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Shiny and shiny curls? Easily
Shiny and shiny curls? Easily

Most women express the wish that the curls were thick, healthy and obedient. But at the same time, it is the healthy shine and shine of the hair that will add completeness and elegance to the image.

Today there are a huge number of products that can give shine to the hair, these are special preparations for styling and styling, but only natural shine will show that everything is in order in the body and they are really beautiful and strong.

Unfortunately, few can boast of such a head of hair, but it is not at all difficult to restore natural shine, and we will tell you how to wash your hair so that it shines and shines at home.

Useful Tips

Before you start testing new methods and means for returning shine to strands, we recommend that you revise your principles for caring for them, especially since it is not difficult to follow these rules. The main thing is to get used to the idea that they need the same gentle care as, for example, hands and facial skin.

The main factors that have a negative effect on the strands are:

  • improper nutrition;
  • bad habits;
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle;
  • hormonal disorders and disorders;
  • stress and neuroses;
  • improper care.

Tip 1. Spend more time on your appearance. Haste in caring for hair is useless. Brush damp hair gently and slowly. You should also not actively rub them with a towel. If it seems to you that this way you dry them faster, then you are mistaken, with this method you will only break their structure, damaging the surface.

Tip 2. A hat should be worn at any time of the year, especially in the summer and winter. In summer, a wide-brimmed hat or trendy panama will protect you from direct sunlight.

In the autumn-winter period, protection of the hairline is simply necessary, otherwise frost and wind will deprive them of strength, and this will immediately affect the appearance of the hair.

Tips 3. Drying your curls with a hairdryer, unless there is a particular reason, is not worth it. If you have a custom of washing your hair in the morning, then this should be done immediately after you get out of bed: while you do your usual morning routines, they will dry out on their own. Also, do not overuse curling irons, hot irons, or other styling tools.

Advice 4. Use folk remedies to shine your hair, as well as to restore their strength and health.

Shiny hair at home

For any woman, nutrition should always remain in the first place: a correct balanced diet will not only improve the appearance of curls, but, in general, preserve youth and beauty for a long time. Every woman's daily diet must include foods rich in vitamins, minerals, animal proteins and healthy fats. It is advisable to exclude semi-finished products that we buy in stores, and cook food yourself, using only fresh and pure products.

Scalp massage and the right comb are also important. Choose a comb from natural bristles or wood.

The use of masks and compresses: we use folk remedies

Many people know from their own experience how to give shine to curls with folk remedies. The fact is that the beneficial ingredients contained in natural products have a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair. Any oil blend can be used to keep the strands looking healthy and shiny.

For these purposes, corn, peach, almond, burdock and olive oils are suitable. They can be mixed in equal proportions, slightly heated and applied to the strands.

The mask can be left on for several hours or, if possible, overnight. Such mixtures are not easily washed off, therefore it is necessary to use shampoos for these purposes, you can also use a small amount of cognac.

Cognac for hair is an excellent remedy.

On its basis, you can prepare a mask from the following ingredients: raw yolk, cognac in the amount of one teaspoon. Mix the mixture and apply to the strands. Cover your head with a plastic cap or towel and let sit for half an hour. After the specified time has elapsed, you can wash off the mass using ordinary detergents for curls.

To create the shine of the curls, masks based on kefir or yogurt are suitable. The mixture should be applied along the entire length of the curls without using shampoo.

Beauticians advise the following recipe for a nourishing mask that will give your curls a shine. Mash 100 grams of fresh rowan berries until it lets out the juice, mix the resulting gruel with one glass of yogurt, one raw egg and apply on the strands, leaving the mask for 20 minutes. After that, rinse off the mass with warm water. The beneficial substances that make up the mountain ash will saturate the hair and give it volume. For this recipe, you can also use sea buckthorn berries, which also have a wide range of beneficial properties.

You can also mix your traditional shampoo with a raw egg and one tablespoon of gelatin. Apply the mixture to the curls, leave for an hour and rinse with warm water.

It is also useful to make a solution of the following composition: vinegar (1 teaspoon), glycerin (1 tablespoon), castor oil (2 tablespoons). Add 2 eggs to the resulting solution, beat the mass and apply to the curls. After half an hour, wash off the mass using your detergent.

Another recipe: mix warm corn oil with two tablespoons of sour cream and 0.5 teaspoon of vinegar. Apply the mixture to the curls about half an hour before shampooing and wrap in a towel. The curls will shine if you do this procedure regularly.

It is also possible to apply masks taking into account the hair color of the girls. For fair-haired representatives of the fairer sex, the following recipe is suitable: cool a strong decoction of chamomile and rinse dry curls with one liter. For best results, cover your head with a towel or plastic wrap and wash off with shampoo after 30 minutes.

Dark-haired girls can use coffee. To do this, steam 2 tablespoons of ground black coffee in 200 ml of boiling water. When the coffee has cooled down, apply the mixture in the same way as described in the recipe above.

For owners of red hair, a mask made from beets and carrots may come in handy. To do this, mix half a glass of carrot and beet juice each, rinse the curls with the resulting mixture and cover with cling film or wrap with a towel. The towel must be preheated. You can hold the mask for 7 minutes and then wash it off.

Conditioners and rinses

At home, you can prepare not only masks, but also other types of cosmetics for the care of curls. First of all, rinses are very popular. If you don't know how to rinse your hair so that it always shines, then use herbs. This is the most common type of rinse aid. Mix calendula, nasturtium, rosemary in equal parts and pour half a liter of boiling water. Boil the herb for 20 minutes, cool, and use after washing. For convenience, strain the broth.

Another way to prepare the broth is as follows: pour a handful of chamomiles, marjoram and rosemary into a bottle of white wine. Stir the mixture and leave in a dark place for 7 days. After this time, you can use the rinse aid.

To do this, stir 2 tablespoons of the resulting tincture in 200 ml of warm water.

After the first application of this rinse, you will see that the curls are shiny and combed better.

Honey conditioner is also very easy to prepare and is great for shining curls. To do this, you need to mix the shampoo with honey in equal proportions. Apply the mixture to the curls and create a thermal effect that will have a beneficial effect on the penetration of the honey's nutrients into the structure of the hair shaft. After using the mask, rinse it off with warm water.

Allergy to honey may be prohibited for the use of this conditioner.

I must say that this product is a strong allergen, therefore, if irritation appears after the test application on the inner part of the forearm, it is better to refrain from using the mask.

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