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Nettle oil for hair: properties, various uses
Nettle oil for hair: properties, various uses

Everyone should take care of the condition of their hair. This is especially important for women, as healthy thick strands are an indispensable attribute of a luxurious look. For the growth of strong and long curls, a wide variety of means are used. Folk recipes using natural products are especially popular.

One of these is nettle oil. Thanks to him, it is possible to get rid of many flaws and return life to even the most exhausted strands.

Properties of the drug

Many cosmetics contain this magical component. Nettle, in general, is an incredibly useful plant for the whole body, however, the effect of this extract should be especially highlighted in relation to the condition of the hairs.

So, what you need to pay special attention to:

  • vitamin C. There is much more ascorbic acid in this product than in lemon, and therefore this is an excellent way to strengthen externally dry strands without fear of aggravating the problem;
  • tannins. Thanks to them, it is possible to stop the loss of weakened rods and strengthen the bulbs;
  • antiseptic. In the presence of damage, parasites or skin diseases, the extract allows you to gently disinfect the damaged areas. In addition, it helps to eliminate itching;
  • silicic acid. Improves follicle nutrition;
  • pantothenic acid. Moisturizes and strengthens damaged curls;
  • regeneration. Nettle can speed up wound healing. It also contributes to the partial restoration of the rod itself, which is especially important in the presence of mechanical damage;
  • eliminates dandruff. This is due to the disinfecting, soothing and tanning properties of the substance;
  • protection. A protective film is created on the surface of the treated areas;
  • stimulation of blood circulation. Improves blood flow, which allows more nutrients to be absorbed and accelerates growth;
  • protein. It is the basis for the construction of new cells, and therefore thicker, thicker and longer hair.

Overall, it can be said that nettle oil has a comprehensive effect to improve hair condition. It strengthens them, makes them thicker and more obedient. It also prevents the formation of gray hair, restores a healthy shine and silkiness. Nettle is considered one of the best remedies for dandruff and hair loss problems. It contains an incredible amount of active substances, vitamins and minerals.

Indications for use

The indications for the use of nettle oil can be quite common problems. With the help of this product, you can speed up the treatment process and generally improve the condition of the hair. A huge plus is that such drops are quite inexpensive and you can buy them in every pharmacy.

Nettle pomace is considered especially effective in such situations:

  • baldness. Eliminates weak hair loss and also treats alopecia;
  • dandruff. It has an antibacterial and cleansing effect;
  • dryness. Moisturizes and nourishes curls;
  • dissection. Restores the structure of the hair and strengthens it from the inside, preventing further cuticle delamination;
  • fatty imbalance. Regulates the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • skin irritation. Relieves inflammation, itching and heals wounds;
  • slowdown in growth. Stimulates blood circulation, strengthens and activates follicles;
  • early gray hair. Retains color and prevents melanin breakdown.

Nettle is able to quickly stop hair loss, as well as strengthen strands. It saturates them with vitamins, which is very important for shine and elasticity, and also protects against negative influences. In order to maximize this effect, it is important to use the ingredient correctly and select the appropriate accompanying ingredients for it.

Oil massages

The easiest way to use nettle oil to stimulate hair growth is through massage. Thus, it is possible to achieve several goals at once. During the procedure, first of all, the roots and scalp are worked out. Massaging movements are not only pleasant, but also relaxing, relieve stress and discomfort.

Due to this effect, blood circulation improves, the hair receives more oxygen, as well as nutrients, and their absorption increases both from the inside and outside. In this case, all the drug can be distributed over the entire head.

In order to perform a similar procedure, you can take a pure product or add nettle drops to other oils: olive, almond, castor, burdock, etc. You need to apply it with your fingertips. For oily strands, with dandruff and severe hair loss, it is additionally recommended to use salt. It is most convenient to start the massage from the occipital region, gradually moving to the temples and frontal part.

To increase the effect, the massage mixture should be slightly warmed up. After the procedure, which should take at least 20 minutes, you need to wrap your head and leave the extract for 1 hour. You can also treat the ends if they look lifeless and thin.

Preparation of masks

The use of nettle oil in various masks is very popular. Moreover, they are most effective in relation to dry hair. In order to prepare such a mixture, you need to take egg yolk, honey, some nettle and olive concentrate. This composition is applied to wet strands for 30-40 minutes, and then washed off with shampoo.

In order to saturate the curls with vitamins, thiamine and pyridoxine are added to the egg-oil mixture. If you are not deficient in vitamin B, then retinol and tocopherol (A and E) can be substituted.

Colorless henna is also prepared to restore the condition of the hair. Warm oil and yolk are mixed with it. You can add 2-3 drops of rosemary and lavender esters.

To stimulate growth, a mustard mask with nettle is brewed.

For this, mustard powder is poured with a small amount of hot water and a spoonful of concentrate is added. You need to keep it for no more than half an hour under a terry towel.

Try the mint scent for nourishment and refreshment. The oil base is mixed with yogurt and an infusion of mint leaves. Instead of curdled milk, you can use kefir or yogurt, but only natural, without additives.

To activate the follicles, mix equally the extracts of nettle and burdock, and then add ground ginger. For oily hair, you can also use red pepper. You need very little of it, otherwise there is a risk of irritation and burns.

To eliminate dullness, alcohol can be added to nettle masks. Vodka is perfect for pomp and softness. Use a good cognac to add volume and strength. It is also good to use natural wine. Any product related to grape processing is very beneficial for hair. Alternatively, you can use apple cider vinegar or wine vinegar and lemon juice. They will also give your curls shine and health.

Other uses

In addition to masks and massages, there are other uses for this product. In order to accelerate hair growth, nettle drops can be used in a slightly different way. It is about enriching ready-made cosmetics. To do this, it is enough to add a small amount of the drug to the shampoo and balm. They can also be improved with masks and serums. For dry strands, adding the product to the combing sprays is helpful.

If there is nowhere to buy ready-made nettle oil, but there is access to dry raw materials or fresh leaves, then you can cook it yourself.

It is best to use olive oil for this, although almond or grape oil is more suitable for oily curls.

It is necessary to fill the leaves of the grass with the selected substance. For 1 glass, you will need about 4 large spoons of raw materials. Then the mixture is put into a dark cupboard for infusion. After 2-3 weeks, you can strain it and start using it.

Dry leaves used to make oil should be harvested no more than 1.5 years ago. But fresh leaves are best harvested in summer, unlike other plants. During this period, nettle blooms and contains the maximum amount of useful components.

When used correctly, nettle oil will give your hair beauty and health that everyone can see. Strong roots and shiny tips without splitting - it is quite possible thanks to this magical plant!

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