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Baby soap: to wash or not to wash? That is the question
Baby soap: to wash or not to wash? That is the question

No woman can say that hair means nothing to her. Beautiful, thick hair attracts the eye and makes a woman attractive and desirable. However, it takes a little effort to achieve this effect.

In this article we will talk about the effect of baby soap on the condition of the hair.

What do we know about this product

Today, the market for cosmetic hair care products is unlimited. Women will find a wide variety of products that will make their hairstyle look dignified.

However, even the most expensive sprays, shampoos and balms will not be able to restore the lost strength and natural shine to the curls. The reason is simple - the chemical composition of these products is able to create the outer shine and shine of the hair, however, when it comes to internal health, other methods and means are needed here.

Such a method of washing as the use of laundry, tar or baby soap has been known for a long time. But it is also known that everything is new, it is well forgotten old. And what may seem like something hitherto unknown, in fact, has long been tested on our grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

As for the use of this tool in modern times, opinions are divided: some do not understand why wash curls with baby soap, and believe that this is a relic of past years, and that it is unable to bring your locks not only to perfect condition, but simply to clean well.

Others, on the other hand, believe that a product such as baby soap can not only improve the appearance, but also has a beneficial effect on the internal structure. And such opinions can be heard even among trichologists and hairdressers. Be that as it may, we will try to figure it out and get a clear idea of whether it is possible to wash your hair with baby soap.

Different opinions

Those who say that you cannot wash your hair with either baby or any other soap are right in their own way. The fact is that earlier its composition was completely different. In addition, adherents of this opinion argue that it has a pronounced alkaline composition and aggressively cleanses the scalp and curls. In addition to contaminants, a water-fat film is also washed off from the surface of the strands. Its main functions include just protecting the skin and the core from negative external influences.

If this film is washed off, then the curls will be defenseless, their outer layers are damaged. If the rod is damaged, the scales already loosely adhere to each other, and, as it were, split. This becomes the reason for the ingress of harmful substances into the hairs, and brings with it big troubles, ranging from the appearance of fragility and ending with baldness.

In this case, the strands not only do not become the way you want them to be in your wildest dreams. On the contrary, they begin to be severely cut, break, become lifeless and fragile.

Fragrances and other chemicals in this product can cause dryness and irritation of the skin, itching and dandruff.

Of course, if one of these points concerns you, you should immediately contact your beautician and start using a good shampoo that is ideal for your hair type. In this case, the question of why cleanse the head with this particular remedy is not relevant. But this is the point of view of opponents of using this tool. Let's find out the opinion of those who, on the contrary, recommend washing their hair with baby soap.

First of all, proponents of washing with baby soap say that there is a difference in a product that is made on an industrial scale and one that is prepared at home. If you want the curls to become lively, beautiful and shiny, we advise you not to use an industrial product for these purposes, which is difficult to wash, does not wash out, and, when interacting with tap water, forms a salt coating on the strands.

It is best to use a product with softening additives or soap, which includes herbal decoctions, oils, etc. Many girls, using such products, claim that after using them, the curls look better, become stronger and stronger. As a rule, such methods are suitable for those who have oily hair.

In many cases, dermatologists advise the use of tar soap, for example, for the treatment of seborrhea, oily and problem skin. In addition, it has a number of advantages over other cosmetics used in the care of curls, in particular, we are talking about shampoos.

So, baby soap has the following benefits:

  • has a safe composition;
  • improves the condition of the strands;
  • not addictive;
  • nourishes hair follicles;
  • does not cover the skin with a film, because of which it can breathe.

Terms of use

There are several simple rules, adhering to which you will be able to improve the result of using this tool.

Strands should not come into contact with the bar of soap directly. It is enough to lather your hands so that there is a lot of foam in the palms, and apply on wet strands. While massaging the scalp, you can rub in the lather and spread it over the entire length. Then rinse off the foam thoroughly.

Be sure to rinse with warm water after use. In addition, it is advisable to use purified water - it can be water from a filter or just boiled water. If suddenly after using the product an unpleasant odor appears, then we recommend using aroma combing.

This method will not only give the curls a pleasant smell, but also enrich their composition with vitamins and minerals, which are found in large quantities in the oil.

You can use an apple cider vinegar solution as a mouthwash.

Regular balm will not soften the strands so that they are silky, so it is better to use apple cider vinegar or lemon juice diluted in water. But if you want to achieve maximum results, we advise you to apply it regularly.

If the curls are excessively prone to greasy, then it is better to use the following method: add a teaspoon of borax or a tablespoon of alcohol to the soap solution. But such a solution cannot be used more than once a week. To enhance the effect of the solution, it is recommended to moisten the strands with chamomile infusion before using the product. You can also replace the chamomile broth with any other: nettle, oak bark, etc. This technique will help to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, improve the condition of the curls and relieve them of fragility.

Some cosmetologists even recommend such a mask for curls using baby soap: in 10 ml of boiled water, add one tablespoon of baby soap, previously crushed. You can enrich the composition of the mask with a few drops of vegetable oil or essential oil. Apply the solution to the strands, wait a few minutes and rinse with warm water.

Who shouldn't wash their hair with soap

There are a number of contraindications for those who are not recommended to use this remedy.

Care must be taken when using this product, because you cannot wash your hair with soap in the following cases:

  • if the scalp is damaged, there are dermatitis, wounds, sores. It penetrates into damaged skin and can cause itching, burning, and discomfort. The damaged areas can become severely inflamed;
  • if the strands are dyed. The balance of the hair shaft has already been disturbed due to the use of dyes, if foam has an additional negative effect, then the alkaline balance will be catastrophic, and no masks and solutions will be able to restore the structure to the end;
  • it is not recommended to use soap for hair and for those whose curls are dry and brittle. The effect of this composition will only aggravate their condition, and this can lead to their loss.

Baby soap for washing hair has been used for a long time, and the hairstyles of beauties living in bygone centuries were distinguished by their pomp and shine. Of course, at that time there was no talk of any hair care products close to those that exist today.

But the fact remains - the beauty of curls in previous centuries was one of the main criteria of female beauty, which was repeatedly praised by the most honorable men of that time.

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