary, repeated only after a few days;
  3. Baking soda. This product will help if the shade appears after unsuccessful mixing of components or under the influence of bleach. The composition for color restoration is prepared simply: 1 tbsp. a spoonful of soda is combined with 1 tbsp. warm water. The head is rinsed with the resulting solution and, without rinsing, left for 20 minutes. and only then wash the product well;
  4. Acetylsalicylic acid. For the mask, take 4 tablets and 1 tbsp. warm water. The hair is rinsed with the composition and left on the head for 15 minutes. As with baking soda, after application, curls will need a nourishing recovery;
  5. Apple vinegar. From the recipes listed above, it can be seen that the green tint does not tolerate acidic compounds. Therefore, 2 tbsp will also be effective. tablespoons of apple cider vinegar diluted in 1 tbsp. water.

All this shows that it is not difficult to remove the green tint from the hair, but, despite the fact that all recipes consist of natural ingredients, do not forget that they lead to dry curls due to acids. Therefore, it is imperative that after such procedures, hair care is carried out using nourishing masks.

How to paint over an ugly green shade?

As experts assure, this shade can be neutralized by adding a dye to the composition, the color of which is directly opposite to the existing shade. If you take the chromatic circle, you can see that red is located opposite the green, which means that it is ideal for neutralizing.

The main thing in this case is to observe all proportions and not be afraid of anything. For this procedure, it is better to use a corrector, it will help get rid of unnecessary color, usually such assistants are in all lines of professional paints.

To finally figure out how you can get rid of the green tint on your hair, we suggest that you get acquainted with an example of calculating the tone depth of a corrector to get a good result. The highest indicator in the row of colors is 10; usually the lightest tones of the palette are located under this number. If the number of the selected paint is 6, then you need to subtract this figure from the largest one and take the corrector with the obtained value (10-6 = 4). To get rid of an unnecessary shade, you need to take a red corrector with number 4.

Speaking about how it is possible to paint over the green hair color, it is worth mentioning such an effective procedure as full toning. To do this, the natural shade is combined with a copper pigment and diluted with an oxidant in a 1: 4 ratio to obtain a watercolor shade.

Apply the composition on the head for 15 minutes, this is enough to paint over the greens, and then wash off with a high-quality fixing shampoo.

All the proposed recipes will help to cope only with not too intense green curls, otherwise you cannot do without blonding procedures. Such manipulations, which are quite dangerous for the strands, are best done in the salon under the supervision of a highly qualified specialist.

In this case, only he will tell you how to paint over an unpleasant green shade of hair.

Hopefully our article will help neutralize unwanted green hair tint. Remember all the rules for staining, which are indicated in this article, and you will not face such troubles anymore.

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