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Wash my hair with natural mustard
Wash my hair with natural mustard

The counters are full of a wide range of detergents, and many women still choose mustard powder for hygiene procedures. Are they that frugal or are there other reasons?

Mustard is a plant whose fruits are widely used in the chemical, medical, food and cosmetic industries. It is used as fertilizer, warming and dissolving properties in medicine and chemistry. Food technologists use this plant to make the well-known spicy seasonings and sauces.

If you wash your hair with mustard, the roots become stronger, growth accelerates, and the hair becomes thicker. Burning essential oils accelerate blood circulation in the root zone, the saturation of hair follicles with oxygen and nutrients is enhanced. The emulsifiers contained in mustard break down fats and cleanse the hair from impurities. The scalp is freed from the flaky epithelium and begins to "breathe" freely, the production of sebaceous secretion is normalized.

But you need to keep in mind - self-prepared mustard shampoo is suitable only for those whose sebaceous glands work with increased intensity in the hair growth zone. Dry scalp is a contraindication to using this homemade cleanser.

How to properly wash your hair with mustard?

If you are used to performing hygiene procedures before bedtime, you will have to rebuild.

A rush of blood to the head can cause increased arousal - you will not want to sleep. When you force yourself to close your eyes and lie quietly, you start to get nervous. Tachycardia appears, the nervous system is upset.

It was decided to make a medicinal mustard shampoo and wash your hair with mustard - at this time, you should rebuild. It is not possible to carry out the procedure in the morning - the time should be chosen so that the active substance is washed off no later than 3-3, 5 hours before the night's rest.

If the ends of the hair are dry and the roots are oily, you will not have to give up an effective warming agent. It is enough to nourish them before applying the product to the strands, and it will be possible to avoid negative effects.

Vegetable oils are optimal as a recharge: olive, almond, jojoba, peach and nettle, - you can use any other light structure oil. In this case, it is better to refuse the use of burdock and castor oils - they are too "heavy" and neutralize the drying effect of mustard powder on the root zone.

It is necessary to remember - only dry mustard is used as a detergent, dissolving it on its own with water, that is, powder. You can try to grind the seeds if you doubt the naturalness of the remedy - but it is very difficult not to provoke an attack of bronchial asthma even for a healthy person, too much of a portion is released of fragrant essential products.

Seasoning is also not good for shampoo, as is mustard sauce. It is not known what additives and flavors the manufacturer introduced, and what effect they can have on the hair.

You should wash your hair in this way no more than 1-2 times a week. However, when the procedure has already been done 2-3 times, even the most greasy hair will often stop getting dirty. After applying the remedy, be sure to anoint the strands with balm in order to nourish them after effective cleaning.

Proportions for the preparation of mustard detergent

How much mustard powder needs to be diluted for shampooing is calculated approximately as follows. The hair is of medium density, the length is also medium - as hairdressers say - up to the shoulders. Enough for moderately stained hair of normal type 1 teaspoon of natural remedy.

When composing shampoos and balms from nutritious ingredients, the following proportions must be observed - the base product is 1/4 of the total amount of ingredients, excluding herbal infusion. For the already indicated head sample, half a glass of healing infusion is enough.

The purpose of the procedure is to stimulate growth and strengthen the roots. Mustard shampoo is not suitable for this - in this case masks are made.

They are kept on the head for much more than 5-10 minutes, so it is necessary to introduce emollients into them - preferably vegetable oils. Dilution ratios - 1 part mustard / 4 parts oil.

Mustard shampoo recipe options

The easiest and most popular recipe for washing your hair. Powder - 30 g or 2 tablespoons - dissolve in warm water - 1, 5-2 cups, add a teaspoon of granulated sugar. The sweet product is the best activator of the beneficial properties of mustard.

After the puree has turned out - without lumps - it is applied to the root zone of wet hair and distributed along the entire length, carefully and accurately. Leave for 5 minutes, and then wash off with running water.

The head should be washed very carefully so as not to get a sloppy look after the hygienic procedure. You have to tinker with the wash - the procedure resembles the removal of natural dyes from hair - basma or henna. If there are grains adhering to the strands, the look will be like with dry seborrhea, the curls will become dull.

By adding additional ingredients, you can make different types of hair shampoos.

Very oily hair

They can be easily cleaned with the following detergent: 1/4 cup of cognac and warm water, a tablespoon of mustard powder, you can - if it seems that something is missing - add whipped yolk. Do not keep on hair for more than 3 minutes. You can do without water - dissolve the main component with cognac.

Type - mixed

Dilute the required amount of mustard with water, drive in 2 yolks. Washes away very effectively. Do not forget about the necessary precaution - anoint dry ends with oils.

Normal hair


  • the main tool for accelerating blood circulation;
  • half a glass of kefir;
  • egg yolk.

Detergent options for normal hair are to dilute the mustard with warm, strong black tea instead of water. The yolk is introduced as an indispensable component - it softens the effect of emulsifiers and nourishes, and it is itself a detergent. I would like to enhance the shine of the curls - a teaspoon of honey is injected into the shampoo.

After using the following mustard shampoo, your hair will literally look shiny. In addition, the curls will look thicker, denser and heavier.

Algorithm for making a detergent:

  • In a quarter of a glass of water, dissolve a plate of gelatin.
  • When it dissolves completely, the liquid is filtered so that there are no lumps.
  • Mustard is added to the water - a teaspoon - mix thoroughly and drive in 1 yolk.
  • Gently distribute over the curls, comb through with a comb with large teeth, then wash off with warm running water, pushing the strands apart with your fingers.

Dry your head with a hairdryer - under a cool stream. You can prepare dry mustard shampoo for future use.

To do this, take dried herbs in equal parts:

  • licorice root;
  • burdock root;
  • nettle;
  • Birch buds;
  • hop;
  • ginger root - half a serving;
  • mustard powder.

Rye flour is added to the mixture of the above ingredients - it should be 10 times more than each individual component.

Mix until smooth, pour into a dry, tightly closed container. Dry shampoo can be stored for up to 2 years. You need to wash your hair - pour 2-4 tablespoons of the mixture with warm water, let it swell to the state of gruel, apply it to the hair with massaging movements and wash it.

Ideal for daily use, non-addictive, cleanses hair and helps out in a situation when the "favorite" shampoo is suddenly over.

Before washing your hair with mustard, it is necessary to conduct an allergy test for susceptibility - apply a drop of the mixture to the inside of the wrist.

If there is a reaction - redness, a strong burning sensation - the method of normalizing sebum will have to be abandoned. Allergy is not always to mustard - it can also be caused by auxiliary ingredients in mustard shampoo.

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