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Applying masks for hair restoration
Applying masks for hair restoration

Long winters don't make our hair look good. For many women, the autumn-winter period becomes a real punishment - dry skin, brittle strands, apathy and fatigue. How to restore hair in these and other cases, we will talk about it with you, our dear readers.

Hair Fatigue Causes

Lowered immunity, lack of sunlight and vitamins, frequent washing and temperature changes, smog and cold, dry air in apartments due to central heating - more than enough, isn't it? But if you look at some obstacles, then you may not see the opportunities behind them. But in fact, there are a huge number of very different options that help restore curls at home.

The first signs that the hair needs restoration:

  • their strong loss;
  • dandruff;
  • dryness;
  • fragility;
  • dull color.

Cosmetologists and trichologists claim that by nature the hairs are smooth, the splitting of scales is a consequence of a negative effect, and only by removing the irritating factor and starting to restore the curls, you can be sure that they will be restored, and their former shine and strength will return to them.

There are many ways to restore in salons, but the cost of salon procedures is quite tangible.

Therefore, it is quite prudent to start restoring the state of your hair at home. Folk recipes in many cases can lead not only to the same effect, but to a result that is many times higher than that which can be achieved by visiting beauty salons.

Priority tips

But before proceeding with a particular procedure, we recommend introducing meat, vegetables, dairy products and fruits into the diet, in addition:

  • trim the ends monthly, use herbal decoctions;
  • do not use cosmetics for cleaning, which contain surfactants and fragrances;
  • do not use a comb for wet strands and use only those brushes that are made of natural wood and bristles;
  • do not wash your hair daily. So they are injured when washing, and drying and styling enhances the negative effect. If the curls get dirty quickly, then you need a dry shampoo, which will not only improve the fat balance of the strands, absorb excess fat, but also create an additional effect of volume.

For those who cannot imagine mornings without the use of thermal tools, we give good advice: stop using hair dryers and irons. Their repeated use will lead to the fact that the curls will lose not only shine, but also strength. Such strands are thin, easily split and break. Think not about a momentary effect, but about the fact that it is very difficult to restore such weakened curls in the future, and procedures for restoring hairs may not help you.

Be sure to use rinses, conditioners, and conditioners. If the hair structure is badly damaged, try applying it against the grain. In this case, the nutrients will get inside.

Required to use a mask. These can be any recipe that suits your hair type. The most important thing is the regularity of the application. Only in this case will you be able to achieve positive results from their use.

It is also possible to use indelible products, this will give the curls a well-groomed look and shine. But do not get carried away with the amount of the product - if you apply a large amount of the drug, the hairstyle will look stale and heavy.

In organic shampoos, sulfates are usually replaced with oily products. Such products perfectly cleanse the skin, do not foam and moisturize the curls, while not harming them. When using this shampoo, leave it on the scalp for a couple of minutes and rub in with slow massage movements. The shampoo ingredients will have a beneficial effect on the scalp.

The use of products to restore severely damaged hair

Using only shampoos for hair restoration is not entirely correct. The primary task of the shampoo is cleansing, since this tool contacts the curls for very little time and cannot affect their condition. It is for this reason that there is a need to make masks, balms and apply regenerating serums, which also affect hair growth. It is quite possible that the use of special ampoules will be needed, which will have a therapeutic effect, and not a cosmetic one.

Masks prepared on the basis of vegetable and essential oils have excellent regenerating properties. For example, jojoba, shea, castor or wheat germ oils have excellent regenerative properties. Panthenol perfectly helps to restore the hair shaft.

Masks must be rubbed into the scalp and distributed over the curls, from top to bottom. You can use a special paintbrush for these purposes. To enhance the effect, wrap your head in plastic wrap and wrap it with a towel. It is best to wash them off using shampoo. If oil is not present in the recipe, then ordinary warm water can be used.

In total, the recovery course includes up to 20 procedures, they need to be carried out 2-3 times a week, applying the product to cleanly washed hair.

As a rule, after any treatment course it is necessary to take a break. And if there is such a need, the courses can be repeated. For prevention purposes, such procedures can be done every two to three weeks. If you often use heat-laying products, then you need to carry out the procedure once every two weeks.

The preparation of masks is an effective tool and you can choose from many options.

The mask with aloe and honey is perfect if you come from the sea and your hairstyle has experienced the burning temper of the southern sun. For those who are interested in how to restore hair after the sea and the sun, we recommend using this mask.

Mix one tablespoon of aloe juice, honey and burdock oil. Add two tablespoons of burdock broth to the resulting composition. The main ingredient of this mask is aloe; to prepare this component, you must cut off the leaves 10 days before applying the mask and leave them in the refrigerator. Then squeeze out the juice.

Prepare a decoction of burdock immediately before applying the mask. To do this, wash the bottom of the burdock, dry it and cut into small cubes. Pour 100 grams of mass with a liter of boiling water, put on fire for 20 minutes from the moment of boiling. Cool the broth and strain. Heat vegetable oil in a water bath and add a small amount of honey. After that add the rest of the components.

Spread the mixture over the strands, paying particular attention to the ends and scalp. Run your hair under a thick towel for an hour, then use your regular shampoo to rinse with warm water.

You can prepare a mouthwash using acetic acid or lemon juice diluted in water.

After applying such a recipe, hair restoration after the sun will not be delayed, and you will very soon enjoy beautiful thick curls again.

A mask based on cognac is effective. To do this, you need to beat a tablespoon of brandy with one yolk and add one tablespoon of honey to the mass. The mixture must be applied to the curls and left for half an hour. You can wash off without using shampoo.

Burdock oil is one of the most versatile remedies. To prepare the product, mix three tablespoons of butter, add a couple of yolks and a teaspoon of cocoa. Then add essential oils depending on your hair type. Hold the mass for an hour, then rinse with a vinegar solution.

Now you know how to restore hairs after the sun and other external negative factors. As you can see, this does not take much, the main thing is to regularly use useful tools and follow our advice.

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