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How to mill your hair yourself?
How to mill your hair yourself?

Thinning is a hairdressing procedure that creates a natural balance of volume between different lengths of hair strands. It is usually done at the end of creating an image, partially or even over the entire head. With a certain skill, you can perform thinning at home.

Thinning tools

  1. Scissors. With their help, some sliding is carried out along the tips of the curls with the working blade of the tool. This procedure is carried out only on well-dried strands after styling. It is quite difficult to do this on your own at home. It is important to be as careful as possible not to cut the strand completely.
  2. Razor. The principle of action is quite simple, they take a curl, lift it up and draw it from the roots with a razor to the end. This tool is only used on wet strands. It is recommended to keep the razor parallel to the hair, which should be well taut.

Varieties of hair thinning

A professional in his field, having already looked at the curls, knows exactly what technique is best to apply to them. If you decide to do it yourself, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most popular types of thinning.

Thinning hair ends

It is done to give the hairstyle some lightness. Most often, bangs are processed in this way. Professional hairdressers can carry out this procedure in several variations:

  1. Plucking method: the curls are cut at different lengths, while the scissors move perpendicular to the head;
  2. Picketage: the hair is combed with a comb, and those that show through the teeth are filleted. In most cases, it is carried out on short haircuts to give the required texture;
  3. Pointcut: Creates regular geometric and symmetrical shapes for textured strands. This is the most time consuming thinning option. The latter method is also called "strand to strand", because as a result, the visual effect of combing the strands is created. The cutting tool is placed at 90 degrees to the curl and taken down to 4 cm deep.

Root thinning

It is used to create additional volume with short strands that slightly lift the hair. This thinning is done all over the head, the curls are 4 cm wide, keeping a distance of 2 cm between them. The scissors move from top to bottom in strips. In this case, the constant rhythm of the cutting tool plays an important role, only this will allow you to fillet the strands evenly and create the effect of neat curls.

Hair thinning along the entire length

This is the most common procedure for creating torn haircuts. With its help, too thick curls are thinned out and facilitate the subsequent styling of the haircut. This thinning can be done in several ways. The harness method is simple, for this they simply take a strand, twist it and pass it along the entire length with scissors. Slicing is done only on wet curls with a half-open tool, which is located parallel to the hair. You can use a razor with this method. Mush thinning is used only to give texture to individual long strands. Thinning scissors work with the tips down in a semicircular path.

Self-thinning hair along the entire length: tips from hairdressers

You can carry out the following manipulations at home on your own. After cutting, you need to take scissors, place a strand in the palm of your hand and start making cuts at an angle of 90 degrees. In this case, the comb should be placed parallel to the cutting tool. You can thin out curls in the following ways: over the entire volume or in part. Full thinning removes 2/3 of the density, it is done with an indent of 1/3 part from the roots, partial thinning 1/3 and is carried out at a distance of 1/3 from the end of the strands. Now it is clear how to trim long and other hair, let's look at the varieties of such thinning.

Thinning hair ends yourself: tips from hairdressers

  1. If you decide to cut the ends of your hair, then you need to purchase sharp scissors, find a large mirror, take a comb and hairpins. If the curls are naughty, it will also be useful to use a spray bottle. Such manipulations can be done on their own only on long hair; for those who wear a short haircut, it is better to use the services of a master. Consider how you can trim the ends of your hair yourself;
  2. To shorten the bangs, it is recommended to slightly wet the strands. The main thing is, when determining the length that you are going to cut, remember that under the influence of water, the curls stretch a little. Scissors should be parallel to the floor, it is better to cut from the center, and then trim the edges;
  3. Owners of not too thick strands can reduce the length in the same way. The hair is parted, half is thrown in front and carefully trimmed to the chosen length. Then the same is done with the other part of the head;
  4. Thick long and also lush curls are cut in a slightly different way. They are combed and collected at the top of the head in a tail. Then they are thrown over the face and slightly moistened at the cut site. The cutting tool works parallel to the floor, it is better to cut in several steps;
  5. Curly hair is cut in strands. To do it yourself, you may, however, have to spend a little more time and effort. The main mass is stabbed, and they begin to work with a separate curl, along which they will then equalize the entire head. It is also recommended to pin the shortened hair so that it does not interfere. The advantage of this hairstyle is that the curls easily hide small errors in the haircut. Understanding how you can trim long hair at home, you should not miss other important points for making your hair more well-groomed;
  6. You can get rid of split ends on your own by simply twisting the strand into a tourniquet and removing dry hairs that will be knocked out of it. Thus, you can maintain the overall length of the head of hair.

Thanks to our article, you can independently carry out hair thinning at home without any problems, while realizing thoughts that the master could not fulfill.

Even if it doesn't work out perfectly the first time, don't be discouraged, everything will grow back very soon, besides, you can always turn to the master to correct inaccuracies. Gradually, skill will come, and you will achieve perfection.

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