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Folk remedies for hair growth and volume: useful recipes
Folk remedies for hair growth and volume: useful recipes

Any woman wants to shine with beauty. And this applies not only to the body, face, but, of course, hair. However, alas, not everyone has the opportunity to go to hairdressing salons all the time. First, for this you need to allocate time, which often does not exist. And secondly, it costs money, which is sometimes not easy to find.

Accordingly, what are the means to restore your curls at home? The answer is simple - folk recipes! But they are used only on prepared hair. But what kind of preparation it is, we will explain below.

Preparing the strands

In order for folk remedies to give volume and density to hair to help, it is necessary to properly prepare for such procedures.

And here there are some fairly simple recommendations that will help solve this issue.

  1. Washing head. Exactly. In order for the curls to shine and delight, they need the right cosmetics. Shampoos and balms should include B vitamins (3 and 5) and amino acids. Such components have a strengthening and stimulating effect on the follicles, so the hair begins to grow well. A protective film is created on each hair, due to which the thickness of the hair increases and the effect of volume is created. You also can't wash your hair with hot water, only warm;
  2. A haircut. In fact, this moment is important. Firstly, for the visual volume and density of the hair, it is necessary to select the correct shape. It is necessary that the hairstyle has the maximum number of layers, while the ends themselves are best left flat, well, the maximum is light thinning. Secondly, once a month you need to go to a hairdresser in order to get rid of the split ends, which definitely do not give beauty to the strands;
  3. Styling. Many girls are accustomed to blow-drying their hair. In this case, the installation should be done with a round brush. It is also worth using volume products, but they must be with thermal protection, otherwise the hair structure will be severely damaged from constant exposure to hot air.

These moments will help the proper effect, especially if you use folk remedies that add volume and thickness to your hair. We'll talk about these recipes below.

Oils and herbs

What oils and herbs can help create volume in your hair? 4

Let's consider the first category first.

Oils. There are many recipes for curls masks, which include different kinds of oils - olive, burdock, castor. They are necessary in order to saturate the hair structure and scalp with vitamins, which would prevent hair loss. For a thicker hairstyle, it is good to use honey, 1 tbsp. l., and burdock oil, 5-7 drops. The components are preheated to 37-38 degrees, then mixed and 1 chicken yolk is added there. On an unwashed head, the mask should last for 30-40 minutes, after which it is washed off with shampoo

For volume, it is good to use cedarwood oil. 300 g of nuts are chopped and poured into the pan. On low heat, the nuts languish until milk appears. Add 2-3 tsp to the resulting product. olive oil and knead until smooth. Such a remedy must be applied to the root part for 2 weeks.

Some types of oils can be used not only as part of masks, but also as a separate product. For example, the same burdock oil;

Herbs. Plants help not only to add volume, but also have a healing effect on the curls. If the problem is in volume, then you can prepare a decoction of chamomile, rosemary, basil and sage. The ingredients must be in equal proportions. Then add 5 drops of peppermint oil to the product. The finished mixture is applied to the root part in the morning and evening

But here you have to be very careful, some herbs for hair growth and volume can cause allergic reactions.

These hair masks have a complex effect - they help the hairs grow faster and thicker.

Herbs for the growth of hair

What herbs help the strands grow faster?

This question interests many girls, since plants are a natural product that cannot harm a person. In addition, it is quite easy to get it, you just have to go to a field or meadow, grow it in a country house and even on a windowsill.

There are certain herbs that are recommended to be used specifically to improve hair growth, and they are as follows:

  • aloe. Active substances strengthen follicles, improve blood flow. Thus, the bulbs receive all the substances they need, and the hairs begin to grow faster, and most importantly, they become stronger;
  • St. John's wort. This plant is recommended for those who suffer from hair loss. It contains all the necessary vitamin complexes;
  • nettle. It is included in many homemade masks, as it helps to cleanse the sebaceous pores well. Such masks are recommended for those who suffer from oily strands;
  • dandelion. The leaves of the plant have a therapeutic effect on the structure of the hair, so that it does not stratify;
  • calendula. It helps well for active growth, as the active ingredients saturate the hair follicles. Therefore, the curls grow not only faster, but also become thicker;
  • mint. Squeeze is made from this plant and used as oil. It is a neutralizer, so the strands not only grow faster, but also stay clean longer.

Any recipe for hair restoration can contain certain components. But any cosmetologist always advises, having made a mask, try a small amount on the inside of the wrist. This will help identify potential allergies.

Home care for curls

If there is a desire to achieve greater density of strands or to treat diseased hair, then the people have come up with more than one recipe for such purposes.

Let's take a closer look at them.

  1. For volume and density. Ingredients: sea salt (200 g), cognac (50 g), natural honey (200 ml). Let's make up a scrub. The components are mixed in one container until smooth and tightly closed. The product is removed for 14 days in a dark place. The mask is done before each shampooing. Carrying out time - 40 minutes;
  2. Volume and active growth. Ingredients: cognac (50 g), St. John's wort decoction (150 g), honey (1 tbsp. L.), Finely grated onion (1 pc.). Everything is mixed into a single mass and applied in the form of a mask. Such a folk remedy for the density and growth of hair lasts as long as possible, but if it starts to pinch, then it must be washed off immediately;
  3. Volume. Beer helps not only curl the hair, but also makes it thicker, as it helps to create a protective film on the surface of the hairs. Mask ingredients: beer (200 ml), avocado (1 pc.). The fruit is rubbed on the finest grater and mixed with beer. Such a mask is carried out at night, and the head is washed in the morning;
  4. Volume. Ingredients: kefir (200 ml), cinnamon (1 tsp), honey (2 tsp), yeast (12 sachets). The components are mixed in a metal container, and the yeast is allowed to swell a little. Carrying out time - 30 minutes.

The number of ingredients for each product may vary slightly. Here it is already worth paying attention to the natural density and length of the hair.

Therefore, you can first try the basic recipe, and only then adjust it for yourself. And then everyone will envy a gorgeous hairstyle!

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